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    LBB and HBB suggestions

    I’m looking for seat suggestions for my 7.5yo. She’s been in a Frontier in booster mode in both of our cars for almost a year and rides in a LBB occasionally in my moms car. She does very well in both types of seat. I’m wanting to pass her frontiers down to little sister, so I’m looking for new...
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    RXT straps

    I need to set up my Radian RXT for my niece, who will be using it over the holiday. She is just moving into 18 month shirts, any idea where I should set the straps? I can’t be at the airport when my dad picks them up so I need to get it set up without seeing her in the seat. I’m thinking the...
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    DD1 just turned 6 yesterday. She currently in frontier clicktights in my and DHs cars, in booster mode, and they work great for us. The problem is my dad's car, a '14 expedition. The frontier is too wide in booster mode to be able to buckle the seat belt easily. I'm done wrestling with it...
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    Need an answer quick!

    I have a frontier click tight. When installing in booster mode do I use the top tether? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    News Looking for a HBB...

    DD1 is 5yo, will be 6 in April. In my and DH's cars she rides in a Britax frontier clicktight in booster mode. She's been doing a great job! The problem is in my dad's car, a 2014 expedition. The britax is too wide for her to be able to buckle well. So I'm looking for a HBB for his car...
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    Throw up... Help!

    DD2 threw up in her radian a little bit ago. The goods news is it wasn't much, the bad news is it still got on the cover and the harness. I'll wash the cover then dry it in the sun (yay for the last sunny day this week!). Can I use a bit of dawn on the harness or just a little water and sun? I...
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    Is this allowed?

    I installed DDs Frontier clicktight in my parents expedition today, outboard drivers side, second row. It goes in fine, but then I noticed a gap between the car seat and the seat back. The top of the frontier is touching the seat but not the section just below. Is that allowed or is the frontier...
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    They are reputable, correct? And do they charge tax? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Frontier Clicktight

    Anyone know when the Meadow cover might be back in stock places? It seems that Walmart is the only place I can find it (and one on Amazon that's super expensive). I have a coupon code for so I was really hoping to order from them but they haven't had it for over a month now! Sent...
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    New clicktight seat...

    Do I need to lock the seat belt? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Which combination seat should we get?

    I've been pondering this for quite a while now, and asked a time or two, but we're getting down to the wire and I need to make a decision. I'm considering the Frontier, Argos/Nautilus, ProRide, and maybe the new graco if it comes out in time. DD1 is 4y5m (almost), 43.5", 16.5" seated height...
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    Vacation Seating... Help!

    I thought I had this all figured out but the situation changed and now I need help! We are traveling soon, the longest leg of the trip will be 9-10 hours. Vehicle is a 2014 (maybe '13, it was bought new last summer) Expedition. There will be 4 adults, 2 kids. DD1 (4yo) is FFing in an RXT, DD2...
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    FFing RXT install question

    DD1 turns 4 tomorrow and I promised she could FF. Problem is I'm having a hard time getting a good install in my car. I have an '04 saturn ion, the 2-door version that has suicide doors. No middle seat in the back, so the two outboard seats are pretty bucketed. DD is about 38lbs, so I'm...
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    Radian RXT and the Safe Stop

    I'm about to turn DD1 FFing in our RXTs. She about 38lbs, without shoes, I think. So I know I need to use the safe stop for now. Question is, do I weigh her frequently until she hits 40lbs or will she still be safe a pound or two over that? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    RFing Radian RXT in an Expedition

    I've never had an issue putting the RXT RFing in the center of my parents Expedition until this week. Due to DDs weight I need to use the seat belt and the seat keeps leaning. It's not a rock solid install but meets the 1" wiggle test. Is the leaning ok? Can I use the locking clip to keep it...
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    Will a Frontier be overkill?

    DD1 turns 4 in about 3 weeks. The current plan is to turn her FFing in her RXT until fall when DD2 needs to move out of the keyfit. We currently have the same set up on both cars. I was planning on passing the RXTs down to DD2 and getting DD1 a Frontier for each car. Her stats this past...
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    Headrest support?

    Do the Frontier or Pioneer need headrest support when used in harness mode? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How much to budget for new seats?

    DD2 is 6 weeks old and in a Keyfit30, DD1 is 3y9m (4 in April) and still RFing in an RXT. My current car seat plan is to have DD1 RF until her birthday (unless she outgrows the seat before then, she's close but I think she'll make it). After her birthday she will FF in the RXT until DD2...
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    Latch limits

    I know this has been talked about quite a bit, but I can't find it right now. We have an '08 Jeep Liberty and an '04 Saturn Ion. DD1 is RFing in a radian RXT. At what weight do I need to switch to a seatbelt install? Is it the same for a '12 or '13 Expedition? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone...
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    Hospital car seat policy

    I know we've had threads about this but I'm too lazy to search right now. We toured the hospital baby will be born at earlier this week. During the tour the nurse mentioned that a car seat must be brought to the room before you can checkout. I know that legally they can't keep you if you have a...

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