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  1. skaterbabs

    Car-Seat.Org 20th Anniversary Guestbook and Chat Thread

    in my "on this day" on FB today it's my "charging the devices, LS is tomorrow" post lol
  2. skaterbabs

    Car-Seat.Org 20th Anniversary Guestbook and Chat Thread

    Oh, gracious! It's been a hot minute! My granddaughter is now the same age my 2nd kid was when I found you guys! DC#1 is turning 25 in July, #2 is turning 23 in 2 weeks, and the screaming ball of #3 is a senior in high school with almost a full ride to #1 choice college!
  3. skaterbabs

    '02 Toyota Highlander - infant & convertible seats that fit well?

    B&SIL just bought a new car and I told them I'd find out what will fit best in it. They're getting ready to replace their Keyfit that was crashed a few years ago. Charliebug is 15 weeks and about 14 lbs., they're above average in their use, but ease of use is a definite factor they'll need.
  4. skaterbabs

    For Sale 2 pair child's figure skates, dresses

    1 pair: Reidell size 1. Good condition, best for lightweight skater below Freestyle 1. Standard Wilson blade. $40 1 pair: GAM size 1 1/2, Legacy Blade. Good condition, good for lightweight skater, will support through single jumps. These are actually slightly smaller than the Reidells, Joy wore...
  5. skaterbabs

    For Sale Ashley Floral MA cover

    Faded, in fair condition. Make an offer. HUGS, Shoulder and belly pads included.
  6. skaterbabs

    For Sale Pink Sky Frontier cover

    $40 ppd Good used condition, no rips or stains. The mesh appears to be in good condition.
  7. skaterbabs

    For Sale or Trade Homeschool curriculum: CLE math 100 teachers guides

    101-105 & 106-110 available. (106-110 in a couple of weeks, almost finished with them.) Shelf worn, there shouldn't be any marks in them. Retail $7, asking $5. Will trade for CLE 200 Teacher guides.
  8. skaterbabs

    '96 Dodge Shadow & Cosco combo seats

    anyone have any suggestions? It seems the belt may be loosening, but I don't know WHICH Cosco combos they are and the seats are tipping sideways. My sis just called because she can't figure out the problem, so I may need to go over and see what I can do, but it's a 40 minute drive so if anyone...
  9. skaterbabs

    For Sale Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading

    Paperback, minor shelf wear but no marks and the spine is not broken or even cracked. Retails for $29.99 I bought this at the Well Trained Mind conference in May. $20 parcel post shipping included
  10. skaterbabs

    Talk to me about BACKLESS boosters

    We've replace the 3rd row bench in the Suburban with one that has head support (YAY!!) so now I need to find backless boosters for the boys until they get a more adult skeletal structure. CJ is probably close at 5 ft 2-ish and a 100+ lbs, but Gregory still has a ways.
  11. skaterbabs

    '04 GMC Envoy

    Locking latchplates or switchable retractors? I have an appt this evening and need to know if I should grab an extra locking clip since the family has a SnugRide.
  12. skaterbabs

    In Search Of 86-Y or EZ vest

    actually, I need two. LMK if anyone has one please!:thumbsup:
  13. skaterbabs

    input please - '98 Mercury Villager

    We have the opportunity to get this for a VERY good price, but I was just wondering if anyone here has/had one. I explored the interior a bit and was pleased with what I found, but I haven't have a chance to go over it thoroughly yet.
  14. skaterbabs

    In Search Of Tiffany PW *cover*

    Please and thank you. No hurry, Joy won't be using it for ages, but the naked PW is yelling at me. lol If someone sees a good deal somewhere I'd appreciate it. :)
  15. skaterbabs

    Virginia Law News

    You guys may want to keep up on these: HB1065: Safety belts; makes non-use thereof primary offense. Chief Patron: Del. Kris Amundson (D-44) SB649: Motor vehicle safety belt systems; repeals language that makes nonuse secondary offense. Chief...
  16. skaterbabs

    talk to me about

    the Volvo 850. Mid to late 90's models in particular. The Good, the bad and the ugly. :D
  17. skaterbabs

    Chevy Aveo FYI - LATCH

    The inboard anchors are a real pain in the rear end. The seatbelt buckles come out of the same section of the seat bite and make it very difficult to access the inside lower anchor. The outside anchor (i.e., by the door) is not as difficult, but is buried pretty well in the seat bite. I...
  18. skaterbabs

    How sad!! The article says they don't know if the kids were wearing the available seatbelts. My guess is not, since they were ejected. :(
  19. skaterbabs

    I am so good!

    Take a look!! Graco Turbo Booster, Britax Regent, Britax Marathon across the 2nd row of my '93 Suburban. And there's even plenty of room to buckle the TB!
  20. skaterbabs

    Harness systems

    Which harness systems do NOT require a top tether?

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