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  1. thekatie

    Booster time (part time)

    Little dude is 6.5 years now (eek! how? when? what???). In my car he's still harnessed in a Diono Radian R100 (maybe R120 :shrug: but I'm honestly expecting it to expire before he maxes it out), and a Radian RXT in DH's car. With school starting back up, and soccer, and Cub Scouts... he's going...
  2. thekatie

    Budget infant seat for variety of vehicles

    DH has an employee due at the end of the month. He & his other employees are pitching in to buy an infant seat. DH said in the "mid-100 range". I don't know what all might be out different from when J2 was a baby. Best bet for a seat that will be fairly easy to install in a wide range of...
  3. thekatie

    WWYD, thoughts, opinions - boosters

    This is kinda sorta a spinoff of this thread, but not exactly. Maybe a WWYD? I don't know. J2 is 5 years 5 months old (when did THAT happen???), and starting kindergarten in 2 weeks. He rear faced in my car (most of the time, at least) until about a month after his 5th birthday, when he outgrew...
  4. thekatie

    5 years old & still rear facing

    J2 is 5 today! And still rear facing, by his own request. He's not going to be happy when he finally outgrows this seat. Thank you CSO!
  5. thekatie

    You know CSO helped shape your life when...

    ... you get on Test Track at Walt Disney World, a 3-across vehicle simulator ride, and start to sit in the middle... but move to the side... because the sides have lap and shoulder belts, but the middle is lap only. And lap only belts aren't safe :p Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. thekatie

    Coffee Break missing in Tapatalk

    I went into the Tapatalk app to go into Senior Community and post (side issue: was going to post how do I get in on the website, it asked for a password, and I haven't had to do one in so long I've forgotten :eek:), but I only see Carseat Chat, Technical Professionals, and Announcements in the...
  7. thekatie

    Backseat organization?

    Does anyone have any experience with a backseat organizer... thingy? Like the Diono "Travel Pal Car Storage" ( or others like it...
  8. thekatie

    New seat!

    After 3-4 months of listening to J2 & me complain about the Pioneer, DH bought us a new Radian! I think the final straw was when I was trying to buckle him in and the straps were uneven again, and I screamed. Loudly. Possibly with an expletive... :whistle: J2 is THRILLED! We have a Cobalt RXT...
  9. thekatie

    Chicco combo seat??

    Has anyone heard anywhere or anything from ANYone - legit source or not :p - about if Chicco will offer a combination seat? I was just looking at seats for J2 & really did like the look of the Chicco booster, and I loved our KeyFit, and pretty much everyone I know loves their NextFits... so I...
  10. thekatie

    New seat for 4 year old

    J2 is 4 as of March 8, and now needs a new seat. We have a Diono Radian but our Maxi-Cosi Pria is now crashed out - DH was in an accident this afternoon (he's okay, as is the lady who hit him, but the cars aren't going anywhere) - and I know myself and really hate being a single car seat family...
  11. thekatie

    Graco 4Ever & Chicco Nextfit

    Has anyone done a comparison of the two? Sorry, my CSO & Google skills are nonexistent :p but I was hoping someone somewhere has done a comparison like seated height allowance, top harness slots, external width, etc. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. thekatie

    Made it to 4

    Yesterday was J2's birthday! He's 4 now, and still rear facing (most of the time ;)). I've always been happy with having smaller children - he still fits well in the Pria, as well as our Radian too. He's never complained going from rear in my car to forward in someone else's to rear again in...
  13. thekatie

    Bus issues?

    I really struggled with where to put this thread, so if it needs to be moved my feelings aren't going to be hurt! I know that school buses are safe, in some (many?) ways even safer than the average Joe's little car on the road. The size and color for visibility, the compartmentalization inside...
  14. thekatie

    Name that seat?

    My SIL just sent me this. She says its my DH when he was an infant. What he's in looks vaguely like what my mom had me in, in a picture of us from when I was a baby. But the thing I was in was apparently just a carrier, not a safety restraint (according to my mom). DH was born in 1983 and has an...
  15. thekatie

    Question Non-washable seats?

    What seats currently on the market, if any, do NOT allow the cover to be removed and washed? Hand or machine doesn't matter, just that the seat cover cannot be washed? I couldn't think of a single one off the top of my head, except possibly the Foonf because of it's fabric (I vaguely remember...
  16. thekatie

    New Tennessee law?

    I never heard anything about this, leading up to passage or after. I can't believe I missed it. In TN, legislation was apparently passed to allow a law that lets passersby break...
  17. thekatie

    S/O "but I'm XYZ now"

    I just posted in the "but I'm 8 now" thread (sorry, don't know how to link on mobile), and it reminded me, I do want confirmation that J1 most definitely does still need a booster. He's 11, 4'11", and about 95-97 pounds. I need to order another Incognito for DH's car since he's close to...
  18. thekatie

    "E-Z Baby Saver"

    Has anyone seen this? Here's the link to the boy's website: Thoughts? I don't have a slew of rubber bands around to make one myself and try it, but in theory it...
  19. thekatie

    Pria FF install

    Does this look right? The instructions say recline 2 must be used when forward facing for a child under 40 pounds, but I'm second guessing myself because it has such a huge gap - and all my high back booster experience of course doesn't allow gaps. I know, different seats, different categories...
  20. thekatie

    Graco 4ever

    Does anyone have any word on this? I came across it on Facebook. Would it replace the SmartSeat? It looks more like a Nautilus to me.

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