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  1. J

    Crap! (Maybe I should not have procrastinated!)

    I preface this with I am due yesterday to have baby #6 - but usually go late :) I cleaned out, washed, vacuumed, etc my entire car and car seats this weekend, with plans to rearrange seats and install the infant seat. All was going great, I even got the base and infant seat (Aton) in the...
  2. J

    Aton experts!

    I got my Aton out in preparation for the new baby and my canopy is all disconnected and I can't get it back on! There is a plastic triangular piece that appears to hook onto 2 rivets in the shell, then the plastic section of the canopy slides onto these. I can not get these back onto the...
  3. J

    I got to fit my TINY newborn nieces in keyfit 30

    I got to check the fit on my 4 day old twin nieces this morning, so they could leave the hospital. They were 4lb 4oz and 4 lb 5oz today. I was concerned, even with the 4lb minimum they might not fit, but they were right AT the lowest slot. It was hard to get the harness tight enough, but we...
  4. J

    What seat(s) would you like to play with at a tech update?

    Our coalition received a grant to put on a tech update class later this spring! It also includes funds to purchase some new seats that techs may see in the field and not be familiar with. And I get to pick what seats we get :D I was told to come up with 3-5 seats. I think a Frontier 90 for...
  5. J

    Anyone actually put 8 in a suburban on a regular basis?

    Right now I have 5 kids in the back of our 08 'burban. Third row has a FR90 and a Monterey, middle row as seatbelt user, Radian (soon to be nextfit), backless Monterey, currently. DD#2 (backless booster) does 5 step in the third row, but family harmony and her comfort have her in a booster in...
  6. J

    Question Dodge Journey?

    Anyone have a Dodge Journey? My sister traded in her pickup for a Journey today! Anyone have experience installing seats in one? She doesn't have any kids, but watches ours on a regular basis. We usually just trade cars (she had a standard cab little toyota), but I am wondering if we can...
  7. J

    AOE base removable

    I am doing a long distance help with an install. I know that some of the newer AOE seats do not have the removable base. Does anyone know if a seat from Aug 2010 would? Also is there a video anywhere of how to remove it? I talked my step sister into re-refacing their 15 month old, but now...
  8. J

    Car seat boogie woogie - come play!

    Warning - this may get long I need to swap out carseats and probably buy a new one (at least) but I am not sure what. Please help me! Right now #5 is in a Aton, that I am passing on to a friend later this month and #4 is switching between the RXT, Regent, and BLVD, depending on position and...
  9. J

    Regent install question

    I feel like I should really know the answer to this :o. I am moving dd#4 to the regent this weekend. She is 38.5 lbs (yesterday at the dr office). Would you do a long belt or short belt? I am thinking just do the short belt, so I am not worrying and weighing her constantly, but WWYD?
  10. J

    Last day RF

    So, I think it is finally here. I think today will be DD#4's last day rear facing. She has been FF in our pickup (in a BLVD) since the middle of last summer, but still spends the majority of the time RF in a RXT in our suburban. Made it 4 years and 3 months! She still fits in the RXT by both...
  11. J

    help quick :) (booster vs 5pt)

    I need some graphics or video that show why a little kid (like 3 year old) should not be in a booster. Basically some booster vs. 5 pt. I have someone asking me on FB and I have a newborn and can't seem to get the search to work and can't find any on my FB :( Thanks!
  12. J

    Used the Aton baseless yesterday.......

    And I love this seat even more :love: I normally HATE baseless infant seat installs and will avoid them at all costs, but I thought I woudl try it out. I was getting my car serviced and had MIL pick me and the 2 youngest up and we ran errands for the day. she keeps an extra seat in her car...
  13. J

    Cybex Aton pictures! (pic heavy)

    So I finally got around to installing and taking pictures of my new Aton. Over all I am pretty happy with it. It does have a short canopy, but I love that it "hides" away and doesn't get stuck on the handles like many of the others. Not sure if I am wild about the plastic buckle or not...
  14. J

    ordered an Aton!!!

    After much debate I went with the moonlight, but if it is really more navy/bright blue, it will be exchanged for a different color. It should be here Wednesday, so I will post pics when I get it!
  15. J

    Question Anyone seen the Aton in moonlight (teal blue)?

    I *think* I have finally decided I want the Aton - at least to play with one for this baby. I am leaning toward the Moonlight, but have yet to see a real life picture of it. Has anyone seen it in person?
  16. J

    So proud of my MIL!!!

    Dh got the chance to take a quick get away trip without any kids last week. We got 4 days by ourselves, just relaxinga nd not having to worry about anything :D My MIL came and stayed with the kids at our house. She is awesome and the best MIL in so many ways, but this one really made me...
  17. J

    If you could get a Frontier 85 for $187 would you?

    LOL:D I don't NEED one, but I could always use it:o Our coalition got a bunch of Frontiers last year and are not going through them like they thought. So, I was offered one of them at cost if I wanted it. They are 12-18 old. WWYD?
  18. J

    BLVD outgrown RF at 3.4 years

    I knew dd#4 was having a growth spurt, as she has been eating and sleeping like crazy the last few weeks, but I didn't realize how much:eek: I have the BLVD RF in our truck (2009 Chevy 3500 crew), and she has been close to 1", but not over it for a while. I had not taken the truck anywhere for...
  19. J

    Question About to outgrow Regent, is the Frontier 85 taller in real life use?

    my DD#3 (just turned 6 and about 65 lbs) is almost even with the top slots in the regent when it is installed (post advisory, so with recline bar, in the 3rd row of a 80 suburban). I would prefer to keep her harnessed if possible. She is still a frequent car sleeper, plus I will be going to a...
  20. J

    Baby Jogger City Select

    Anybody have or played with a Baby Jogger City Select? I am feeling like crap today and was browsing around on Albee and saw this one, and I really like the looks and sound of it. We will need a new stroller for this baby, but I am so not into the whole stroller thing much, LOL. I have...

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