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  1. joolsplus3

    Car-Seat.Org 20th Anniversary Guestbook and Chat Thread

    Hi! I miss this place and all the fun we used to have. Can’t wait to chat with everyone on Friday!
  2. joolsplus3

    Wowzers, Target gear section.

    I went to see an E2F and there was an Orbit, a Phil & Ted's, a Combi, a Radian... made my BRU with the Fllo look positively low-end in comparison. I haven't been to my other local Targets lately, is this everywhere? (it was 'at only, so they were just showrooming the seats in store...
  3. joolsplus3

    Booster vs Harness... inaccurate dummies and rare injuries " When neck loads have been measured in child dummies seated in restraint systems, they often reach alarming levels relative to estimates of neck injury thresholds based on scaling adult values (Park...
  4. joolsplus3

    Evenflo SafeMax Um... Symphony meets Dumbo? That headrest is just crazy! It's not a bad seat, really, I love the integrated shoulder pads on the harness (finally! Those things have been irritating...
  5. joolsplus3

    KidFit ZipAir with incredible leg support They don't show the seat in use on the box, I'm like, what is this huge extra leg extension-looking thing? A huge...
  6. joolsplus3

    Great article on convertibles offering more head protection "While 53 percent of infant seats demonstrated head contact with the simulated front seatback, 96 percent of rear-facing convertibles prevented it." It's nice to see Consumer...
  7. joolsplus3

    Evenflo LiteMax 35 infant seat at BRU I LOVE the base. At least, I love the features of the base when I see the seat on the shelf. I haven't tried to install it yet. It has a super easy-looking-to-use belt lockoff...
  8. joolsplus3

    ISO cheap, clean Boy/GN Mico cover

    I have a pink one, but the mom to be doesn't know yet, so I thought I'd see if anyone has a not-pink cover, just in case. Oh, I'll update with the DOM I have and poundage, honestly I'm not sure, I bought it for dolls and never read the manual or labels :o
  9. joolsplus3

    Free Babies R Us Trade In Swaps (List/Search)

    The Great Trade UP is happening this month. Feel free to list any free carseats or travel systems you have sitting around that someone else might want to use for the coupon. Also, post if you need a free carseat or travel system for the coupon. Just list your general location and item, but...
  10. joolsplus3

    $79 MyRides on (8/31)
  11. joolsplus3

    Checking interest: FFS Recaro Start 2003 (Vintage collector's item)

    Not for actual use, but anyone need one for a collection?
  12. joolsplus3

    Mighty Tite Discontinued? : Diono Mighty Tite Car Seat Tightner, Grey (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : Child Safety Car Seat Accessories : Baby (It's not here, unless I'm not seeing it) Illegal...
  13. joolsplus3

    Yet another Graco/BRU fail (rear adjust Snugride on Verb) Seriously, I can't believe I didn't notice this. A grandma came to shop for a travel system and I recommended our ugly red one in store because of the price. We've never, ever had a...
  14. joolsplus3

    So upset about horrific advice from discharge nurses

    I have this mom at my BRU, with an almost 4 yo and newbie preemie twins (with a heartstring-tugging story about surgeries in the womb at 21 weeks, oh, these babies are *miracles*). She needs three across in an Equinox, so I recommend a Maestro, and go out with her to give it a shot. The bases...
  15. joolsplus3

    ERF eye opener (but no pictures)

    Just measured my dd2 and daycare boy, and she's almost 57 inches (no wonder she's almost 5 stepping!) and he's not yet 49"...he's 7. If he were a couple pounds less he'd fit in the S1EX (is that what we call it? Fred, if you read the other thread), the Safety 1st seat with the 50lb limit and...
  16. joolsplus3

    Backless Frontier?

    Why do people keep (ok, like, 2, but still!) thinking the FR becomes a backless booster? A mom with a petite 4 or 5 year old was shopping for a second seat for g'mas car the other day and went so far as to try to pull up evidence for her belief on her phone. I distracted her by agreeing with...
  17. joolsplus3

    Vent Graco Snugride MEGA FAIL

    Nope nope nope, I do NOT approve. I also don't have pictures... :o Anyway, the new SR 30 at BRU has this base with a removable foot for recline. You take it off (or in my case, it FALLS OFF as you pull it out of the box :mad::eek:) and flip it for '2, some recline' or '3, more recline'...
  18. joolsplus3

    Headwise $109 at (3/26)
  19. joolsplus3

    Secure Kid LX at BRU, hook-style LATCH Connectors :(

    They don't even have it on the webpage yet, but I had to put out our new SK LX today, and it doesn't even have push-on connectors (or padding, to speak of). It's 129.99 instead of our old padded, sureLATCH model DLX for $159. I'm so bummed, I hope we get the Evolve sooner rather than later...
  20. joolsplus3

    Jammed Click Tight. Seat wouldn't open

    I went to show a dad how TOTALLY SIMPLE the Click Tight Marathon was today, and the mechanism was half turned, and it wouldn't go up or down. Just totally jammed up. I managed to somehow turn the click tight circle-thing a little more one way and get the CT to open one time, then clicked it...

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