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  1. bobandjess99

    Meijer $20 off $100 of carseats and/or strollers

    title says it all. Automatic $20 off any purchase of $100 or more of carseats and strollers. I also noted that they have the safety 1st air protect booster now, which they did not carry before, at least at my local store. That probably varies by store though.
  2. bobandjess99

    What fits in a newer Mustang?

    I don't know the exact year, but it's not more than a few years old. I've got a 5 yo and an 8 yo. The seats i currently have are an AOe, CA, Nauti, Turbo, literider, olympian. Will any of that work?
  3. bobandjess99

    TRU black friday online, now!!($20 TAG, $30 mobigo)

    OMG!! I just saved myself a trip out to stand in a big line. TRU's BF sale, including doorbusters, is online now. Free shipping over $50, or under on certain products if you have an R-us card. Not every single item is available online, but most are..... I just got a tag for $20 and a mobigo...
  4. bobandjess99

    50% off all BARBIE, today only 10/13, TRU

    Well, it was yesterday and today, but.. good luck getting there yesterday LOL. 50% off is a pretty spectacular deal, honestly. Includes dolls, accessories and playsets, but I believe it does NOT include movies or video games. There are a lot of other deals, plus the regular ad for the...
  5. bobandjess99

    APT $45 at Meijer next week. (starts sunday 6/24)

    Got the ad preview for next week, pic shows a brown cosco apt for $45.
  6. bobandjess99

    News Cosco topside now available, also new cruz covers

    I was at target, and they had a big stack of backless boosters, and to my surprise, I realized they were NOT all amps and turbos, but they had harmony cruz boosters in GORGEOUS purple! (PURPLE!!) and bright blue, and they had the newly released cosco topside booster. It was mentioned back at...
  7. bobandjess99

    Black Friday Menards Harmony Dreamtime HB $20.

    recently released menards BF ads show they will have the harmony dreamtime booster for $19.99.
  8. bobandjess99

    TRU in store clearance. (probably YMMV)

    Went to TRU tonight and was surprised by the seats they had on sale. Usually they are not marked down much or just not good seats, but they had a $40 onside air, a $50 Maestro, a $70 flex loc. They also had a MR and an AOE that were only discounted like 5%. :rolleyes: I assume this is...
  9. bobandjess99

    Question Was there talk of raising the maestro weight limit?

    I seem to recall there being talk of the maestro getting a higher weight limit? Has there been any info on this ? Or will the maestro be staying at 50 and the new 300/400 seats be the only ones with a higher weight limit?
  10. bobandjess99

    Question I feel dumb. RF info? stats for older kids?

    So ya i should know this stuff. But i explained to my dh what i know about RF and safety, and apparently i suck at this, because he doesn't feel like he can make an informed decision with the amount of info i am able to provide him. Here's the deal, in a nutshell. My kid has a small seat...
  11. bobandjess99

    Complete Air 65 $119 TRU/BRU this week!

    I had looked over the ad before, but its small in the corner of the back page, so i didn't see it, but the CA 65 in lemans (dark grey) is only $119. Also, the rumi air is $129, but i dont think anybody cares? :D :p Oct 23 - 29.
  12. bobandjess99

    3 more hours!!!! folding wagon, $85!

    amazon gold box deal. Folding wagon. On the Edge 900124 Red Folding Utility Wagon With Handle: Automotive
  13. bobandjess99

    Question Crap. Best of crappy choices?

    So. If you needed a new used minivan, and had no money, what would you do? In the $4k and under price range. But in that price range, I'm looking at a bunch of crappy choices. Here's sort of what i have figured out..maybe someone can help think it through, or give add'tl info? I'm...
  14. bobandjess99

    Question Meaning of "if all rear seats are occupied" in regards to hard 3 - across

    So..i was pondering this. We all know kids should be in the back if possible. And, in fact, some states laws actually include the requirement that all kids ride in the back, usually with some sort of clause about "unless all rear seats are occupied by other children". BUT..I'm wondering...
  15. bobandjess99

    Does the safety of the vehicle affect your choice of seat?

    So..I've been pondering....I know that for an older child who can sitin a booster, we don't have any data as to whether a harness or booster is safer..odds are, both are very safe. But, I also know your car is your first line of defense. If it crumples into a postage-stamp-sized piece of tin...
  16. bobandjess99

    New boosters out at my Walmart.

    MY local walmart has the Boost Air out, as well as the Harmony dreamtime highback. The Boost Air covers they have I think make the seat not look so weird and top-heavy, because opf the color contrast with the bright pink versus the blue? I dunno. Kate liked it. The dreamtime was cheap and...
  17. bobandjess99

    Question my hypothetical scenario, for BabyKaykes. (which bad option would you choose?)

    Here is a hypothetical that I almost had to actually turn into a real life situation. Saturday morning, I drove my daughter into the next state, to go to grammas house for a week. We got up early, i drove her there, and I should have been able to make it back by 12:30, as DH had to work at...
  18. bobandjess99

    News I saw a Boost Air (and Onside Air and EFTA65)!! (basic Boost air review info!)

    Went to Kmart, and they were putting new stuff out in the carseat aisle. I don't carry a camera with me, so no pics, but they had the onside air out, and the boost air! also, the triumph 65. The triumph 65 is just the same, gorgeous plush cover though, nice seat. Onside air was nice...
  19. bobandjess99

    Question Does anyone have/have access to the new compass pathway B570?

    I am extremely intrigued by this seat, but NO stores carry it in person in my area(as in state, lol), and I would really like to see some real life pics with kid. Especially in relation to lap belt placement. Does anyone have this, or have access to it in a store? I heard buy buy...
  20. bobandjess99

    Question The RUMI Air is....gone?????

    The Rumi Air has disappeared from safety 1sts website. As far as i can tell, the page, which had a complete description, etc is gone, there is no longer a listing for it under the "air protect", and pics have completely disappeared, it's sort of weird? Anybody know anything??

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