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    Summer camp exempt from using boosters!?!?

    So my kids have been going to the same summer day camp for several years now. DS1 started when he was 7 and I always provided him with a booster to take when they went on their daily field trips in their vans (8 or 10? seater vans with lap shoulder belts). He always used it even though he was...
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    Which booster for carpooling 5 year old?

    DS2 is 5 years old (bday in May), 44lbs, and 44" tall. He rides harnessed full time in a FR90 and FR85 in my and DH's cars. He'll be starting kindergarten next week and we'll be carpooling with one other family. I'll be driving one time a day and the other mom will be driving the other time...
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    What to bring on international flight to Greece?

    We're going to Greece for 3 weeks for BIL's wedding at the end of June. To get there we'll be taking a 12 hour flight, then 2 hour layover, then another 2 hour flight, then a 2 hour boat ride the next day! Same on the way back and we'll be renting a car throughout our trip. We'll also be...
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    Horrible head slump with FR90?

    I've owned both the FR80 and FR85 and NEVER once had head slump with DS1 or DS2. Now I have a FR90 and every time DS2 (4.5 yrs old) falls asleep he has horrible head slump. We've had the red/black model in all three seats but the fabric on the FR90 seems more slippery and DS2's head slips down...
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    Are all the Regent seats expired now?

    My Regent just expired last week. I was wondering if I should just destroy the whole thing or save the cover and try and sell it? If they're all expired though then there's no use in saving the cover.
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    Have the FR90 issues been resolved yet?

    I have a friend who is asking about getting either a FR85, FR90, or the Pinnacle (P90?) for her just turned 4 year old and I was wondering if all the issues with the loose bar sticking out and the rattling headrest have been fixed yet? She is passing his Advocate down to her 1 yr old DD and...
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    Time to turn DS2 forward-facing

    So happy that we made it to 4 years old! DS2 turned 4 last month and is currently 38lbs full dressed and 41.5" tall. He outgrew his TFP by weight rf'ing last year and then we switched to the MR65 which has been great. I will be passing DS1's FR85 down to him within the next week and may sell...
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    Best article about switching from harness to booster?

    I have a friend with a 3 1/2 year old DD who is asking about when to move her out of her BV to a booster. What's the best, most current article on the topic? And by booster I don't know if she was talking about a combo seat or a real dedicated booster. I just explained to her the difference in...
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    Can you buy a new harness for the KF30?

    So I had let a friend of mine borrow my KF30 since I didn't need it and she gave it back after her DS had outgrown it (before a year old). Now I didn't think an infant seat could get all that dirty because I never let my less than 1 year old eat in it, but apparently she did with her DS. The...
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    Should I let DS1 ride without booster for field trip? (Pics included)

    DS1 is 9 1/2 years old, 55" tall, and 74lbs. He normally rides in a FR85 booster in my car, a highback Monterey in our carpool's car, and a backless booster in DH's car (which he rarely rides in). On Friday, his class is going on a field trip and he really doesn't want to bring a booster. Up...
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    Regent or TFP as secondary seat?

    So DS2 is 3 years old, 34lbs, and 39" tall. He's rf'ing in my car in a MR65 99% of the time but DH got a new car (Mazda 3) and I want a seat in there for him too. I currenty have a ff'ing TFP in there, but I recently got my Regent back from my friend who was borrowing it for her DD. DS2 saw it...
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    Best website describing 5-Step Test?

    So school is starting next week and the mom of my carpool boy has asked if he can ride in my car with no booster at all. CA law is 8 years old, which he is, BUT the problem is he's the size of a 5 year old! :eek: I'd say he's about 45" tall and 45lbs max. I have a Mazda5 and last year I made him...
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    Help! How do I remove the MR65 cover???

    DS2 had a pee pee accident in the seat tonight and I'm trying to get the cover off to wash it but I can't figure out how to detach it from the bottom part of the seat-- near the harness adjuster strap the seat cover is threaded through 2 plastic strips that I can't remove. How do I get the cover...
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    Is my RA50 unusable now?

    Is my RA50 unusable now? UPDATE in #30 So I posted not too long ago about letting my friend borrow my RA50 and how she washed the harness in the washing machine and then her daughters ripped up the eps foam (she offered to order new parts). Well I...
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    Friend washed my RA50 harness in the washing machine!

    So I let my friend borrow my RA50 since I wasn't using it and I went to get it back from her today and she had washed the cover and the entire harness and buckles in the washing machine (and then the dryer)! Do I have to get a new harness now? Does washing it in the washing machine make it...
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    Which HBB works in 3rd row of Mazda5?

    I know the Monterey and the FR85 do, but the Cosco Pronto I just got for our carpool boy does not work at all. The seatbelt geometry is all wrong and the way the seatbelt and the belt guides are positioned on the booster makes the seatbelt have to come in at an angle and it doesn't move freely...
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    Should I buy my carpool boy a highback booster?

    So I started carpooling with one of DS1's friends starting in January. He just turned 8, but is about the size of a 5 year old. I'd guess he's about 43" and 40lbs, since he's not much taller than my tall 33 month old! Before January, he wasn't sitting in a seat at all since the CA law was only 6...
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    No carseats on rear-facing Volvo station wagon bench seat right?

    My friend just told me that she's getting a used 2001 Volvo station wagon next week. She only has 2 kids, but she said she's happy because it seats 7 which means she can drive other kids around. I did a quick check on and it says the seat was "designed to carry children who weigh 50 to...
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    Please keep my friend in your thoughts and prayers (tragic child loss mentioned)

    My best friend's college roommate, who I knew as well since we had classes together, just lost her one and only daughter in a horrible horrible accident 3 weeks ago. The story has deeply affected me and the pain her mother is going through is something that I could never imagine. I can't imagine...
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    Does the Advocate fit on an airplane?

    My friend just asked me this. It's FAA approved and I know a Marathon fits, but the Advocate has those big side cushions. She said it's 21.5" wide according to the Britax website. Her DS will be 17 months old when she flies cross-country with him in 2 weeks. Should I just tell her to buy a...

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