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    Booster for 2013/2015 Ford Focus

    Anyone have any recommendations on a booster for a 2013 or 2015 Ford Focus that is not a pain to buckle. The buckles are recessed down in the seat and is impossible for my almost 7 year old to buckle with the boosters that we have tried so far. It is not easy for my husband or I either! We have...
  2. Sunny_84

    HBB for large 6 year old

    My son is 6.5 and 50" and 68 pounds. He is currently riding in a Diono Monterey but he seems squished in it with the back on. Is there another high back booster that is likely to be more comfortable for him? We've tried the Monterey backless but the seatbelt is too close to his neck that way...
  3. Sunny_84

    Diono Rainier

    I have a like new Diono Rainier, black houndstooth pattern, DOM 11/14. Asking 200plus shipping. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Sunny_84

    Stride Rite Shoes

    Have several pairs to add! Boys 1m Star Wars shoes - like new! 35ppd or make me an offer Boys 13.5m Iron Man shoes - good condition, 20ppd or make me an offer Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Sunny_84

    Taller HBB or move to no back

    Checked and he still has one click! Decided to keep it and he has a little brother that can use it once it's truly outgrown. How does it look in nbb mode?
  6. Sunny_84

    Taller HBB or move to no back

    My son is 6, 49.5" and 58 pounds. He has a monterey that he rides well in and on occasion uses a literider. We just moved the monterey up to the last click, and there does not appear to be much room between his shoulder and the guide. Is there a taller HBB that we should consider getting or is...
  7. Sunny_84

    Booster fit

    How does this fit look for the occasional ride? He is 4.5 and 38 pounds, 42". Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Sunny_84

    New to me car!

    Our family is back to being a 2 car household, been with just 1 car since July and am so happy to have wheels again. Love my 2013 Ford Focus hatchback! The boys are happy to be able to go out while daddy is at work and love their FR85s, was happy that they fit great in this car. Love the...
  9. Sunny_84

    In Search Of Radian

    Looking for a radian with a gender neutral cover, preferably a dark color. Shipped to 37013. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Sunny_84

    Chicco KidFit

    They have both colors in stock at the supertarget near me.
  11. Sunny_84

    In Search Of Frontier 85

    Looking for a FR85 in a gender neutral or boyish color! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Sunny_84

    Math Manipulatives

    I have 2 sets of math manipulatives that I would like to sell as 1 lot. I need to make sure but believe that both are complete sets. 1. 96 Bear Counters - Carson Dellosa 2. 72 Farm Animal Counters - Carson Dellosa Asking 30ppd
  13. Sunny_84

    For Sale or Trade Evenflo Titan 65

    Would love to trade or partial trade this for a latchable booster. Have 2 of these, looking to trade 1 but would possibly consider trading or selling both. Will add pics later. Decided to keep these but now looking for a backup cover!
  14. Sunny_84

    Question Need ideas, can't make a decision

    I need to get my almost 4 year old a new seat. We've been using the titan 65 as his everyday seat and we don't love it at all. We have a long trip coming up before thanksgiving and definitely don't want to use it for that. He is maybe 34 pounds but almost 43 inches tall. Tried him in a frontier...
  15. Sunny_84

    Evenflo Titan 65

    Ordered the 2 pack from Childsource, love the print we got! Both boys love their seats!

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