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  1. Mom2three

    My kid peed in his Radian

    My XH brought my kids back to me with 4 days worth of dirty clothes and a pee soaked Radian. Lovely. So, I've got the cover off and washed the cover, wiped straps down with water and a few drops of baby soap, and cleaned the shell. What do I do with the memory foam? It stinks. Also, I would...
  2. Mom2three

    ISO Vivo cover

    I need to buy a spare Vivo cover to replace my Cobalt cover for a picky relative that I passed the seat to. :rolleyes: I can trade the cobalt, or have PP. Let me know if you have a cover laying around.
  3. Mom2three

    L BumGenius AIOs, L Bottombumpers, OS BG Elementals, M & OS covers, and PFs

    Cross posted on diaperswappers. We aren't using these anymore and they need to go...I am on a rampage to reorganize. If you don't like my prices make me an offer. Smoke free, dog friendly home. I ship within 2 days (work FT and depending on time of day pmt comes in can't always do same day...
  4. Mom2three

    Can I brace RF RN in a Pontiac G6?

    Title says it all. I cannot find manual for this vehicle and don't have time to search online. I need to install seats in it within the next half hour. TIA.
  5. Mom2three

    DD is temporarily RF again

    This weekend I had a friends son who is bigger than DD. So I had him in her XTSL and had her RF in DSs 80SL, then put him in the CCO. DD sat RF and thought is was great. She could see her friend, DS couldn't kick her, and she said she was more comfy. I think I am going to leave her like this for...
  6. Mom2three

    Does Anyone Have Pics of Cybex X-Fit in Grenadine

    I would love to see what the cover looks like IRL. Thanks!
  7. Mom2three

    In Search Of 80SL cover in Shadow

    I am going to buy 2 80SLs, but only have Sport and Metro as a cover choice. I really want Shadow. If you have one to sell or trade let me know. If you want to trade, let me know what cover you would prefer of the 2. If you are just selling, let me know your price. Thanks!
  8. Mom2three

    Online Price Matching

    Is it that will do this?
  9. Mom2three

    Narrow seats (both combo and FF only)

    I tried to search and wasn't able to find the info I am looking for. So, I am wanting to know what seats, besides the RNs, are considered narrow. I know the CA, and Maestro are pretty narrow, although I have never seen either IRL. What else is there?
  10. Mom2three

    X-Fit...even though DD won't be using a booster for a while

    If I think I might want one, should I get it now? DD turned 4 in January, weighs around 30lbs, and still fits in ALL of our harnessed seats. But within the next year if she starts using a booster will I want one of these? If so, is it worth it to buy now JIC? Right not we have a Literider and an...
  11. Mom2three

    Free Return Shipping???

    I need to buy 2 seats online and want to have the option to return them if needed. Which sites have free return shipping? These seats are being replaced by insurance, but I am looking at seats we have never tried before so I don't know if they will work. Thanks!
  12. Mom2three

    I need to replace 2 seats WWYD?

    My mom was in an accident last week and had my Prosport and MR installed. From what she said today insurance said to buy the seats and they will reimburse. I don't really need to replace them since I have plenty of other seats for my kids...but you know, why not. Plus, it's not like they are...
  13. Mom2three

    Possibly looking for a new (to me) car...HELP

    I currently have a 2006 Trailblazer with 3rd row. It is way bigger than what I need now with just my 2 kids and I. I have been kind of looking around to see what is available. I want something safe and fuel efficient. I am going to town to have a look tonight and these are a few of the options...
  14. Mom2three

    Advice on when to let DS FF in dad's car

    Now that we are in the process of getting divorced, the last time he had the kids all he did was complain, complian, complain about DS RF. DS is almost 27 months, approx 25lbs, and has plenty of time to RF still. I turned DD at 4 yrs old, and plan on doing the same with him. But my husband is...
  15. Mom2three

    Connecting seats to luggage cart for travel

    I have a luggage cart and an XTSL and a Coccoro. I have them both on the luggage cart with the Coccoro facing out and capable of having one of my kids sit in it. But I had to attach them with LATCH and the top tether. Has anyone not used bungees and done this? How hard is it to undo for going...
  16. Mom2three

    Question help me find cheap disposable diapers

    I am flying cross country with the kids soon and need to use disposables. I've tried searching past threads for Tue amazon diaper deals but I'm not having any luck from my phone. I have amazon prime. Can anyone point the right direction?
  17. Mom2three

    In Search Of Girls 4T or 4 swimwear...suits, rashguards, coverups

    Title says it all. DD lives in swimwear outside all summer and we need some more in size 4. I bought a really nice full coverage zip up suit from Techno last year. It had short sleeves and was shorts length. But she used it so much that it is really thin now. I would love to find something like...
  18. Mom2three

    Stupid's loosening in my car too.

    I checked DSs seat before I put him in it at daycare tonight and it was way loose. I'm so pissed. Now I need to search old threads for all of the info and recommended steps to take. Gah. How frustrating.
  19. Mom2three

    TRADE my Hannah ProSport cover for your Midnight?

    I ordered the Hannah ProSport from Amazon yesterday, but I really want a midnight cover. If anyone wants to trade for Hannah LMK. Or if you have a midnight cover for sale I can just buy it.
  20. Mom2three

    Flying alone with 2 kids

    In July I am flying across the country with my 2 littles. We have flown before, but I have never gone alone with both of them. I was thinking of taking our XTSL for DD and CCO for DS. I have a little luggage cart to bungee them onto, and we will bring 1 carry on with everything for the day. Are...

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