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    Hifold booster by Mifold

    What is the consensus here? Should I pre-order one? The Mifold has been very helpful in the middle seat of the Sienna 2012, when needed. Thanks!
  2. sunflower

    Narrow seats needed

    My brother in law in Israel needs narrow, inexpensive seats. I suggested the Scenera Next for the 1 yr. old. What do you suggest for a 2.5 year old, FF? He is not heavy, and the longest driving distance is 1 hour at a time. He wants from the US, due to the chest clip on our seats. I have not...
  3. sunflower

    Diono Sit Rite and Roundabout

    Can the Sit Rite be used with Brita and other seats? Thanks
  4. sunflower

    Eclip- what do you think? What's the opinion here? How does it compare to other items in this category? Not the cheapest item at retail price.
  5. sunflower

    Cheap convertible needed

    I'm going to be in the US for a few days, and need a seat for my 18 month old. He weighs under 20 lbs. I need a super cheap seat, and can then leave at my parents as a backup. The last time they had a seat- it was not used much, but good to have. It was a Scenera that I got for less than $40...
  6. sunflower

    Foonf in Sienna 2012 in Captains Chair help

    I can't get it to install properly with the latch. The anchors are really deep inside, and I need to recline the seat to get it in, but then can not get it back to the proper position. And I also can't get the latch legs to go back inside properly so that only green is visible from the hole...
  7. sunflower

    What car seat does this belong to?

    Is it the Radian or Parkway? Thanks!
  8. sunflower

    Radian or Foonf after Keyfit

    Instead of dragging 2 heavy seats to the car, and play with installs, I'd prefer to hear what would be better. My DS is in the Keyfit, and still fits, but it's annoying to keep on buckling in there, and it's easier to use a convertible. He's 16 months old, 16 lbs., tiny. I have a Sienna 2012...
  9. sunflower

    Sienna 2012, seating arrangement

    I would like to confirm that this would work. Middle row: Driver's side: Keyfit; 11 year old 5 stepping; RF Roundabout Back row: Parkway Backless; FF Foonf; Mifold/ harmony, or possibly 5 stepping. Thanks.
  10. sunflower

    Sienna 2012- 8 passenger

    The first 8 passenger that is somewhat affordable for us. Sienna 2012, with 80k KM (50k miles). This is a co-worker who constantly upgrades his cars, and takes excellent care of all his possessions. We kept looking for generation 2 Sienna, but nothing decently priced. 3 in backless; the...
  11. sunflower

    Kia Sedona 8 passenger 2016

    They are locally available for a good price. I currently have 2 RF, 1 FF, and 1-3 in boosters (depends on the car they're in.) Is it worth purchasing? (The Sienna/ Odyssey - even used, are too expensive for us.) My current seats: Keyfit and Roundabout RF, Foonf FF, Parkway SGL, and 2 Backless...
  12. sunflower

    Chrysler 2017- in short!

    Figured I'd share this here. A quick and easy summary, for those of us who are not very technical!
  13. sunflower

    How does an adult feel in a hot car?

    This might better belong in another thread, such as car seat safety, which has more people reading... Video promoting car seat safety in the summer.
  14. sunflower

    Radian or Foonf?

    My coworker needs to borrow a car seat for his visiting family members. It will be used FF I guess for a larger 2 year old for a week, and then RF for a 6 month old for 2 weeks. He has a Sienna 2014 or 2015. Which would be easier installation wise? He has 2 Captains chairs in the center...

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