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    Booster or Harness?

    DD will be 7 in March... but she's only 37/38 lbs. She's currently in a Radian RXT (so can't booster until 50 lbs right?) Would you keep her in the harness... or switch her to our ProBooster?? I've read the studies... and there's pros and cons to both. DS went into a HBB at 7... .but he was A...
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    How long would you keep in a HBB?

    In a tight 3 across, with a HBB that fits properly, how long would you continued to use a HBB for the safety of head support? Child is 9 1/2 :) Just needing to get a seat for baby and trying to decide! Thanks :)
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    Question crashed XTSL... ffs

    Does anybody need a naked XTSL w/o the harness before I trash it? It was in a minor accident, but ins replaced it. THIS IS A CRASHED SEAT.... so only if a tech needs it for teaching, etc
  4. wyomommyx3

    FR 85.... Wayfair $165
  5. wyomommyx3

    ISO:Radian + covers to sell (XTSL and Frontier)

    ** Still have RF'ing XTSL boot and harness if anybody needs those** Oh... and I have a Pink Sky Frontier cover. Bought it from somebody here, but can't remember for the life of me what I paid. It's snagged and stained on the seat area. She couldn't get it clean and neither can I. SO I'd say...
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    Question SK manual re: replacement

    Does anyone have the Radian XTSL page handy about replacement after an accident? I need to print it for insurance. Thanks!!
  7. wyomommyx3

    Question Rear ended... replacement??

    Got rear ended today. Not a ton of damage but still damage and the Radian was in the car. What's the replacement guidelines? Baby is due soon so being short a carseat isn't an option :/ Thanks
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    Question new Tether strap? Radian XTSL...

    So long story short my SIL thought the best solution to uninstall a RF'ing Radian she thought was stuck was to cut the tether strap. :shakeshead: At what weight is it required and can you get a new one?? Thanks so much!!!! I really appreciate all you advice and help with keeping my kids so...
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    Question Convertible for tall daddy....

    Trying to narrow down options. Got a Radian to fit 3 across in 3rd row (T&C), so that is solved, but still having problems fitting 2 RF'ers in the 2nd row with a hubby that is 6'4. I tried my sister's TF and that fits w/o the headrest...any other options. That seems to be the space I have to...
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    Question how much difference does an inch make re: 3 across?

    Debating trading out my Frontier for a Prosport or a FR85... does an extra inch help a lot on a 3 across with a booster? There will likely be a Radian in there too.
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    Question evenflo chase (?) expiry Quick!!

    Do these expire in 6 years? My SIL brought it over for my nephew and if it's 6 it's been expired for almost 2 years. It won't fit anyways (not sure why she didn't bring the Radian we got her) and it's FF'ing only and I refuse to put a 21 month old (Preemie) FF'ing. Just need some good info...
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    Question FF a 3 1/2 year old??

    Would you be okay with FF'ing a 3 1/2 year old (probably about 30-32 lbs at the time)... Or would you find an arrangement to keep him RF'ing?? Thanks for the input!
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    tallest hbb?

    Title says most of it.DS is @ the top setting of his PB and I don't really want him in a LBB. He's 8 and if I'm buying another swat I would prefer it converts to a lbb. THANKS! !!
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    Booster or Harness @ 6?

    We are expecting #5 in March/April... I was planning on getting a Radian for a 3 across but now I'm questioning myself. DS2 will have to be FFing at that time. He will be 3 1/2... so I could get the Radian and leave DD harnessed in her Frontier. Or I could skip the Radian... put DS in the...
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    Radian 80SL or XTSL

    Debating between the two... worried about the headwings. It will be installed FF'ing in a 3 across in the middle. Would I be better off to get the 80 so that I don't have to worry about the headwings hitting other seats? Or is it generally not a problem? Thanks! Seat will be for a 3 1/2 year...

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