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  1. Ninetales

    Question Using a seat up until expiration?

    My 13-month-old is getting close to outgrowing her infant seat, and I want to buy her a convertible soon. But our money is super tight at the moment, I'm debating whether to use our older Myride in the meantime. It expires in December. 1) are people ok using a seat when it's that close to...
  2. Ninetales

    Question Baby Trend bases

    Are Baby Trend infant seat bases compatible with all the Baby Trend seats? I have someone who wants to pass her bases to her sister. I can't find any information about their rules for bases. Thanks!
  3. Ninetales

    Replacing Seat Belts

    My husband's uncle just gave us a 2003 Windstar, which was very generous and appreciated as my daughter has had some medical expenses and we have a new baby and needed the space. I'm wondering about replacing the seat belts. They don't have automatic locking retractors, they lock at the...
  4. Ninetales

    Question Booster Recommendations

    We're going to Orlando in April. We're flying in and renting a car. I'm not taking my daughter's Frontier SICT on board so I'm looking for recommendations for a HBB I can pack for her. She'll be five years old, roughly 47 inches tall and 65 lbs. Our hotel is in the Disney World Hollywood...
  5. Ninetales

    Question Harness seat over 65 lbs?

    Ok, so my daughter is getting close to too tall for her backup seat (Complete Air 65) and I was in the market for a new one that's taller. Lo and behold, when I weighed her this morning, she'd had a growth spurt and she's dancing around 58 pounds. She's always been tall and heavy so it's not a...
  6. Ninetales

    Seat with high harness for preschooler and toddler to share

    I'm so out of the car seat loop right now. I don't know what new things are out that might work but I'm hoping I can get some suggestions. My in-laws want to get a seat to keep in their car when they come visit or have one of the kids for a weekend or something. It would be for my...
  7. Ninetales

    Question Budget seats

    My cousin in law wants a second seat for her 1 year old. She wants to keep it to less than $100. It would go in a Ford Freestar, and the baby is petite. I don't live near her to help her with the install, and I think this is for her parents' car, so an easy install would be a plus. I'm out...
  8. Ninetales

    Size to fit airplane seatbelt?

    I know I've seen stats on this before but can't find it when I search. What size does a child have to be, generally, to fit safely in the seatbelt on a plane?
  9. Ninetales

    Help me decide, please

    We were fortunate enough to get a much larger refund on our taxes than we expected so I think I'm getting my daughter a Frontier. She's three in about ten days, 45 lbs, almost 40 inches. I'm trying to decide whether to go for the SICT or not. I drive an '04 Impala with no side airbags. It...
  10. Ninetales

    Looking for an Illinois tech

    My husband's cousin is interested in having her seat checked. I'm too far to do it for her so I said I'd ask around. I checked the big tech list but the only Illinois techs listed seem too far away. She lives in Pana and commutes to Springfield for work. Anyone know someone?
  11. Ninetales

    Question Chevrolet LATCH limits?

    I've been reading about vehicle manufacturers changing LATCH limits to 65lbs total (child weight + seat weight). Does anyone know if Chevrolet has done this retroactively? I have a 2004 Impala and a 45lb ffing child who is almost 3. She's outboard because I had an incident with my seatbelt in...
  12. Ninetales

    Vent Carseat ruined my sestbelt. :(

    What I found when I tried to uninstall my seat. The belt damage. Looking at it today it appears more like the splitter plate managed to work through the fibers of the belt without severing them. However I'm no expert and would guess that it's not safe anymore.
  13. Ninetales

    Question FFing 2-year-old outboard, what seat?

    My daughter is 2 (3 in February) and has to be FF due to her weight. She's been in her Myride in the middle of my Impala. Yesterday there was an incident in a parking lot where her harness got stuck in the seatbelt and while trying to tighten it I managed to puncture the seatbelt with the...
  14. Ninetales

    Vent Carseat ruined my sestbelt. :(

    Grrr. I was out for the day on a little road trip with my kids, sister, and niece. We were getting everyone in the car to leave when I couldn't tighten Elsa's harness. I tried several times but they wouldn't budge. I couldn't figure out what it was hung up on and really didn't want to...
  15. Ninetales

    No more RF for my oldest. :(

    My daughter must have had a growth spurt in the last few weeks. I thought I had more time but I weighed her today and she was 45 lbs exactly. She's 2 and almost 9 months. I was hoping to make it longer, especially since she outgrew the MR five months ago. I'm glad I got the Radian even...
  16. Ninetales

    Question Radian and Uneven Harness

    I've tried her centered. I started scootching her whole body over after I noticed the issue. I don't recall trying just her bottom, though. Here are some pics of the splitter plate area. The strap on the right side of the picture is the side that is tighter.
  17. Ninetales

    Question Radian and Uneven Harness

    I've been noticing lately that the straps on our Radian are uneven. When I tighten it, one side is tighter than the other and I can't figure out why. I've tried searching but must not be using the right keywords. Sometimes it happened in the Myride, but only when she was off center in the...
  18. Ninetales

    Question Rf tether to unused seatbelt in front?

    Can this be done? Seat in front is a lap belt only spot between the two front seats, would never be used by a passenger.
  19. Ninetales

    Question Rf tether in 04 Impala

    Ok, this is the best I can do. This is the other side of the seat, next to the door. Just a different angle of the same thing.
  20. Ninetales

    Please check my Radian

    Whole seat: Closeup of locking clip closeup of RF tether

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