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    For Sale Britax Frontier 85 Maui Blue Cover

    This is strictly for the cover only and does not include the harness covers or belly pad. This cover is in excellent condition, if it wasn't for the fact that we have used it twice that I would say it was brand new. I took a bunch of pictures at different angles, there are no stains, tears or...
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    Vent Van Driver - School Transportation

    Just earlier this week I had my daughter van driver tell me he doesn't really think she needs a booster seat! My daughter is only 43lbs. She weighs the same as her 4.5 year old brother. I have not measured her height lately, but for a 7 year old she is only in the 3rd percentile for height and...
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    Price Check Britax Frontier 85 - Maui Blue

    I am considering selling this seat - it has an extra cover (not sure if that matters)...
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    Graco Affix with Safety Surround

    Does anyone own one of these? I am considering getting one for my 4.5 year old to use periodically. Last time he was weighed he was...
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    For Sale Carrot Cake CCO

    My 25 month old finally our grew our CCO! It is in excellent condition, the Carrot Cake cover and infant inserts are BRAND NEW, have never been used because we only used the Chestnut Cover. No accidents! We are a smoke free household. It was primarily only used a handful of times in my...
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    Convertible Seats for Ford Explorer

    A friend of mine is moving her kiddo from an infant seat into a convertible seat. She will have to install it into the same row as a Chicco Keyfit. She will be folding one of the seats down to allow access to the 3rd row. Her price range is $179-$279, but nothing over $300. She would like to...
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    Accident Seat Replacement?

    A friend of mine hit a deer this AM and her vehcile was damaged enough to where it had to be towed away to the mechanic. She has three car seats: Britax Marathon Graco Highback Booster Evenflo Booster Her insurance company is tell her that they are not going to replace the seats because the...
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    Evenflo Amp VS Cosco Pronto

    I found out today that my daughter has been riding around in a old Alpha Omega in Booster Mode - that is how she has been transported to and from school. However, I am not really thrilled about her riding in the Alpha Omega as the belt fit absoultey sucks and I have been rounds with...
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    Peg Perego HBB 120 - Review ***PICTURE HEAVY***

    So, now that we had a chance to break in this seat and use it for a while... First off is the front of the seat: At the lowest setting it is measures about 24" in height. And at the highest setting it measures about 29.5" in height. Here is the side view - it looks pretty sleek... The...
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    What Carseat is this?

    I pulled this car seat out of my daugther's van that she has been transported in for the school year. I washed the cover because it was just down right nasty and I didn't want my child sitting in it! I am wondering which car seat this is. I am curious because I am wondering if they have it...
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    Peg Perego HBB 120 - Pictures

    So I just recently swapped our Graco Turbo w/SS for a Peg HBB 120. Here are some pictures (this seat is installed in the 3rd row of a '11 Honda Odyssey): First up is my 6 year old daugther she is 43 inches in height and is 40lbs. Please note - my daughter rides in a booster primarly due to a...
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    Peg Perego HBB 120

    I managed to get the Peg Perego HBB 120 for $152.15 today... :dance: Not bad for it being such a new seat.
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    News Peg Perego Convertible - Anti-Rebound Bar

    So I was on the phone this AM with Peg Perego Customer Service - during our converstation I brought up the fact that I love everything about my Peg Convertible but the only 1 downfall that I wish it had was an anti-rebound bar... I was then informed that they are actually about to release it as...
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    Considering the Peg Perego HBB 120

    I am currently beyond frustrated with our Graco Turbobooster - if the bottom of that seat falls off one more time I would seriously scream! So... right now my daughter is in a Graco Turbobooster w/Safety Surround, however the following things bother me about the stinkin' booster seat... 1. The...
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    Question Peg Perego HBB 120 Does anyone know what the minimum height is to use this seat? It says that maximum is 61". Oh and the CR that I was on the phone with today said that they should be available in about 2 week to purchase... Right...
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    Question Budget Convertible Seats

    A stay at home mom is wanting a convertible seat for her tall and skinny 11 month old little girl. Her budget is around 50.00 any thoughts?
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    Diono Accessories on Zulily

    Just incase anyone was looking for stuff:
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    Vent Bad Mom Award!

    So I have a confession to make... I am the world's most awful mom! Yesterday evening I had put my son into the car and forgot he was just in regular underwear (we are in the middle of potty training), I should have put him back into a pull up before we left the house... Needless to say he had...
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    Question Britax Multi Tech 2

    A friend of mine is in the military and is currently stationed in Germany. She has a Britax Multi Tech 2 and was going to travel back to the states for 2 weeks. She was going to spend sometime here and I wanted to know if I can install that carseat into my car? I drive a 2011 Honda Odyssey. She...
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    Combi on Zulily

    Incase anyone is intrested Combi they are featured on Zulily.

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