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    ISO radian or similar aio (2 of them)

    I used to be very active on these boards and it's been a while so i actually am not familiar with the newer seats at all. Back when I had my first radian it was by sunshine kids. Had a Britax husky too (still have the darn covers for both if anyone could actually use such things) Anyway...
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    For Sale New with tags Carter's leopard print blanket and security blanket

    Both items are still new with the origional tags- a Carter's snuggle buddy security blanket bear with leopard print and tan satin and the matching crib blanket. $24 shipped Check out the pictures HERE and HERE
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    purple starry batik ring sling

    SOLD! ring sling, new, deep purple batik with starry print I made this bad boy. It's unused and quite pretty if I do say so myself. $30ppd
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    For Sale Carter's Tiny Tiger Newborn & 0-3 mo lot

    VGUC-EUC (stain & hole free, minimal to moderate wash wear) NB Sleeper, 2x 0-3m Gowns, Onesie & Pants and socks + NWT matching hat. $15ppd. If you want the matching security blanket make it $22ppd. All pictures can be seen here: TINY TIGER
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    For Sale or Trade COVERS: DC & BV classic, Regent, Husky, Radian + straps and pieces

    I'm guessing on prices here so please make an offer if the price seems off at all. Will consider trades for a booster or an infant or convertable seat (older DOMs OK). Pictures can be seen here GUC-EUC Onyx Regent cover with pads $35ppd SOLD EUC brownish Husky cover $30ppd with belly pad...
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    My MyRide65 came in the NICK of time!

    Woah! Mickey gained weight *exactly* like Seamus did. Sometime between 23 and 24 months they both hit 33lbs. At 25 months they both hit 35lbs! I just got the myride yesterday. I hope Mickey wasn't 35lbs for too long before that, though I can't imagine he was. He has exatly 3'' of shell over his...
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    The anxiously awaiting your Graco MR order thread

    For those of you who have ordered the MR, come on in. . .I can't wait to see who gets theirs first and from where. :D I ordered chandler from Kids-n-cribs so I've got a month wait. I was REALLLY hoping not to have to take out DS2's radian until then, but he spilled a chocolate shake in his seat...
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    Installing a seat over a split bench?

    I did a few searches, but couldn't find the answer. In the 3rd row of my Sedona it's a 50/50 split bench. Is it OK to install a seat in the center position smack dab over the split (assuming it installs OK)?
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    Quick help with placement of two seats in a '97 Jeep Wrangler

    My DH will need to pick the kids up tomorrow evening. It's about two or three miles from our house. It's unavoidable, they will be going in the jeep. It doesn't have a top. So, two questions: DH thinks that the 22 month old would "look weird and be in danger" RF'd in the Jeep. He keeps...
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    Should I cancel my ARB TF order or not?

    Mickey is 22 months and is 31.5lb. (He was 28lb, I think, when he turned one). I have a 33lb RF limit BV, a 33lb RF limit Radian. I *do* have a 35lb RF Safety 1st uptown, but Mickey hates that seat and I don't much like it either. He acts like it's squishing him and the impossible to reach...
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    Free Pampers gift to grow codes

    I've got a few of these sitting here that I won't use so I'm going to pass them on. Whoever does this and wants these codes just post here and I'll send a PM to one of you in the morning or evening. . .whenever I get a chance. This is not first come first served. I'll pick based on the post you...
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    Which would you choose?

    Four months ago I turned my then 14 month old FF in my mom's car because he outgrew the Roundabout rearfacing by height. He's only in my mom's car for a maximum of two one mile trips per week, usually less. He's growing rapidly in height and I suspect he'll be out of the roundabout all...
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    Would you use a cover that. . .

    My mom put two of my onyx Britax covers in her dryer when I specifically told her never to put any of my things in the dryer EVER :mad:. I ususally dry britax covers on low heat and I've never had a problem. Well, her dryer was on high and is apparently really hot. The interfacing side of the...
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    I KNOW we've talked about this before, sorry. Rep calculation

    How do I figure how much rep I'm worth? ;) ETA--I just passed like three milestones. I'm sorry to bring up an old topic and I swear I searched, but I didn't find anything useful.
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    For Sale Pack & Play padded chenile sheet ~sage colored

    I bought this sheet for my graco playpen and I only used it twice. It was 14.99 from target. It's Eddie Bauer brand & it fits most travel cribs & playpens It's realllllllly soft and it's got enough padding to made the bed more comfortable, but not so much as to be scary. $12 shipped PENDING...

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