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    Question 3 across, 3rd row 2016 Grand Caravan?

    Has anyone been able to get a successful 3 across? My friend is needing to. She has a 9 yr old (no carseat), a 6 yr old (booster), a 4yr old (ffing 5pt), and 2yr old (rfing in Radian), and due with #5 soon (peg perrego infant). Im not sure which booster her 6yr old has, nor the 4yr olds...
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    new hbb's coming out?

    So... When will the US be getting some new awesome hbb's? Britax & Recaro make some pretty awesome ones for europe & such. I mean, they look like a miliarty humV vs a smart car 😂😂 With the shoulder strap pad thing... Im drooling! Anyway! Im going to need a few hbb's in the next year or so...
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    britax boulevard/advocate ct ffing issue?

    I read somewhere that the boulevard and Advocate ct, when installed ffing, 30mph crash test with 60lb dummy, there were issues with the harness? But i cant find where i saw that. Is that included in the "release button recall"?
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    nuna pipa or peg perego infant?

    Where can i get the best deal on either of those?
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    convertible suggestions?

    -Are there any USA available convertible seats with a rfing load leg? -i was going to get an Axkid Minikid for my youngest, but since i cant tether or brace rfing in my (new to me used) sienna..... What convertibles have anti-rebound bars? Which would be the longest lasting rfing by height?
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    08 Sienna*** rf tethering/bracing/etc questions

    We just bought a 7pas '08 Toyota Sienna. I havent had time to sit down and read through the manual, and doubt my preg brain can really comprehend it.... So.. (Britax boulevard & diono seats) Can you rf tether behind the drivers and or passenger seats (2nd row)? Can you brace against them? Ive...
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    what is this? (toyota sienna)

    We looked at a 08 Toyota sienna yesterday. In the back cargo area, there are these 2 metal anchors. I was thinking they were maybe to lock the back seats into place when stowed? But, can they be used for ffing tethering? The center and passenger side (3rd row) have ffing tether anchors, so one...
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    stroller suggestions?

    I say: -Folds up small like an umbrella stroller. -enough space between handles& back wheels for a long strided person. -reclines? -basket -cup holders? -pushes/rides nicely You say:?
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    6 passenger?

    My husband drives a Toyota Avalon currently. We fit fine with 3 car seats in the back. However, baby #4 is on the way, due this winter.... I will be getting a minivan soon (my suv went poop). But It would be nice to be able to fit everyone in either vehicle. So, what 6passenger vehicles are...
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    lets talk infant seats!

    We are expecting #4! Out previous infant seat just expired, so we will need to buy a new one. Ideally, I want one that will last comfortably close to 12m. Its been years since I've researched infant seats! What are some of the safest/best/longest lasting ones available? (yes yes, i know...
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    need a new seat for MIL's car...

    My 5yr old (october, 42-44lbs) is almost too tall for the Britax Marathon in my MIL'S car. The girls only ride with her maybe 1-2x a month. Should I invest in a combo booster, or just go for a highback at this point. She is quite mature and responsible..
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    long lasting convertible?

    Im trying to guide my sister. Her 5yr old daughter is super tall like her daddy, she is in size 8-10 clothes. She outgrew her Britax seats rfing right at 2yrs old, and outgrew them ffing by 3.5yrs. (they then got Frontiers). New babe seems to be growing just as fast. What seat would get them...
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    Axkid Minikid or MultiTech 2?

    Yes I am aware of legalities.... For those of you who have swedish seats, which would you pick? Pros or cons of either?
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    Nextfit/Extend2fit/4Ever questions

    So, i went to target today.. I feel like the Chicco Nextfit is great as far as it feels sturdier, than the other two seats. But, i tried my 5yr old in it and with the shoulder straps at her height, it really made her slump, like there was no back padding. The Extend2fit is nice, but feels...
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    odyssey question

    It was suggested to look into 2011+ Odysseys, as we are car shopping. Is there any reason to mot look at older than 2011 Odysseys?
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    longest lasting rfing seat?

    Baby #3 is proving to take after my dad's side, and is quite tall! Previously I have used Radians and Britax (boulevard) to rf my 2 older girls until they were both over 4yrs by the time they outgrew. What is the tallest rfing harness seat on the market right now? We need to replace one Britax...
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    talk to me about mini vans....

    I love my Ford Expedition (05), but alas, it has been crapping out on us. Im really a "truck" kinda gal, I don't really want a van... But... If we were to start shopping, here is what Id want: Middle row captains chairs. Back row, at least 2 ffing tether anchors. Back row fit 3 across (radians...
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    ford expedition '05, radian/britax bracing?

    Is rfing bracing & tethering allowed in a '05 Ford Expedition? Pending of course the install is secure, not dependent on the brace/tether.
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    any Kohls coupons?

    I have one of those $10 promo gifts, and have 2 gift cards. Id love to get a replacement seat for babe if i can find another coupon, like 20-30% off or something.
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    urgent! diono question!

    My friend is flying tomorrow, shes ckeaning out her Sunshinekids Radian XTSL. The metal harness bracket (?? Where the shoulder straps join to the adjusting strap in the back of the seat, the metal hook plate) is quite tarnished, and the crotch buckle metal plate (to hold the crotch strap in the...

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