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    Pieces needed for Doc Mcstuffins costume

    If you have any of these items, let me know! - purple striped shirt, size XS or 4-5 - pink Capri leggings with pink/purple polka dots in a 4/5 (long shot lol) - play stethoscope, pink would be amazing OR - the doc mcstuffins play set with the toy steth and case - white dress up lab/doctors...
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    Boosters next to Frontier 90s

    I am Jonesin' for a Frontier but it will have a booster next to it some of the time. Are any boosters able to sit beside the Frontier and play nicely? Backless or not doesn't matter. Pictures are a bonus.
  3. T4K

    Planetbox clearanced at PBK

    I spotted several cat themed planetboxes at my local PBK for $40. There was one snakeskin one without a tag but I assume they'd honor the same price. Just in case you were on the hunt for one!
  4. T4K

    Anyone have an Elsa dress?

    Long shot I know... S would give her favorite toys up to have an Elsa dress. She's a skinny skinny 6. Elsa dresses are sold out everywhere.
  5. T4K

    Need a super skinny combo: FFing harness and HBB

    I sometimes have a 5 stepper, a harnessed 3 year old and a 6 year old in a booster. I'd like the best buckleable combo of seats. The car is a 2013 VW Passat. Ideally, the 3 year old is in the middle due to sanity issues. ;-)
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    ISO 3T-4T down or fleece vest

    I'd like a girly color or black since that would coordinate with all her clothes. And we all know that's important. ;-)
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    AT&T Black iPhone 4 16 GB - unlocked by AT&T

    The instructions I have say that after you switch the SIM out for one on your preferred carrier (one that is compatible with SIM) and set up as new iPhone or restore from your own backup, the phone should work on your carrier. iTunes gave me a "Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked."...
  8. T4K

    MyRide on a plane?

    We have flown with the radian. It was ok. It stunk to have to take the AA and the boot separately and there was some major slumpage on the plane when sleeping. I have a MyRide and she sleeps beautifully in it FFing. Can I take this on a plane easily? It's definitely more lightweight than the...
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    What are the skinny backless boosters available in-store?

    This is for a skinny but leggy 6 year old. Thanks!
  10. T4K

    Anyone have any Naartjie credit they aren't using?

    I'll buy it off you. ;-)
  11. T4K

    Intersted in a trade? 1st gen ipad 16 GB and iphone 4 16 GB (can be unlocked by AT&T)

    I would like to trade these items for a higher capacity iPad. Mini or regular. Any interest in this trade? I know it's a long shot but if I can't get the trade, I'll happily sell just the iPhone.
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    Checking interest :Large Motherease Sandy's

    I have some I bought used on DS for potty training. N trained quickly and hardly used them so I don't need them. They are size large...think I have 6? I'd like to sell them all together. :-) They are in great condition, all snaps working, and only really minor staining if any at all.
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    Whatis a good price for a Tripp Trapp?

    I'm looking to purchase a Tripp Trapp, probably new. Found one on Albee Baby for $150. Good price? I will scout around town but not much. I'm not much for bargain hunting at thrift shops. Lol.
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    Passat TDI?

    We are thinking about a buying one new or very low miles used for the following reasons: - fuel economy - decent room in back seat-we sometimes have 3 kids back there - driving experience (like how it handles) - supposedly quiet highway driving - holds value well Any other cars fit that bill...
  15. T4K

    FS: 6 Motherease Sandy's Size Large

    I have 6 Large Sandy's I purchased 2nd hand on DiaperSwappers because I thought I would potty train my DD using them. She didn't need them so I'd like to pass them on. I *think* 4 of them are bamboo (the yellow stitched ones). The other 2 are just cotton. I think. There aren't stains that I...

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