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  1. barnmama25

    Need advice for almost 5 y/o, Harnessed seat or Booster??

    Hi everybody! I haven't been around much and am completely lost with all the new seats that have come out. My daughter will be turning 5 in July and she is getting too big for her Britax Decathlon. Right now she is around 45ish pounds and has about 1/2 to 3/4 inch before she reaches the limits...
  2. barnmama25

    We went to USA Baby (pic heavy)

    The kids and I headed to USA Baby today to play with car seats and strollers (not sure if I can post stroller pics here?). I took lots of pictures for you guys to oogle over (sorry nothing installed in the car). First the Chicco Keyfit Strada: Highest setting (I think this was the narrowest...
  3. barnmama25

    Is it just me....

    Or are these car seats different??? Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 Peg Perego travel systems Si & Pliko Switch To me it looks like the car seats in the travel systems do not have the SIP wings that the car seat alone has? I didn't know they were making a different car seat. Is this so the...
  4. barnmama25

    Anyone have the Chicco Keyfit Strada yet?

    Has this been posted here yet? I did a search and came up with no results showing anybody with one. Sorry if this has already been posted, maybe I did the search wrong. If this has been posted can you direct me to the thread? And if not who has one? How is it? Do you have any pictures?
  5. barnmama25

    Butterfly TrueFit??

    When did this come out? Are there any other new covers hiding out there I don't know about? Hmm.... I just read farther down on the description. "Car seat is rear facing, for infants up to 35 lbs.; forward facing for infants over 35 lbs." If only The First Years company was that pro-active...
  6. barnmama25

    Radian or Frontier?

    I am torn between the two for Evelynn. She is three and a half, thirty-five-ish pounds (sorry no scale, I need to pick one up if I wanna keep up with losing weight!) And has a 13 and a half inch tourso. She is currently forward facing in a Recaro Como, backseat drivers side of a '05 Grand Prix...
  7. barnmama25

    New seats @ Target

    My local Target was clearing shelves yesterday for their new season of baby gear. So far they had a Graco MyRide in Bartlett, ETA in a dark brown cover with blueish stripes in a nylony fabric, a brown Nautilus, a couple Comfortsports, a blueish Titan, some rear adjust infant seat(s). Sorry I...
  8. barnmama25

    The Mia Moda Viva Supreme arrived in time for the shower!!

    So we did go ahead and get the Viva for my sister. I tried it out in my car and took some install pictures (sorry nothing with baby as he isn't born yet) Here it is installed in a 2005 Grand Prix GT. Latch install, super easy rock solid install in less than a minute Three across worked with...
  9. barnmama25

    Mia Moda Viva Supreme Infant seat, Pro's and con's??

    I have never seen one of these seats in person before. I am going in on an infant seat for my sister's baby shower and I need all the info I can get from somebody who has used this brand before. I was originally going to get her the Keyfit30 (I had the KF for my DD and loved it) but money is...
  10. barnmama25

    Valco Runabout Tri Mode

    Does anybody have one here? I am on the verge of ordering one but am unsure if there is a difference in the Purple one vs. something like the Pistachio green one. Also I found a 2009 on sale, has there been any changes? Also do you run with yours? I haven't ran in years so I don't think I will...
  11. barnmama25

    Whoa back up!!

    Is the BabyTrend infant seat now being rated up to 30 pounds??? BRU says yes!! (sorry if this is old news, looking for infant seats for my sister and stumbled upon this)
  12. barnmama25

    Looking forJane Indy Booster?

    Does it still exist? I thought I saw a thread awhile back about this but couldnt find it. Does anybody know if this is still available?
  13. barnmama25

    Recaro seats

    Is the Recaro Young Sport for sure upping the weight limit on the harness? I love my Recaro Como and loved the YS at USA Baby, but I would want it for ds and he is over 40pounds at 3 1/2. I just dont think I can get a tight install with the Regent using the seat belt and SBP. Does anybody know...
  14. barnmama25

    Are these recommended? Title says it all, I personally think they wouldn't be recommended. Anybody know for sure?
  15. barnmama25

    Regent in Grand Prix, install tips needed!!

    I just received my Regent today and I installed it in my '05 GPGT. My son is over 40lbs so therefore I tried installing it with the seat belt with the short belt path. I am having the worst time getting it in there tight! It seams so loose when I pull all the slack i can get out of the belt. Is...
  16. barnmama25

    15% off at One Step Ahead

    Coupon code BABY15P for 15% off and SHPFREBS for free shipping. Good till the end of the month. Makes the Radion 80 only $212!!!
  17. barnmama25

    Amazon Regents DOM?

    Does anybody know how recent the DOM's are on the Regents? (also not sure if this is in the right area?)
  18. barnmama25

    Question Britax Regent

    Is this seat being discontinued? I have the GN right now for ds (3 1/2, 41lbs, 15-16 inch tourso?) and I hate it and He hates it! My back seat of my Grand PrixGT does not offer a lot of leg room with the way the front seat reclines back to sit comfortably in the front. He has such a hard time...

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