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    Sure Ride has arrived at BRU Canada

    I'll post some pictures from my phone after I've typed this out. The important stuff: - 5-40lbs rf'ing, up to 40". - 22-65lbs ff'ing Recline stand is very different and to put the seat in to upright mode involves flexing part of the shell - I took pictures of the area that gets flexed and how...
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    Peg Perego Convertible Recline stuck?

    The BRU that I work at has a Peg Convertible display from an online return a week ago, and it has gotten stuck in the full recline position. I've checked for debris, misrouting of straps - anything that could be interfering with the adjustment of the recline, and there's nothing visible - it...
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    Edmonton CRST Training June 13-15

    If anyone is looking for CRST training in the city, I suddenly had a large number of spots open up in my course next week and I need to fill a couple spaces. The course is June 13/14 9:15 to 5:30 in the 111 Ave 149 St area, with the end clinic being June 15 at the north side Babies R Us from...
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    Question Airbag "off" switches not allows in the US anymore?

    I was reading a government document about changes to CMVSS standards after getting a question today, and came across this blurb: For those of you who follow the US regulations more closely than I do - can you give me more details? What do people who have a pick-up truck without a back seat do...
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    Reviving the topic of LATCH weight limits

    It's been awhile since I've looked through the Transport Canada research testing and today I was looking through the ff'ing info. There is very specific discussion regarding lower anchor forces and whether they failed at different speeds and different weight dummies. Some of the tests were...
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    News Edmonton CRST course April 11-13

    I'll be running a CRST course in Edmonton April 11-13. April 11 and 12 will be the in class days running from 9am to 5pm, and the 13th will be the end clinic. The course is a National certification through the Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada and is good for 3yrs. Please email me...
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    Border policy for non-Canadian seats

    I met someone who works at customs the other day and was told that they have a formal policy to confiscate and destroy any seat that isn't CMVSS certified when it's being shipped or brought in to Canada. She said that they treat them exactly like baby walkers. I thought this was interesting to...
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    EZ-on vest w/child who unbuckles seatbelt

    Is the EZ-on vest something that would work with a child who unbuckles the seatbelt? Child is too old/big for any harnesses available up here. My hope is that something like a buckle guard might be all it takes, but I don't have any hands-on experience with the vest so was hoping for some...
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    News Please comment on this article There is a very dangerous quote in this article that has someone from Parachute being quoted as saying winter coats and snowsuits are ok in carseats as long as you...
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    Vent Article in The Star I appreciate that the author was trying to get an important message out there to Canadian parents, but there are all sorts of incomplete or inaccurate bits of information in the...
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    Graco bases and backwards compatibility

    I followed up with Graco after the last post in the forum regarding using new bases with old seats and got some clarification. They have maintained backwards compatibility of the new bases with old seats on both the SR22 and the SR32/SR35. New seats cannot be used with old bases, but old seats...
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    Ds outgrew the Nautilus

    It's a sad day... Ds has reached the point in the Nautilus where it was too hard to tell if he was even with the slots or a smidge over the top harness slots so I took it out of the car today and moved the Frontier from the truck to the car. He is about 1/4" away from moving to the top harness...
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    Gen2/G3 Britax seats vs. Peg Convertible

    We just recently got the Peg seat in to Canada and I could use some info regarding how the 2 seats directly compare so far as fit of child goes. I'm aware of the headrest height rules regarding the Peg rf'ing. What I'm wondering, is which seat lasts longer rf'ing by height, and for those of...
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    Changes to Peg 30/30 Infant seat

    I haven't seen mention of this here yet so thought I would post. I just did a seat check for a family with a new Peg 30/30 infant seat and there have been a few changes made to it. They've changed the chest clip to a narrower and smaller chest clip, more like the keyfit, they've made the crotch...
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    Spin off: How long will/did you rf?

    I'm curious now the average weight or age that most people on this board turn their kids ff'ing. I'm going to make it multiple selections so that people can answer for more than one kid. eta: I couldn't put all the choices I wanted to in the poll. Feel free to add whatever you want to the...

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