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    Question about seats in accidents.

    So, just got a call that my nanny was in a bad car accident. She will be okay, and all I can say is thank goodness my kids were not in the car. There seats however were. I know the harness seat needs to be replaced, no questions asked. But what about the booster? It is a HB Parkway booster...
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    Flying with 2 kids - another question please!

    It is very likely that I will be flying solo with both kiddos in July from LA to Hawaii. DH will be joining us, and will go through security with us, but will be flying separately as he will need to jump seat (pilot, so if he jump seats, his flight is free). DS1 currently sits in a Frontier...
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    Can someone comment on this device?

    I was on another board, and someone linked to this product, mentioning that a number of her friends with toddlers swear by this to keep their toddlers in their seats. Please correct me if I am wrong, but this does not look safe to me at all.
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    I think the Coccoro may be incompatible with my Passat.

    I spent this morning trying to install the Coccoro in my VW Passat (2007). Latch connectors are right at or a tad forward of the seat bite, seat belt stalk is well forward of the seat bite, and on the opposite side come out at a really weird angle well forward of the RFing belt guide. First I...
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    Coccoro, how's the fit? With pics!

    My new to me Coccoro came, and it is such a great seat! Love this thing already! Snapped a couple of pre-install pics with DS2 in the seat. What do you think, is he okay RFing? Any growing room at all? It is so hard to tell sometimes. Angle of seat is at proper RFing angle in these pics...
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    Will DS2 fit in the Coccoro?

    I thought I had a used Coccoro on the way, but it now looks like it may not get here, so I need to buy a new seat, as I need something ASAP. I really wanted to try out the Coccoro, but now I am not sure he will fit very long, if at all. DS2 is a peanut, at 21mo he is only 23lbs, I am not sure...
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    Do I need to stop using this seat immediately?

    We took DH's car and both kiddos this morning to drop DS1 off at school. When we left to come home DH had me look at DS2's seat. It is a Britax BLVD 65, expires in April 2013. At the front of the seat where you pull the strap to tighten, is a locking mechanism. You pull it up to loosen the...
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    My 6yo and 17mo Sporting Zebra Stripes!

    My 6yo and 17mo Sporting Zebra Stripes! More pics and a question! Just got my new Boulevard 70 in Zebra. I LOVE the fabric. I have not installed it yet, but will get to that soon. But I thought it would be fun to try out the boys in the new seat and get some pics before installing. So here...
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    Britax Boulevard Shopping Help!

    It is about time to replace my soon to expire Boulevard, and I need some shopping help! I want to find the best price and make sure I get a fairly recent DOM. So far I have found the Zebra print to be the least expensive, at $229.99 at Amazon, Albee Baby, and Smart Momma. I emailed Smart...
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    Britax Boulevard Shell Height?

    Can anyone compare the shell height on the Boulevard 65 and the newest version? Are they the same height and do they take up the same space front to back? Or is one bigger than the other? Thanks so much!
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    What are the chances the Cosco Alpha Omega...

    ... I found in my parents living room is not expired? I looked all over that seat, and could not find a DOM anywhere. Although it looked like the cover may have had a 2002 date stamped on the tag? It was not easy to read, and I cannot be sure it was a date, but it was the closest thing to a...
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    Need Car Seat Recommendations - No Top Tether

    We added a new vehicle to our stable, an old VW Double Cab. We would like to be able to take the boys in the truck, but need to get car seats that will fit the vehicle. Looking for seats that perform well without a top tether, as there is no way to retrofit this vehicle with top tethers...
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    Could you? Would you? Taking kids in an old VW Double Cab.

    DH and I are contemplating buying an old 1964 VW Double Cab. Since it has a rear seat, we are hoping to be able to use it on occasion to take the whole family out (trips to the lumber yard, camping when the kids get older, etc). This will not be an every day vehicle. I know these old vehicles...
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    Frontier 85 fabric help needed

    Looking for some help with Frontier fabrics. I know I don't want mesh, but I also don't want anything with slick fabric. I think that rules out Oynx. We love our plush Boulevards, and would like something similar, but I don't think that is an option. So, what are the other fabrics like? Is...

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