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    is this safe to use? My 6 year old has a hard time buckling herself and it looks like this may help.
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    No back booster with LATCH

    Is the grace affix my only choice?
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    Restraints for travel (5 & 8 year olds)

    We are going to Vancouver next summer for a cruise and will stay for about a week afterwards to see some of the local flights. I'm thinking my 8 year old (will be 8y3m at time of travel) can just use a bubble bum? What about the 5 year old (will be 5y2m at time of travel)? Is the ride safer a...
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    Fit criteria for NBB?

    We are starting to run into carpool w/my Girl Scout troop. The girls are all in 1st grade (just starting to turn 7). My dd rides in a nautilus (harnessed), kiddy cruiser fix, turbo booster (in grandmas car). She is a great listener and well behaved and I still find myself having to remind her...
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    seat weight limits

    It's been a while since I had a kid near the limits. I have a marathon classic (original?) that has a 35# RF limit. Is this with the child fully clothed/shoed? DD2 is about 30-31 naked and 33-34ish with clothes/shoes on so I'm wondering how much wiggle room we have. Also--can someone tell me...
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    2006 Marathon at albeebaby?

    Is anyone else seeing these ads? They showed up as a 'suggested page' for me on ebay and now they are at the top of the page here. I tried adding it to my cart and it actually went in there. Is this some sort of glitch on the albee website or are they actually still selling these? We just...
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    Fit check in HBB

    DDs marathon is expiring in a week so we switched her over to the Kiddy Cruiserfix pro. She's 6y4m and about 46-47" The seatbelt ends up right next to her neck. I've tried adjusting the headrest a tad up/down, but it doesn't change the position. What else can I do?
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    MA70 help

    BFF recently moved her kid from Graco infant seat into a MA70. Baby is almost 5 mos (on July 1) and is about 16# Lowest harness slots are still above shoulders--can this be right? She is in TX and I'm in CA, so I can't be there to check it out. I got this pic today and noticed it:
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    Kiddy CruiserFix or Frontier90?

    We have a Marathon expiring in August. DD1 will be 6y4m then and current stats: 46" 48# she's pretty average all around, probably a bit more legs than torso. She has been riding in a Marathon for a while and does not complain about the 5pt harness and actually likes the recline on it. (DH car...
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    car seats in a Limo?

    We won a limo ride/private tour of recycling facility from a silent auction. My girls are 3 & 6. Can I install their seats? ETA: I know seats can only install on the back bench, but do these always have seatbelts?
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    If you love your Britax Marathon Original (classic)...what other seat do you like?

    I have owned 5 of these seats and LOVE them. Love the plush, yet easy to wash covers. Easy install, USA made, latch connectors, etc. BFF has a 4 month old who HATES her Graco Snugride. During a recent visit, she purchased a Graco MyRide for her parents and baby liked it much better. BFF...
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    My ride 65 in ford explorer

    BFF and I are flying in Monday night, her parents will have the my ride 65 with them. It will be late and we will have her 3.5m with us so I need to be able to get this seat in quick for them. We are hoping to get it In center position, second row. Anything I should know? And can I get the...
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    does a 3month old 13# kid fit in a marathon original?

    I can't remember how old DDs were when we switched, but my kids were on the bigger side. BFF is flying into town and I have a RF marathon on the lowest slots in my car--if her kid can fit this seat, I can give her a ride home.
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    graco my ride 65?

    is this a fairly easy to install seat? It's on sale at amazon right now, and BFF needs a seat to keep at her moms. will be used seldomly--probably a few times a year. Baby is currently 3m ETA: it is on sale now at amazon for $102 inc tax. Is that a good deal? ETA2: just want to double check...
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    Car seat as checked baggage in original box

    Is this a huge no-no if it is in factory box with original padding? BFF is traveling with her 3 month old but not buying a seat. There is an option to buy a seat for the destination (her moms house) but she will be travelling again in a month to Boston and will need a seat there (again, not...
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    marathon v. roundabout classic

    how much shorter is the roundabout shell compared to the marathon (classic)? I posted a few weeks back about the marathon classic that I discovered at Target. Ordered mine and it had a very recent DOM and was very happy with my purchase (it was for MIL car). My friend also needed a seat and I...
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    when did Britax stop manufacturing the marathon classic? **got my seat!

    wondering what DOM this one will be: 4/17 update: the seat came today--Dom= march 26, 2013, 3 weeks ago! I do have a question though, this one came with a removable pad--is this just for small babies?
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    need a seat, quick!

    We just decided that MIL will take the girls once a week, so I need a seat for YDD quick. She's about to be 3, and still RF (ride in a Marathon in our cars). Our current marathons have 35# RF limits, so I will likely turn her FF at the same time in all cars. She drives a Lexus sedan, maybe...
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    best seat for grandma's

    BFF will be travelling to visit her mom and wants to have a seat at the destination instead of bringing her seat (yes, I know air travel is safer w/baby in the seat, and we've already gone over this, but she doesn't want to spring for a seat for a 3.5 mo old that may or may not use it). SO..she...
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    Okay to use LATCH for natulius in HBB?

    Just double checking as I don't see it specifically mentioned in the manual

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