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    Any techs in Atlanta, GA?

    I'm looking for a tech that could help with a special needs situation. The mom already saw a tech at the children's hospital, but wasn't happy with their solution. Child has CP, almost 3 years, small with long legs, and is currently riding in a complete air (not sure on model). Mom is open to...
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    Would you be comfortable with this?

    We are planning a trip early summer. It'll be 9-10 hours on the road, not including "extra" stops for anything extra Charlie might need (we've never done this with Charlie so I have no idea how much time will be added to the trip because of her). She'll obviously ride in her car seat. I'm...
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    Infant seat on a shopping cart question...

    So obviously it's bad news to put an infant seat on the top of the cart where the child seat is. I saw someone at Kroger the other day who had their seat sideways across the back of the cart, if that makes sense. Still up in the air a little, but only a few inches from the bottom of the basket...
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    Charlie in the Recaro Euro

    I finally, FINALLY got a Recaro convertible after waffling for years over whether it might work for us. They are just kind of expensive and not being able to try one out in person held me back. But I found one for $105 on NBD and it ended up being like $121 with tax and shipping so I got it...
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    For Sale Vibrams "sprint" size 36 womens

    Gently used! I wore them for like 2 days before deciding they were too small, but didn't think I could return them since I got the bottoms a little dirty and had taken the tags off. I still have the box they came in. $45 ppd.
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    In Search Of Fleece pullovers...size 6-7ish

    I'm looking for fleece pullovers with a half-zip (quarter zip?). Boy or girl colors, doesn't matter. 6/6x to a 7 or so, maybe even a 7/8. I need cheap ones...maybe up to $5 each pp. These are going to be cut I don't want to destroy any nice land's end pullovers. :p
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    My top side vs literider pics...

    I know there are other threads showing the difference...can't hurt to have more though, right? :p Adrian's shoulder belt is coming too far down on his shoulder for my comfort. So I got him the top side because the shoulder belt is routed over the armrest and should bring it up higher...
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    Shoulder belt too low on shoulder?

    Adrian is at that age where he still needs a booster and will for quite some time, but the shoudler belt is sitting lower on his shoulder than I'd like. He's ok for now, but I'm not sure how much longer he'll fit. He's in a harmony literider in my car and a parkway in grandma's car. I put the...
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    Cute boyish scenera

    Not sure if this is new or not but I'd never seen it before. Between that and the giraffe print I think Graco needs to start taking notes!
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    Does the CA LX recline in ff'ing mode at all?

    Looking for a second seat for DD so I need some recline. Doesn't have to be a lot, not as much as the my ride, just some.
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    Checking interest...cowmoo parkway sg?

    I decided I just don't like the way DS fits in this so I just got him a new turbo. I tried selling it on craigslist, but was getting offers of $40 and $50. :rolleyes: Manufacture date 5/2011. Only used it a few weeks really, so it's in like new condition. Not sure where the manual is. I've...
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    What is the age minimum on the Cosco pronto?

    I googled and couldn't find it. I have a FB friend who has her 2 1/2 year old in one. I don't want to pull the "it's illegal" card if it's technically legal because of a stupid 1 year minimum.
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    Thoughts on seat arrangement?

    So Charlie's nurse just told me she's very concerned with how her son is being treated at his current babysitter's. I offered to watch him and after discussing it for a bit, it looks like something we might actually try. My only concern is the car seat arrangement. Little man is just over a...
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    If the parkway doesn't work, will the monterey?

    I got DS a parkway a few months ago but I just can't seem to get it to fit him right. He has narrow shoulders and no matter how I get him to shift in the seat the shoulder belt seems to close to the edge of his shoulder. I can remedy this by raising the headrest, moving the belt closer, but...
  15. Shaunam

    Mildew on straps?

    I pulled out Adrian's regent to use for Charlie until her SN seat goes through. I don't know where the heck grandma stored this thing in her house, but it had mildew on the harness. It wiped off easily with a baby wipe but I'm leery of course. Called britax and the CS rep there thought it...

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