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    "But I'm eight now!!!"

    Yes you are. And happy birthday! ....but you're still using your booster seat. I'm such a mean aunt haha 😜
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    Favorite keyfit pattern?

    My buying a keyfit for my brother and sister in law and I'm trying to narrow the choices down. Anatomy scan isn't for another month so I have time to decide, but I was wondering what everyone's favorites are. Are any softer than the others? I'm a huge car seat nerd so right now I'm just having...
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    Anything as easy as the Triumph?

    I'm looking to get a combo seat for my nephew to replace/be a backup for his Triumph. I love how easy it is to install and make sure he is strapped in correctly. My brother is completely car seat incompetent (and has no interest in changing this about himself), so it really needs to be...
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    Itty bitty in nextfit

    Got to play with a nextfit with a baby in it for the first time today...he's an ounce or two shy of five pounds and he fit beautifully! Passed his car seat test with flying colors :) I took the insert out though, that huge hump just didn't work with his tiny legs, his feet barely touched the...
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    Vent I hate babytrend.

    I work in a NICU and babytrend buckets are probably what I see most often and I have yet to have a baby fit in one well. The kid I'm taking care of tonight didn't do as well with his carseat test as he should have because the straps are almost two inches above his shoulders (not a super tiny...
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    Meanest. Aunt. Ever.

    My eight year old nephew wasn't super impressed when I told him he'd have to sit in a booster in my car...and way less impressed when he saw that the only one I have is a pink leopard print TB. Oops ;) he got over it quickly but promised that I wouldn't tell his cousins that would pick on him...
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    Looks comfy ;)
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    Question How would you approach this?

    My nephew is 9.5 months old and has just about outgrown his BabyTrend parents bought him a convertible (I believe its an Evenflo, but I'm not sure, doesn't matter). Yesterday I happened to glance into my brother's truck and the seat is FF. I was totally flabbergasted--still can't...
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    Question Incorrect belt routing on a booster?

    Looking for crash test videos of boosters where the seatbelt isn't routed correctly... My sister in law buckled my niece in her HBTB the other night with the belt over the armrests and not in the shoulder guide. I fixed it this time but I want to send her something about how important it is to...
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    Saw my first over-one-year old RFer IRL

    I was so excited!! We had a get-together at my house and a friend came with her 18 month old and he is still happily rear-facing!! I was so thrilled that I had to tell her how great it was :) she was happy for the encouragement! She talked to me about seats for quite a while.. She has a safety...
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    Just For Fun...What are these seats??

    Vera Bradley posted a link to this a few days ago on Facebook. I know someone here will be able to name them all :love:
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    Vent You won't believe what I just saw!

    My cousin's mother just posted a photo of her 7 month baby in a backless booster seat! And not just a 'haha look how little he is' photo, he was actually in a car while it was moving! It was a limousine but that doesn't make it okay! I'm furious right now! :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    Someone should tell them....

    Mariah and Nick, your babies are adorable but you're kind of doing the carseat thing wrong. After market covers & harness covers, belly clip, winter jackets... (there should be a picture but I'm not positive that it worked haha)
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    Question Fender bender

    My cousin was in a little fender bender this morning and I'm wondering about his seats.. We had just left preschool drop off so his 5yo DS wasn't in his seat (Evenflo Chase) but his 2y9m DD was in the car with him (not sure of her seat, it's an Evenflo convertible (FF) but that's all I know.. I...
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    Bought my first carseats as Christmas gifts!

    My nephew's booster is expiring and no one else seems to think it's a big deal, so he got a new one (the sporty cover backless turbo). And my niece has outgrown her harness seat by a good 2 inches and no one seems to think that's a big deal either, so she got a pretty high back turbo (Megan I...
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    My friends think im nuts!

    I was riding in my friend's car yesterday and she has a car seat for her nephew (almost 2) in her backseat. I sat back there and grabbed it and it moved like a foot! I was like Whoa! This isn't in here right! So I unbuckled it to reinstall it and I saw that it was tethered to one of the anchors...
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    Question Good harnessed seat for 4 year old?

    My niece has outgrown her cosco seat by height and my brother doesn't feel comfortable boostering her yet (yay!) but now we need to find a new swat for her for a year or two... Tw triumph has a tall shell right? Shes little, like 36 pounds or so
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    Help with explaining why seats expire...

    A few months ago, I noticed that my parents' back up booster seat for my nephew was expired so I took it. We were talking about it this morning how they need to check that when they buy a used car seat (a conversation for another day) and my Dad was insisting that car seat expirations are...
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    Question Best seat for tiny newbs?

    My cousin and his wife are expecting their first baby in December. It's been a very complicated pregnancy and it's likely that she'll deliver early. Even if she doesn't there's a very good chance that the baby will be small. I told her to look into Chicco, but are there any other seats that fit...
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    Wish I could buy it...

    I went to toys/babies r us today with the 4 year old that I nanny for to shop for her sister's birthday and of course I had to go into the car seat section haha and Abby was kind enough to let me stick her in some seats :) She liked the GN because the neighbor boys have them haha I wish it was...

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