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  1. Evolily

    Has anyone tried puzzling a Sureride and Guide?

    I tried searching, but I couldn't find any threads! I was just wondering how well (or not so well) they work together.
  2. Evolily


    So, if you get a seatbelt rewebbed, does it have the same geometry of the previous belt? As in, would it be possible to, say, have it rewebbed and have the belt stalk be shorter? This is a 98 grand am I'm talking about. It's a nightmare for boosters, and unless I can get the seatbelts...
  3. Evolily

    Reputation- 1x per day?

    I've only rep'd one person in 24 hours. As far as I am aware I also haven't thanked anyone. I was going to rep someone and it told me I've given too much reputation in the last 24 hours? Is it limited to once a day?
  4. Evolily

    Ad by chitika?

    Is this new? I'm on my iPad, and I don't think I can hav adware, lol.
  5. Evolily

    Question Help me find this wooden spinning German(?) mobile thing

    Several years ago I bought a wooden toy at a German American kriskindlemart. They've since changed the market (they have it crowded into one little space when it use to take up several blocks) and last time I went I was unable to locate the toy vendor :( Anyway, if I am remembering correctly...
  6. Evolily

    They no longer make the anchor?

    This is what I was just told by the GM service center, that they no longer make the anchors for the 98 grand am. Um...?
  7. Evolily

    "Little Seats" aftermarket rear facing jump seat? Thoughts?
  8. Evolily

    what booster next?

    I moved C (my brother) up to the top booster position on the nautilus. he's only been in a booster for 7 months :rolleyes: . the main reason for the move was that his shoulder was slipping out too easily. anyway, I think he might have another year in it before outgrowing it, possibly longer...
  9. Evolily

    I hate these seatbelts! Booster mode, latchplate

    The locking latchplate is touching the beltpath/belt guides/whatever they're called on the booster mode for the nautili. When I had it installed in harness mode it was a headache and needed twisted 3 full twists to pull it *just barely* out of the beltpath. Other than that the fit is good...
  10. Evolily

    Subaru Hockey Mom Commericial

    I love the comment on safety at the end. YouTube - Hockey Mom (I searched to see if this had been posted and did not see any hits)
  11. Evolily

    The Amazing Shrinking Torso

    C has one. As in, some days it feels like he has 1/2 an inch above his shoulders, other days it feels like he has 2+ inches. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, maybe. If he sleeps, though, he seems to have oddles of growing room. Anyone else notice this with their kids? It just has to...
  12. Evolily

    How do you ignore someone?

    I know there's a tutorial, I just can't find the link :o
  13. Evolily

    Handout at Health Department

    So, I was put in a peds room at my appointment today as they were very full. I spent about 45 minutes waiting, so to pass the time I decided to investigate the handouts for car seat information :whistle: . Anyway, this is in one of the handouts for 2 1/2-3 y/o's :eek: I don't know what to...
  14. Evolily

    Chicago Southern/Western Burbs- where can I find these seats?

    This is more for future reference than something I need to do right now :) . I think I'm going to need to see and try out a few boosters (specifically parkway sg, recaro probooster, sunshine kids monterey, etc) at a B&M store in the area sometime in the relatively near future. There's buy buy...
  15. Evolily

    WWYD Boostering

    WWYD? C is 5 1/2. I don't know how he'll act in a booster. I really have no clue- he's autistic (more aspergers type) and sometimes he surprises me at how well he can do at things and other times he confirms my worse fears. Anyway, A is at the top harness of his GN. It's hot out. I'm on my...
  16. Evolily

    Scamish/Deceptive Ad

    There's an ad for running on the banner (yes, that is a - ). It says "Get Your $250 Grocery Card for Free By Just Entering Your Zip Code..." on the ad. I'm not about to click it, at risk of inheriting whatever malware or whatever may be on the other end. I don't know...
  17. Evolily

    Anyone have/getting the new RSTV?

    I'm just curious :) . I'm thinking about getting two. It would be nice for emergencies, other vehicles, traveling, and 3 across. Right now C & A don't really have an acceptable spare car seat. Right now they only have an "OMG- ZOMBIES invading and eating our brains" type emergency seat...
  18. Evolily

    WARNING- GRAPHIC New Texting While Driving PSA

    Warning- very graphic (I apologize if this has already been posted, I searched but didn't find it) YouTube - Texting While Driving PSA
  19. Evolily

    Dude- school bus had HARNESSES!

    last year they just had C is a lap belt, but today ALL of the kids were harnessed!!! It's a different bus company, which obviously has different rules :) .
  20. Evolily

    Anyone else seen Ponyo (really, this IS CPS related!)

    Possible spoilers in this thread! I saw Ponyo today. At the beginning I was SO HAPPY to see the little boy (5 y/o) in a booster :thumbsup: that positioned the seat belt correctly :D . I remember seeing Totoro, which had the kids riding in a truck bed under a desk and ducking from...

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