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    Question Two FF seats in an Audi A4..

    ...That leave the most room for center passenger? So, my hubby just had to buy a "new" car. He got a 2013 Audi A4 (even though I was pushing for the Accord). It's not nearly as roomy inside as it appears from the outside. We installed the Complete Air rear passenger side and the Scenera rear...
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    *IT"S HERE, pics* Ordered our new Cactus flower frontier 90

    I have a few not so great pics from tonight. (It was bedtime, so excuse the poor quality) I'll get more installed tomorrow I hope. Z is so happy, at least so far! just the seat My 2 yr old had to try it. NOTE: I am nowhere near ready to FF her! My 2 yr old at highest setting (or not...
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    *IT"S HERE, pics* Ordered our new Cactus flower frontier 90

    Can't wait for Z to see it. That's all really. Just excited and I hope we love it
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    4 yr old in bus with 3pt seatbelt?

    My Z just turned 4 and is moving to PreK at her school. They do field trips in a bus usually (sometimes large van) and I can't decide if I'm ok with her going. Am I being over cautious? Would you be ok with a 30lb, 40 in, 4 yr old in a bus (with high seats) and a 3pt seatbelt? Should I...
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    Question Where can I find and print info on carseat safety?

    Not sure where this belongs.. Basically I am looking for a basic, easy to understand handout type page that addresses common mistakes and includes the RF til 2 info. Does this exist?
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    Please help me decide, Frontier 85 vs 90

    I have a tall'ish, thin almost 4 yr old (sz 4 shirts for length). I have been looking at the Frontier for her next seat. I see no possible reason for the higher weight limits for my girls, but I am confused on the difference in the features of the two seats. Can anyone point out the differences...
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    Next RF seat after the CCO? LO seems to be coming pretty close to outgrowing her CCO RF. We are starting to think about next steps. We have an '09 Pilot. We have the following seats: - Safety First Complete Air 65 (spare in the garage) - Evenflo Triumph Advance DLX (currently FF in Pilot) - Scenera (FF in hubby's...
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    Question What is a fair price on a gently used BJCM double

    I have my very gently used City Mini double in Amethyst (purple) listed on CL and people keep offering less than half what I have it listed at. I'm trying to figure out if they are really just lowballing me or if I am being unrealistic. Near perfect condition with only one tiny scuff on the...
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    Can we have another sleeping in the car thread?

    I was going to post to the old one, but it said it was more than 287 days old and I couldn't. I'd love to see more carseat pics with the seats labeled if possible :)
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    Question If you were me, which combo seat would you be looking at?

    DD is 3 1/2 and outgrowing her RF seats, so we turned her FF. (She only had about a lb or 2 to go in her EFTA and 6 lbs in the SFCA65, but her long legs make buckling her in a struggle and she had begun fighting us every time.) She sleeps in the car quite often and is getting really bad head...
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    Turned my 3yr, 7mo old today

    A bit sad. I know she got all the benefits of ERF, plus she was getting close to the limits of her EFTA and the CA just wasn't working (we tried it all day running errands) with her fighting us to get in the seat and my knee injury. :sigh:
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    Travel plans coming together, need a few tips please..

    Flying to Ottawa on March 9th with Z (3 1/2 yr old) and MJ (23 mo old). Will stay a couple of days in Ottawa, then drive to Montreal and stay about 10 days with MIL, then drive back to Ottawa to fly back to DFW. (DFW-Ott was about $250 per ticket cheaper than DFW to MTL :cool: ) So we have the...
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    Purple CCO Cover?

    Say this on ebay search. Is this for real? I have never seen it...
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    2 adults, 2 kids in carseats. Seating positions?

    We are flying home to see family in Montreal in Feb/March. It will be myself, my husband, Z & MJ Z will most likely be FF in the Scenera and MJ will most likely be RF in the CCO. Hubby thinks it would be best to have me & the girls together and him in the other row in front/behind :rolleyes...
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    Can you tell which seat I have?

    All this time I thought I had the EFTA-65. Now I think it is the EFTA-DLX. We bought it for Z when she was appx 8 months old, so in April 2010. I know we were looking at several models at Babies R US, and we bought the upper level option of the Triumph available at the time. (which I think...
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    Question Complete Air 65, RF limits?

    Does this one fall into the 40" rule? DD is 37.5in tall and still has plenty of room rear facing (13in torso).
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    Question Crash test info/video with seats installed side by side?

    So I've been wondering about this. Is there crash test data or video on how CSR do when installed side by side or in a 3 across scenario? From watching crash test videos, the seats move quite a bit and one would think that the results might be different if they could not move as shown. So...
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    4 yr old in LBB, Please help me find video to convince otherwise

    4 yr old in LBB :( Help me find crash test or video please 1- booster vs seat belt only 2- booster vs 5 pt harness I have a friend with a small 4 yr old (appx 35lb). He has been in a Nautilus since about 18mo and now she has bought him a low back (Harmony) booster to use sometimes :( (when...
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    Install check: EFTA and CCO in 09 Pilot

    I just installed my new Coccoro RF driver side with LATCH and tether and my (spare) Evenflo Triumph Advance RF center with LATCH. Here is the link to the album with more pics Both seats are secure. EFTA is...
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    Looking for a deal on a Combi Coccoro

    I am 99% sure I've found the seat I need :D I have found the CCO listed from $189-$329 :eek: So I am really confused on why such a variance and where I should be looking. 1st choice would be the baby blue color (discontinued?) followed by Cherry Pie, Keylime or Strawberry shake I would...

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