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    Question Mifold One

    I’ve been searching for reputable reviews of the Mifold One and a comparison between it and the original Mifold Grab & Go and I cant find anything at my usual sources. :( Can anyone point to a review on fit? Anyone compared them personally? Looking for something to take on a trip. We’ll be...
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    Frontier ClickTight and SecureGuard

    Britax's description of the Frontier CT, on their Canadian web site, says it is compatible with SecureGuard. My manual doesn't mention it. I have an SG clip that came with our Parkway SGL and I also believe I have another that I purchased to go with an older Frontier several years ago. Wondering...
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    Swap to booster?

    Every child this is a difficult question for me! We are heading out on a trip tomorrow and my kid has been begging to have just the seatbelt. She's 6y2m old and weight 45#. We're driving 9 hours each way. I can leave her harnessed in her Frontier, swap her Frontier to booster mode (I think this...
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    Check seatbelt fit please

    Need to use my oldest's booster for another kid tomorrow. So, will my kid work in the centre without a booster? My thumb is on her hip bone. And yes, there is a headrest behind her head. <pics removed now> We have an incognito to make the fit better, but it's in my parents' vehicle so we'd...
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    Eclip- what do you think?

    Not sure if I trust it already. Their photos show 27C saying the "car temperature is good". 27 is really warm. Adults would be sweating buckets at 27 inside a vehicle. I wouldn't think it would be safe for an extended period for a baby without temperature regulation.
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    2013 Chevy Silverado

    Does this help? This appears to be the manual and page 3-58 has a warning saying that neither a FF or RF child seat can be in the centre front: and page...
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    Question Icognito fit and questions

    Here's the lap belt fit: Is the shoulder belt too high? And question one, the belt guides don't seem to be doing anything? The one on the non-buckle side seems to just slide around? I made a video to show what it's doing. Question two, the belt guide on...
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    Question Incognito

    Can it be bought in store in the USA? If so, where? Target doesn't appear to have it.
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    Question Booster fit

    Too much on thighs? A family member picked it up for their vehicle.
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    News Clek Advisory - seat fabric

    Not sure if this is just for Canadian seats, but I suspect it's all seats.
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    Question Frontier clicktight stuck reclined

    Pulling the red lever does nothing, it barely moves.
  12. TechnoGranola

    Harmony Big Boost Deluxe fit opinions? (with pics)

    Just ordered 2 of these for my kid who is turning 10 in a month and a half. Not sure I am thrilled with the fit. Opinions? If I have finger on her in a pic, it is on her hip bone for a reference point. Vehicle 1 outboard: Vehicle 2 outboard: I also don't like how the seatbelt gets all...
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    News Frontier Clicktight for $292 Prime deal! 7 hours left. Vibe, Cowmooflage, Kaleidoscope and Congo available.
  14. TechnoGranola

    Combo seat with most recline

    What's the combo seat with the most recline? It seems we have nothing available here. :( Have a Nautilus, it's a flop...literally. I know slump isn't dangerous, but her entire head hangs over which makes her body hang as well and she's not sitting nicely in the harness anymore even (yes, it's...
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    Maraton crotch buckle on a Roundabout?

    Had our first pee accident in a car seat while the kid was in a super deep sleep...sigh. The crotch buckle and harness adjuster got soaked through (pee went through the hole for the crotch buckle and down onto the harness adjuster). I've got a crotch buckle and harness adjuster from a crashed...

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