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    Question Shipping question!

    Hi everyone! I need some quick help with shipping. Our MA70 is in Georgia with my husband (daughter threw up in it AT the airport entrance when he was dropping us off to fly home last time we were there) and he is coming home this week. I know many of you have shipped car seats in uhaul boxes...
  2. Sunshine112

    Question Shipping help

    If I was shipping a Britax Marathon, what is the size uhaul box people use?
  3. Sunshine112

    Question Which seat would you choose fly with? The seats I have are a Nautilus, Frontier 90 (no way I'm flying with either if those unless someone can convince me otherwise lol), MA70, Radian, or a Graco HBB. Additional info: DD is 4. She and I are flying to be with fiancé for a week. Nonstop 2 hour flight from KC to ATL...
  4. Sunshine112

    Talk to me about the Foonf

    DD desperately wants the Foonf in Heart Shades an I'm totally with her lol. I do have some questions about it: Would you buy it to FF? I know it's stats look like it's very narrow, but has anyone puzzled it with other seats? Pros cons to it?
  5. Sunshine112

    Question Who has Nationwide/Allied insurance and been in an accident?

    The adjuster I have doesn't want to replace my 2 car seats I had in my car Friday night when I hit a deer. My car was not driveable, possibly totaled but I don't know that yet. He told me it's personal property and not a fixture in my car. I need help :(
  6. Sunshine112

    News So...i hit a huge deer earlier...

    The only bright side to my pretty car being wrecked is that I had 2 car seats (and no kids) in my car so woo hoo...I get to pick new seats!!
  7. Sunshine112

    November NBD (Reminder: No swap content outside of the dedicated Swap section)

    I know that NBD sucks big time lately, but there's a Pinnacle 90 up right now. I put it in my cart in case any of you were needing one. $210.99
  8. Sunshine112

    Would anyone be willing to check their Target...

    For a certain dress in the Toddler girl section? DD is OBSESSED with this Batman tutu dress I got her like a month ago. She has literally worn it almost every single day and I have to pry it off her at night to wash every night. Nowhere around here within 3 hours has one left and I desperately...
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    In Search Of Gymnastics Leotards

    Size 4 for DD.
  10. Sunshine112

    Question Answer to this sucky situation?

    DD is in preschool 2 mornings a week in our hometown. I've always been at home with her so there has never been any transporting problems, but a good friend of mine is doing very well in real estate in the big city about 50 miles from here and wants to hire me to come help him do a lot of his...
  11. Sunshine112

    In Search Of Anyone have a Titan cover to get rid of?

    The little girl I watch has DD's Evenflo Titan elite as her seat in her dads car. My friend (baby's mom) just text me and said the cover fell apart when washing it and wanted to know if I had an extra. I'll call Evenflo tomorrow but I'm sure they won't have any covers anymore. Anyone have one...
  12. Sunshine112

    For Sale or Trade Graco Nautilus

    I don't need this seat just sitting around so I figured I should probably try to either sell or trade ;). I actually have 2 and am open to selling either. I have one Nautilus with a 2010 DOM (I will check for actual and update) and the old style buckle, or one with a 2012 DOM that has the new...
  13. Sunshine112

    In Search Of ISO Radian

    I need a RN for a three across that I have to make work. I can't spend much more than $100, MAYBE $120 shipped. I don't care if its a SK or Diono, I'm sure SK is all i will get for that price, which is totally fine. I also have a Nautilus or Maestro I could trade!
  14. Sunshine112

    Question Three across help please

    I have to fit a 3 across in my 2010 Mazda3 starting in a month. My DD is 3.7 months and FFing, DCgirl1 is 19 months RFing, DCgirl2 is 9 months RFing. I usually only have my Dd and DCgirl1, but starting next month ill have DCgirl2 a lot of the time too. I have to make this work so help me out :)...
  15. Sunshine112

    In Search Of Casually ISO Frontier 85

    I need to find DD a Frontier, but for as cheap as possible :(. I'm hoping to grab one from NBD, but I'm just as ok with a used one if anyone is getting rid of one.

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