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    Question Lots of kids and seats- how to do it...

    I am running into a delima. I have 2 vehicles I need to configure seats in... but can't seem to figure it out. Vehicle 1- 1997 Chevy Suburban with bench seats in both back rows. Vehicle 2- 1995 G-20 handicap van. Rear bench seats seats 3, and 1 captains chair, as well as tie downs for 1...
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    Wheelchair Van- Sideways

    I am wondering the safety logistics to a wheelchair rider in van riding sideways. The anchor system in the van is set up for the chair to be sideways...
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    Question Installing infant seat- middle Chevy Venture

    I want to put the infant seat (have an Evenflo Embrace 35) in the middle seat of middle row of my 2003 Chevy venture mini van. The seat has a lap belt only that automatically locks as soon as pulled out. Will this be possible?
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    Question Keep seat or return?

    At my baby shower today my mom gave me a Safety 1st All-In-One Convertable car seat. It is really nice looking and says goes from 5 to 50lbs. I know they dont really make good boosters and I beleive I read they have shorter harness height. So my question- should I keep it and if so when is...
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    Question seats loosening- squishy seats- also frontier 90?

    How do I keep car seats from loosening on really squishy seats (such as in conversion van)? They are installed tight and then loosen up when bumped or kid moves around... Also how well would frontier 90 do on sqishy seats?
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    Question Infant Car Seat Recs?

    I have decided to go with an infant car seat this time... So I need to start looking into them. I know I really didn't like the evenflo with z shaped handle with my son. I didn't mind the graco snug ride with my daughter but it was kind of heavy. I didn't like the baby trend with triangle...
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    Question Convertible seat from birth

    I am trying to decide if there is any reason for a bucket seat this time around. I probably won't actually have to purchase a seat if we decide against the bucket, since I have tons... BUT I am trying to see if there are really any benefits for the bucket besides moving the child without...
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    Need an all around seat

    I have many children go through my house- between foster care, daycare, babysitting, ect... I had a Graco smart seat that I absolutely loved because I could use it as an infant seat all the way up to booster. It was really nice because I could leave the base installed and switch it around when...
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    Child stuck in Graco Smart Seat

    :( Moved car seats today because I needed to get van ready to take on Thanksgiving trip. I strapped my daughter into the smart seat while I was moving everything else around in the van. After I got done I went to get her out of the seat and couldn't get the crotch buckle to undo. I tried...
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    Question Need to know best posititons

    I need your opinions. I have a 2003 Chevy venture. Has rear bench seat, middle 3 captains chairs, and 2 front seats. I have to remove 2 of the middle captains chairs in order to put my daughters power wheelchair in the van. I have tie downs for the wheelchair but do not have a seat belt for her...
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    Question Is it destroyed?

    My son decided to yank something off the dog kennel- knocking a Recaro Probooster off. Now the back is laying flat. I can't figure out how to make it stay back up. Is it destroyed?
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    How to talk to someone about bad car seat use

    We started babysitting for a friend (not long time or real close friend) three days a week. I ended up meeting her to pick up the little boy today. He is almost 2 years old. She has him forward facing, straps under his arm pits, so loose he can be pulled right out, very bulky coat on. I...
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    What to do about no headrests?

    My husbands pickup is an 2002 Dodge Ram quad cab. We are going to be traveling with it in a few days, and I just realized that there are no headrests on the back seat. The children that will be riding are: DD 5- Radian (will likely be in front middle). DS 6- Special Tomato rear middle. DD- 14...
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    Special Tomato MPS Car Seat

    I noticed there isn't much information about the Special Tomato MPS car seat on here, so I thought I would try and help out anyone who wants to know about it! We have both a size small with both regular and extended seat and an size large with both small and extended seat! Here is a picture...
  15. TyAndCheyMommy

    FSOT Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL

    7/10 Manufacture date (almost positive, will double check in a bit). Great shape. Used for my daughter who is tube fed, so never been eaten in. Shadow cover I believe. Will put the brand new harness I ordered (daughter was going through a puking stage and wanted to be prepared, but never had...

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