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  1. hedgefun

    Question Booster for heavy young kid?

    A kid I will be borrowing is 5, but close to 90lbs. He sits fine in a backless and doesn’t move around, and I don’t think he sleeps in the car. What would you recommend for an appropriate booster for him? I need something with a high weight limit that’s also wide. Thoughts on the Harmony big...
  2. hedgefun

    Parkway SGL SecureGuard required or not?

    One of my nieces always gives me attitude when she rides in my car because I have the parkway SGL with the SecureGuard and she doesn't want to use it. I aways make her use it mainly because she doesn't get to override my safety rules. I looked in the manual, and the pages showing the proper...
  3. hedgefun

    TrueFit iAlert 2013 - manufacture year or design year?

    I found this seat on sale on Albee Baby. Anyone know if the 2013 means it was just the 2013 design, or would it likely be manufactured several years ago as well? Obviously if I'm likely to have eaten up a few years toward expiration, I'm going to choose another seat...
  4. hedgefun

    Cheat sheet of wich seats for which kids?

    We have a lot of nieces and a couple of nephews, plus friends' kids who ride with us. DW doesn't always put the right kid in the right seat because "I get confused, it's so much to keep track of." (In reference to each seat's requirements, best practice, versus each kid's stats). So we're...
  5. hedgefun

    Britax Knight vs. Desert Palm Cover Colors

    Does anyone know if the tannish/khaki color on the "knight" covers is the same shade as the tannish/khaki color on the "desert palm" covers?
  6. hedgefun

    Booster recs 2014 jetta

    Hi everyone, We just up-sized to two cars and I ended up getting a jetta. My wife is taking my turbos for her car, and I'm so glad because they're difficult to buckle in the jetta. I was thinking maybe one of the evenflo boosters would work better for the jetta. Any other suggestions? Looking...
  7. hedgefun

    Puzzling with Roundabout - or other ideas?

    Hi everyone, How easy/hard is to to puzzle boosters next to a RF roundabout? We have turbos. We also have a nautilus that could be used instead of one of the boosters. Alternatively, any other ideas would also be appreciated. We can do 1 booster, 1 FF, 1 RF or 2 boosters and one RF. Thanks...
  8. hedgefun

    Complaining about the chest clip?

    We watch a friend's 3.5y DS quite a bit. He rides in a GN in my car, SK400 in mom's car, and CA in dad's. Yesterday he was complaining about the chest clip and wanted to move it down to his belly. I explained that we needed to keep it up. The result was a lower clip than I'd normally like...
  9. hedgefun

    Car seat nightmares

    I think this is one of those "you know you're a car seat geek when..." things. I had a dream last night that I had one of my nieces in a high back turbo, but no matter how many clicks I moved the headrest up, the shoulder belt was still off of her shoulder. It was to the point where the head...
  10. hedgefun

    Help w/ Forester 3 across - 1 FF + 2 boosters

    Sorry in advance for the length... DW was watching the nieces a few months ago and allegedly fit 2 boosters in my Forester next to the Nautilus. I was extremely, extremely skeptical. Turns out I was right to be skeptical - there's no way she did that safely. The two boostered kids she was...
  11. hedgefun

    Question Subaru seat belts post-recall

    Would anyone mind posting photos of their center buckle stalks in a Subaru after the recall work has been done? I'm almost certain they screwed mine up but I was hoping to see photos of someone else's. I'm going to call them tomorrow anyway. :(
  12. hedgefun

    DW just gave me a heart attack!

    I'm out of town for work and DW took my car in for an oil change yesterday. She started asking me a weird question about my lower anchors today and then said something like "Yeah the guy at the dealership tightened your child seat anchors or something." I said wait who did what to my LATCH...
  13. hedgefun

    Question Graco buckle sticking

    Question for you guys... Are the issues with the graco buckle sticking with the new style, old style, or both?
  14. hedgefun

    Arm rests of Graco boosters?

    Can anyone confirm if the arm rests of the Graco boosters are all the same? The regular turbo is a beast to buckle in my car (based on the one time I had to do it), and I'm pretty sure it's because of the arm rests. I was thinking about getting the version with safety surround or the affix...
  15. hedgefun

    Boostering too soon... links?

    DN's parents started using a booster for her. She's is 4y10m and definitely not 30lbs yet. For a while she was 24lbs... I'm not sure of her exact weight right now, but it's definitely under 30. Being under 30lbs, there is no booster that she'd be in that would be used properly since she's...
  16. hedgefun

    Aprica w/ Snugride base?

    I did a quick search, but I didn't quite find what I was looking for. Aprica A30. Are you allowed to use a Snugride base for this seat? If so, which one? BRU has two. One is a Snugride Base and the other is a Snugride 35 base. Is it either of these? A different one? TIA.
  17. hedgefun

    Mitsubishi Galant - 3 Across w/ 2 Boosters

    DW is taking some of the nieces to the movies on Friday and is most likely driving her mom's '01 Galant. I'm not sure she realizes that the boosters could be a PITA to buckle or it could be hard (or near impossible?) to fit all 3 seats in. Does anyone have experience with fitting a 3 across...
  18. hedgefun

    Question Pricing a used seat

    I hope this is allowed outside of swap since I'm not asking about a specfic seat. I thought there was a thread with a formula on how to price a used seat, but I can't find it in the search. If anyone has the slightest idea what I'm talking about & can help me find it, I'd appreciate it!
  19. hedgefun

    Help me rationalize a new seat purchase!

    I know plenty of people around here are good at that sort of thing! Sorry this post is looooong! I currently have a GN, but I would like something that can RF "just in case." I got the GN because either most kids who ride with me are over 3, or their parents have convertibles I can use (for...
  20. hedgefun

    Forester + Turbo

    DW's cousin's daughter rode with me yesterday in her TB (no back). I have a 2012 Forester. She was riding outboard. I couldn't try moving her to the center as a remedy for these issues because I still haven't gotten my center seatbelt recall taken care of. :duck: I had a few problems with...

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