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    belt fit

    Just wanted opinions on my dds fit in this booster. We're starting to think about using a hbb for her (shes shown us shes mature enough on short rides in others cars ..but dont know how she'll do full time). Shes 5.5, 43in, and hovers between 31-33lbs. Btw, this is my 7.5 yr old ds's seat...
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    my 7 year old learning the hard way..

    He didnt believe me when I told him if you cant sit right in your booster ill move you to a harness seat. Well he didn't stop moving around and even got rude with me.. Im surprised he still fits. Hes right at the top slots. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 using Car-Seat.Org
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    some next fit pics with my dd

    Here are some pics I just got. Sorry for the huge pics..photobucket is sucking right now. Smallest setting: My dd (turns 5 this wed, 30lbs, 42") in the most comfy looking seat ever: Excuse my messy looking kid please. Lol Side view: At the highest setting: Growing room: Growing...
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    look what delivered to me today!

    Updated with pics on post 31! My dd got a kiddy world plus! Hehe. ill be taking better pics today with my good camera. Anyone want any specific pics? ETA: obviously my title is missing a word or two. Lol. Sent from my T-Mobile G2 using Car-Seat.Org
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    comfortsport on kids woot for 59 bucks.

    Just thought id share. Sent from my T-Mobile G2 using Car-Seat.Org
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    baby trend fastback, truefit, frontier pics

    Okay, I went to bru intending to check out (maybe even purchase) the BT fastback. That didn't go as I thought id post why. I know someone had posted that you can't tighten the harness enough. That's certainly true! The straps are also super close together on the neck area. While...
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    News Kiddy World Plus release date!

    I got an email stating the Kiddy World Plus will be released Feb 15th!!!!! Just thought id share!
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    In Search Of neutral or boyish scenera cover

    I don't care if its ugly or old or anything. Name your price. I'm hoping for cheap. Sent from my T-Mobile G2 using Car-Seat.Org
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    I bought a Coccoro for my 2.5 yr old *lots of pics*

    I recieved my cco today! I ended up with carrot cake even though I started off wanting cool mint. My dd picked the orange so I went with it. She fits! Very well. I have a kid who can RF forever in the cco!! Skyla's stats: 2.5 yrs old 20lbs 34" (she was starting to gain weight and was up to...
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    Same seat..4 years later pics.

    When my ds was 6 months old, I got him an Eddie Bauer 3 in 1...ya know, cause it's the last seat you'll ever need! lol. Today, I found the seat in my closet and decided to take pics of him sitting in the same seat. It's totally outgrown now. Here he is at 6 months old..the day that we got...
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    Omg my dh is the greatest!!

    Today, he traded in FIFTEEN video games to totaling $115 in credit. Just so I could put it towards buying a Coccoro!!!! And I dont even NEED a Coccoro. And he knows it. lol. So, now I just gotta wait for amazon to receive the games and credit our acct..and then I can order my...
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    For Sale or Trade Recaro Signo w/ extra cover

    Manuf. date on it is 12/10/2008. It was the seat Recaro sent me when they fixed the recall. Both covers (the one on the seat and the extra) are midnight desert color and include the padding inserts and harness covers and all that. $160 or I'd love to trade for an orange coccoro. :) pics to...
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    Checking interest recaro signo w/ extra cover

    Just checking to see if anyone would be interested in a Recaro Signo. Both covers are midnight desert color and include the padding inserts and harness covers and all that. Manuf. date on it is 12/10/2008. It was the seat Recaro sent me when they fixed the recall. :)
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    Anyone have a comparison between the CCO and the Scenera?

    I'm trying to justify getting a CCO .. :whistle: I dont need it..but i want it. lol. Hubby told me I could order one if I sell my Signo. I'm trying to judge how much room my dd would have in a CCO Anyone have comparison pictures?
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    Rn slots and headrest

    My 4.5 year old is about to move to the top slots of the RNXT (he's FFing btw). When I try to move the harness up, the headwings dont come down far enough to be comfortable without covering the harness slots (making the harness come out from under the headrest). Like, if I have the headwings...

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