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    Durango vs Enclave with big kids

    I have not posted here in forever but hoping to get some opinions from those who really care about safety in the vehicle. We would like to purchase either the Enclave or the Durango in the next few days. My hang ups with the Enclave are the lack of headrest in the center or the 3rd row and the...
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    New Monterey Belt Guides

    I saw in a post recently that the Monterey had new belt guides (or perhaps they went back to the old style) so that the problem with the belt falling out of the belt guides was now solved. I am not super interested in ordering one for ds because we love the Monterey but I absolutely could not...
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    Photo/Diagram of ff harness

    I know I've seen such a thing before but cannot find it!! I'm looking for something that I can post on facebook that shows what a child in a ff carseat should look like. Harness height, chest clip, etc. Thanks!
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    Favorite Backless Booster?

    DD turns 9 in June and I will let her go backless, at least in dh's car. She has an old style parkway in his car so taking the back off is not an option. I tried her in the Monterey backless and was not super in love with the fit in his car. The seats sort of slope backwards and she looked...
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    Info on the "improved" Monterey?

    Could someone give me more info on the improved Monterey? Any pics of the old and new together with kids in them? I've been out of the loop and was not aware of the change until I read about it today! I am a huge fan of the Monterey for many reasons but the wide fit just will not work for my...
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    Should I buy an Oobr?

    My ds is 6. He has been sitting mainly in a turbo this summer. I was going to wait until fall to move him to a booster full time but for various reasons his Frontier was moved out and he has mostly been booster riding. He has done awesome. We already have...... TB (ds's main seat right now)...
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    How are the cupholders on Parkway SGL?

    Silly question, but how are they? It's really tough to tell in the picture. They do not look AS shallow as the cupholders on the original parkway but they still don't look super deep. Do they work well? Do they actually hold a drink without it flying out if you turn a corner. IMO the...
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    Probooster Reviews?

    I have not been checking in here much lately so have not read a ton about the probooster. Both of my kids have sat in it and it fit both of them well. It's time for ds to move to a booster in dh's car! I have a turbo but want to keep that as our spare. I really like the cover on the hannah...
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    Coccoro install issues?

    Can someone give me the low down on any possible install issues? I seem to recall (and read on a few threads) that there have been issues with the seat flipping up once installed. My sis bought one and I am going to help her install. It's my first CCO install!:) The plan is to use LATCH...
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    How long will the Cocorro really last?

    Just wondering. My sister ordered one. I told her it was tiny and will be outgrown quickly but I really wasn't sure how quickly. How is it compared to the Roundabout? Smaller? Bigger? It looks so darn small.
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    Combi Shuttle for baby under 4 lbs?

    Someone posted on another board looking for a seat that would work for her preemie. Problem is her preemie is being released at less than 4 lbs. The Keyfit and Onboard are rated from 4 lbs. It looks like the Combi Shuttle 33 is rated from birth but am just not sure how it will fit a less than...
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    A few pics of Recaro Proride and Probooster

    DH and I went to dinner (sans kids) tonight and happened to pass by USA Baby. We went in and I was surprised to find the Proride and the Probooster!! I snapped a few pics but no action shots with kids since I didn't have them. They were booting us out the door since they were closing! I...
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    Question Favorite Backless Booster?

    Anyone have a fav? I have a friend looking for something comfy for her 8 year old. We are just not there yet so the only one I can recommend is the Olli!
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    I think I'm just done with the Monterey

    I have posted before about the issues with the side wings of our Monterey opening up on their own. I called and they were super nice and sent me a new back. I thought it would solve all of our problems but I don't think it is working. The wings on this one are perfect and do not move out on...
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    Question If you own a Monterey......

    Have you had any problems with the side wings moving out on their own? Also, can you manually push them out? I spoke to Russ at SK about this today (finally) and told him they just gradually moved out but when I brought the seat in the house I realized that I could actually pull them out...

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