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    Looking For: Response to We did not have these when I was young.

    I know there was an advocate, or tech that had a story about going to a store with her child. There was a gentleman that talked her her about car seats, and he was one that had a son die years ago as there was not restraints then. Can anyone point me out to that thread, and or person please.
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    Question Vehicle seat with seat belt attached to seat itself.

    Daunting task tomorrow! We have the ok to go to our vehicle upick to look for a vehicle seat for training purposes. We are looking for a seat that has the uas and seat belt attached to the actual seat. Spam me with vehicles that may fit this bill.
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    Question Ads

    For some reason I am getting ads for naughty dating in the community forum ( in threads). Just started when I renewed membership.
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    99 Corolla

    Asking for a friend. Canadian Seats. She has a 99 corolla and looking at getting another rear facing seat for youngest. Youngest is 2mo, 23.5in and 14lbs. Looking for the seat around 4 months or so. Both parents are approx 5"7 and they have a nautilus to work around. Think it is currently...
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    Three Boosters

    Is there any posibility of getting three boosters in a car? I have a 2013 corolla right now. Debating a van or car for next vehicle.
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    Looking For: Response to We did not have these when I was young.

    I know I have seen a great response for the old "We did not have car seats when I was little, and I was fine." The response was an older gentleman that was saying how his son was one that could not respond, as he did not survive. Anyone have that?
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    99 Corolla + Rf Peg Convertible

    Will this combination work?
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    School Bus

    I am lucky that out school bus for my 5.5 year old has the harnesses built in for kids under 40lbs. My DS is 36lbs with clothes on. (Not boots or winter gear) Bus driver informed me today that they weighed DS last week and he is now 40lbs. I informed him that he is still only weighing 36/37lbs...
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    Built in child restraints

    I know some older vans have built in child restraints in the captain chairs. Am wondering are vans still doing this? Anyone know the rated limits on these? From what I understand, they are short.
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    Kia Sedona?

    Pros? Cons? I will likely only need at max two top tethers, so no worries on those. What are safety ratings like compared to other vans? As much as I would love a new Sienna or Oddy, that will likely not be in the cards. The kia would be almost $8k less for brand new.
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    News Ferrari 3 in 1 at Canadian Tire

    Look whatis in this week's flyer. Pretty much the Fisher price Nania?
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    Britax Click Tight and Seat Belt Stretching

    Anyone noticing the seat belts being stretched after use? I have had mine installed for a few months and then uninstalled for a few days. The seat belt is stretched out. Anyone else noticing this?
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    Oddessey vs Sienna

    What van would you go with? We are looking at the 8 seaters (possibly). We test drove the oddessey today and really liked it. Could not test drive the sienna as they did not have it on the lot. 8 seats are not exactly required, but could be with carpooling if needed. I have one booster, a...
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    Ozzi vs Affix

    What would you buy? Ozzi - 69.99 40-57in 40-120lbs Rigid Latch 9 yr expiry Affix - 49.99 up to 57in 40-100lbs Reg Latch 10 yr expiry
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    Forerunner and Civic

    Have a person asking how a radian will work in these two cars. Both parents are 6 feet. Vehicles: 2010 Toyota Forerunner 2009 Honda Civic Child: 7 mo 22lbs Will the radian fit between the two front seats of the forunner without touching (advanced air bags)? The radian can brace in the civic...

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