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    Harness straps and chemo port...

    Are there any techs familiar with the best methods for car seats and chemo ports? Sophie was diagnosed with cancer and has been in the hospital for almost two weeks. It just hit me tonight that her radian straps will hit right where her chemo port is and the pressure on that needle will be...
  2. soph's mom

    Turbobooster is shockingly small :-P

    I got one off of amazon for the small 8 yo I am watching starting next week and of course my daughter played with it when I put it together (yes, I remembered the screws :-) ) but after looking at her sitting in it it appears that she's even too big for the smallest setting. She was 40" at her...
  3. soph's mom

    Ok, im a moron apparently...

    As I've said on here before I'm looking for a booster for a small 8 yo I'm watching this summer and thought if just grab a turbo bc I knew they were on sale this week at target and would last long enough to use in a few years for Soph but of course they were out of the girly one... Here's the...
  4. soph's mom

    Looks like they released the cambria on Amazon...

    But are now out of stock. Did any of you get a shipping confirmation? I'm interested to see real life use!
  5. soph's mom

    Question Better to discuss booster use w the parents of an 8 yo in your own car or just say it will be used?

    Am watching an 8 yo this summer and I will expect her to ride in a booster in my van. I didn't really think too much about it but I do know last year I saw she was in a cosco hbb (the harnessed kind w the harness removed) so I'm assuming she is riding in nothing now. I need to double check but...
  6. soph's mom

    Did burlington stop carrying the titam 65?

    I was going to grab one as a super cheap, light spare seat and I can't find any on the website...
  7. soph's mom

    Ugh DD saw the **** Dora seat...

    And of course she wants it... Low slots, hard to install... Chances are she's outgrown the harness if it doesn't have the 17-17.5 inch slots anyway... No way in heck am I getting it so I'm the bad guy... Grrr
  8. soph's mom

    Vent... Daycare kid and puke in the carseat...

    Had a daycare kid puke all over himself and the carseat on the way home today... I know it's not his fault but ewww... My nose is still a super sensitive preggo nose so it took me 5 minutes to get him out without puking myself... And it's my dreaded eb 3n1 which has the worlds worst cover to...
  9. soph's mom

    Why is britax still on the lower end of expiration time?

    I'm assuming it's to keep the kids in the most up to date technology possible but if they can extend their frontiers to 9 years it'd be nice if they lengthened their convertibles and boosters to at least 7 or 8 years considering the cost of them. I love the idea of the safeguard clip when the...
  10. soph's mom

    Are the shoulder harness pads requires for a newborn?

    Title says it all, just curious bc they seem so long that it'd be hard to keep the chest clip in position on a small noob... Didn't see the answer in the manual.
  11. soph's mom

    Another Sureride comparison pic thread

    I am in the market for another seat in about 4 or 5 months for temporary use in grandparents cars and to have an extra convertible for the baby later so I finally braved our Walmart to see a sureride in person. I have to move her RXT straps up this weekend bc she's dead even with those (she's...
  12. soph's mom

    Question New Infant Seat Ratings and Testing from Consumer Reports. What do you Think?

    This report has good timing for me :-) Any word on when/if they're going to release info on convertible seats now that they've done boosters and buckets?
  13. soph's mom

    In Search Of Plum RXT cover...

    DD decided she wants purple now... Looking for one less than the $72 retail price :-P
  14. soph's mom

    Diono customer service rave...

    does Diono ever ask for anything back? They don't want this defective rxt cover back (a snap broke), they didn't want my broken latch strap and connectors from my xtsl, they sent me two complete sets of harness pads just bc I lost them for my xtsls for free... They are sending a friend of mine...
  15. soph's mom

    Iso plum rxt cover

    DD wanted a blue radian soooo bad and today she asked for a purple seat... I did a warranty claim on her cobalt cover bc of a broken snap and had she told me a week ago I may could've gotten her to send a purple one. If I can find one a less than new I'll get one...

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