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  1. Aurezalia

    Graco Milestone - bazal

    I'm moving at the end of this week, and won't be nannying anymore (and will be selling my car), so clearly I don't need this anymore! "Bazal" (green) Milestone, the Target-exclusive color. Bought new by me about 8 months ago? Obviously never crashed, checked, etc. DOM is 5/25/2015. Has all...
  2. Aurezalia

    Limited edition Emeibaby blue Koi

    I have a much beloved, but barely used limited edition Emeibaby full conversion blue Koi. (The two year old has refused to be worn for months, and I'm clearing out built-up baby gear.) This was bought new direct from Emeibaby, and only worn a few times here. Beginning of broken in, SUPER comfy...
  3. Aurezalia

    Peg 70 - Crystal Red

    **SOLD** It's time. :sobbing: Beautiful, overly babied Peg70 in Crystal Red. Adore it, but I need the $$$. Comes with all parts - infant insert, manual, d-ring, etc. Has just one slight flaw - came to me that way. Looks like it may have been jabbed in shipping? It's on the upper right of...
  4. Aurezalia

    I should probably sell, right?

    So I mentioned I lost my job a week ago. :( Haven't found a new one yet, but hopefully soon! Anyway, in the interim... Money is helpful. ;) As far as seats go I currently have an Evenflo Sureride, Truefit Premier, Britax Two Way Elite, and a Peg 70 (as well as a HBTB). I have too many seats...
  5. Aurezalia

    Convertible stroller??

    Okay... I need stroller help. Hit me with your best ideas! Here's the situation: 3 kids - 4, 2, and 1. 4yo doesn't ride in the stroller anymore, but 2yo definitely still needs contained, as well as the 1yo obviously. 4 and 2yo have preschool 3x a week, during which I only have the baby. While I...
  6. Aurezalia

    Nuna Pipa Scarlet

    Decided to list, because rent is due in a few days. :o (Hoping for a quick sale!) So, without further ado, Nuna Pipa in the "Scarlet" color. Comes with all original parts (seat, base, newborn insert, manual and LATCH guides) in the original box. It's been used twice, maybe, and is in perfect...
  7. Aurezalia

    Cloth diapers - AIOs, AI2s, and tons of cheap wool!

    I've got to stop hoarding this stuff, I'm not going to be using it any time soon. :o So here's a giant sell-off! AIOs & AI2s: Softbums Omni, Ice giraffes. EUC. $15ppd SOLD Ragababe AIO, L, Nebula print. A little pilly but otherwise GUC - SOLD Geurilla Fluff, black w/multicolor snaps...
  8. Aurezalia

    FS *local & semi-local only* Mountain Buggy Duet Stroller

    I'm selling my beloved Mountain Buggy Duet double stroller :crying: I don't need the stroller and I need the money, so. :shrug-shoulders: :( Comes with the bumper bar and water bottle holder, in basically like-new condition, maybe a few scuffs but I'll really have to look it over. I CANNOT SHIP...
  9. Aurezalia

    In Search Of ISO TWE cover

    Probably a long shot, but I'll give it a try. I have a TWE currently lounging in a plain 'ol black cover and I want something more fun... but it looks like Britax is only making black or Chili Pepper right now, which I'm not a fan of. I would like to get ahold of something more fun - Leon...
  10. Aurezalia

    Sleepypod Clickit Utility - dog harness

    I know I wasn't the only one shocked and alarmed when this study came out, especially since as a community we have been recommending the Petbuckle and Bergan harnesses for quite awhile. I have a ~60 pound Labrador, who has for the most part ridden in a crate tied in the cargo area of my Mazda5...
  11. Aurezalia

    Radian accessories

    I have no radians left :eek: but I somehow still have a bunch of radian accessories leftover, so free for shipping I have: THREE radian backpack straps Extra crotch buckle (not sure what length... nothing to compare it to, but the webbing is 5", the whole buckle is 7") 1 safestop Just cover...
  12. Aurezalia

    What's the easiest set up here?

    I'm going to have an extra baby for a day this week, so I'm trying to figure out what's the easiest set-up for loading/unloading. I currently have an almost 8 year old 3rd row in a HBTB, 4 1/2 yo FF in a RN XTSL driver side, and a 1yo RF in a Peg70 passenger side in my 2010 Mazda5. On Wednesday...
  13. Aurezalia

    Class help?

    So I'm taking a public speaking class this semester, and we've hit the point in the year that our "research projects" are starting - a series on speeches focusing on the same topic. We had one little news speech that introduced our topics; I am of course focusing on car seats. :p So this first...
  14. Aurezalia

    Massive cloth diaper destash

    Starting with newborn sizes & fitteds - Newborns & covers in post 1, fitteds in post 2, AIO's and AI2's in post 4! Newborn: Grovia AIO Newborn diapers, SOLD Kissa's sz 0 fitteds, never used, perfectly soft and squishy. SOLD Random other newborn fitteds: Owls - Piper's Closet organic bamboo...
  15. Aurezalia

    Chicco Keyfit30 covers - Miro & Extreme

    Two KF30 covers FSO! Miro: $30ppd $20ppd! Comes with cover, canopy, bottom half of infant insert :o (Let my friend borrow it and the top part disappeared!) and strap covers. Extreme SOLD
  16. Aurezalia

    Frontier90 & Combi Kobuk FS, ISO XTSL Flora cover

    What the title says! :) Two things for sale - Combi Kobuk Air-thru booster, $40ppd. Brand new and only tried once, doesn't work with my third row seat belts. Britax Frontier90 in Zebra - Bought new by me a few months ago and used only 1-2x a week for the past few months. DOM 8/13, in perfect...
  17. Aurezalia

    For Sale or Trade Lifeproof iphone 4/4s case

    I just upgraded to a 5s so sadly I can't use this baby anymore. It's a Lifeproof case for the iPhone 4/4s in teal. Only bought in January so it's still in good shape. I have the headphone adapter and screw-in plug thing for the top (at least one, I may have both still if I check). It has a few...
  18. Aurezalia

    Help me overthink the seat situation... again

    Here's the deets: I'm nannying again (yay!). K - 7yo, A - 4yo in Nov, and B - 7mos. I also have a new niece C (1mo yesterday!). Right now I have K in a HBTB, A ff'ing in a RN XTSL, and B rf'ing in a RN65 borrowed from P1Ally. I've been trying to decide what convertible to get - needs to have a...
  19. Aurezalia

    Looking for a seat that might not exist...

    :happy-wavehello: I haven't really been around much with everything I've had going on (my grandmother passed away in June, I moved cities and now my niece was just born on Saturday night :love:) so I'm pretty out of date on new seats. So... I need a convertible. I have one seat right now (Radian...
  20. Aurezalia

    Handknit 6m sweater & hat

    6 month hand-knit sweater - "Caelum" by Julie Kielczewski - and matching cabled hat. 100% cotton, nice and soft! The photos I got aren't great and I have no models any more :p so here's the stock photo of the sweater to give you an idea of what it looks like on a child: Here are the ones...

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