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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    Hi Darren! I am trying to join the Tech forum now that I'm a CPST but I can't find a section for...

    Hi Darren! I am trying to join the Tech forum now that I'm a CPST but I can't find a section for group memberships. I added my tech ID to my profile already. Please let me know what else I should do. Thanks :)
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    xpost: Around the world with two kids!

    cross-posted from International We're seriously considering checking out for a year and travelling the world with our two kids! We'd plan to start in October, when they will be 3y4m and 6y. We have travelled extensively with them and always taken our own seats, but that seems like a really...
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    Around the world with two kids!

    We're seriously considering checking out for a year and travelling the world with our two kids! We'd plan to start in October, when they will be 3y4m and 6y. We have travelled extensively with them and always taken our own seats, but that seems like a really impractical option for a year on five...
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    Croatia rental car - locking belts? top tethers?

    Has anyone rented a car in Croatia in the last few years? We're going in May and will rent an Opel Zafira (or similar, whatever that means). Any idea if it has locking belts and/or top tethers? DD will be RF in the CCO assuming she still fits, so no worries there DS will be 5.5 but he's small...
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    Nextfit crotch strap

    Nextfit users: When did you move the crotch strap out? I had it in the outer position for my son RF, but now that we switched him FF it seems like it's hard to get him to sit with his butt all the way back in the seat. I wonder if moving the crotch strap back in would help him stay in position...
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    How important is a steel frame?

    I currently have two SecureKids (one DLX, one platinum) for my son to move into this fall when he turns 4, but now I'm wondering if (at least in our primary car) I should get him a combination seat with a steel frame instead? He's small and we are globe trotters who drive non-minivans, so the SK...
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    SecureKid and NEXT on a plane

    Any installation tips? Will I need extenders or a buckle flip? I haven't used either seat much yet so I'm not familiar with their quirks, though I've use my CCO on a plane many times. Thanks!
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    Question BubbleBum clips

    Woohoo! I just won a BubbleBum :dance: Which colors have the new and improved clips?
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    RSTV petition for FAA approval

    Check it out!
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    CR-V potential 3-across

    My 3.5yo will be going on a field trip with his preshool class and sadly DH and I can't chaperone. The school is soliciting parent drivers and have said to send the child with their car seat. How they plan to coordinate this with FORTY KIDS is beyond me. But I digress... There's only one stay...
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    Diono after-market accessories

    I noticed on Zulily today that Diono sells extra strap covers and infant inserts, the generic kind that are sold a BRU and are never supposed to be used in car seats. What's up with that? Do their car seat manuals permit use of these add-ons? If not, how extremely unethical for a car seat...
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    07 CR-V 3-across

    We'll have our nephew for the weekend so I don't want to buy new seats. What's our best bet? All kids are small (ok, tiny) for their ages. Seats available to each kid: 3.5yo: SecureKid 400, Nextfit RF/FF, CCO FF 2yo: Nextfit RF, CCO RF, maybe Scenara NEXT 8mo: Keyfit w/ base, Nextfit RF, CCO RF...
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    Question travel seat advice

    Hi all, Looking for travel seat advice. We will be flying to Germany in a few weeks, but once on the ground we will not be renting a car. The only times we'll be in a taxi are to/from the airports and train stations (Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam). We will be staying in three cities, so taking...
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    Question Standing height limit

    What is the rationale (from a crash physics perspective) for imposing a standing height limit in addition to or in lieu of a 1" rule or similar?
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    Question Puzzle with RF Nextfit: Keyfit or Coccoro?

    DS rides in a Nextfit in one car and I'm considering buying another. But DD will be here in June! Will a RF Nextfit puzzle with either a Keyfit (with base) or a Coccoro? Cars are 07 CR-V and 07 Camry and I only need side-by-side to work in one car as we don't have a rear passenger all the...
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    Question which rental minivan?

    We're off on vacation to Puerto Rico tonight :jive: and will be renting a minivan for 4 adults and 2 kids. DS will be riding in a RF Coccoro and the other baby will be in a baseless infant seat (not sure which model, I think Keyfit or a Snugride). Which car and what's the best configuration...
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    CCO RF on a plane

    Last time I installed the CCO RF on a plane the buckle was right under DS' feet and seemed to make an uncomfortable lump, so I re-installed FF (no big deal since he's 2+ and RFs in the car). Was it a weird plane or is that always the case? Any other suggestions?
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    WWYD: standing height limit vs 1" rule

    I'm looking for real-life WWYD with your own kids from those in the know, especially techs. Two of our high use seats, Coccoro and Symphony DLX, each have standing height limits (36" and 37", respectively). I haven't measured DS yet but I believe he is 35" at 2y4m currently. He is, however...
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    Question CCO in 2007 BMW 330 sedan

    Hi all! My husband is not our primary seat installer (though he's done it with me many times), but he'll have to install our CCO (RF) in the babysitter's new 2007 330 sedan today on his own. Any tips or tricks he'll need to know? I know our options are outboard with LATCH or center with...

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