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    Question Graco Nautilus washing

    Anyone know how to wash the cover ?? Thanks :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. seb3244

    Question Need car seat info handouts

    Does anyone on here have any printable handouts? My pediatrician said their office would start handing out extended rear facing flyers, if I printed some, at 6 & 9 & 12 month well visits. I also need printable info about harness tightness, chest clip placement, harness slot choice & installed...
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    Question Britax G3 advocate

    Does anyone know if this can be installed forward facing without tether? My 2.5 year old is outgrowing this seat rear facing so I was going to give her her sister's Clek fllo so she can rear face until four. I would like to put my 4.5 year old in this britax G3 advocate but need to know if it...
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    Question Clek fllo lap belt only forward facing

    Is this allowed? Or does it have to be a lap/shoulder belt? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Britax b safe 35 for chubby baby?

    Expecting baby #3 soon and my other 2 babies were pretty chunky. I love britax and just ordered the britax b safe 35 but now I have found that lots of parents are saying their chunky babies are out growing them or are uncomfortable in them at just 15 ish pounds. My other thought is to return...
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    Britax b-safe 35 elite w/ city select stroller

    Are the new britax infant seats compatible with the old britax infant seat adaptors for a 2014 city select stroller? Anyone know of any good deals? I thought my tech discount would be good but it's basically the same as amazon :( Also is clek coming out with an infant seat soon? Baby is due...
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    Help next car seat 1 yr old- 1 hour from now

    Hi all I just saw a sweet family they drive a small SUV that seats 5 and they have a small-ish one yr old with no car seat. I saw them holding him in their lap and I offered to buy him a car seat. They parents are young & grand parents are with them I think they are currently without jobs and...
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    I am thankful for everyone here

    I am so thankful for all of you here who have given me wonderful advice on how to keep my kids safe! If it wasn't for this forum I may not know rear facing is the most safe. I can't even imagine my kids forward facing right now. They are 17 months old and 3yrs 5 months and are both happily rear...
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    AMAZING 4 across! Has anyone seen these car seats? It's got to be pricey. Probably more than the cost of 4 car seats but less than getting a bigger car lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Video -child not sitting properly in booster?

    I would like to show this to someone I know that her 4 yr old doesn't have the self control to sit properly. We tried her 4 yr old in a high backed booster in my car this weekend and countless times she removed the shoulder strap. I had to pull over and have a come to Jesus talk with her so we...
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    Belly shield

    I just saw this on Instagram and was wondering anyone's thoughts. I used a maternity seat belt with my 1st pregnancy and with my 2nd I just readjusted my lap belt all the time. Is this safe? Does anyone know? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cheapest seat that has lock offs?

    I know some young parents that will probably forward face their baby that is almost age 1 very soon. I think an inexpensive seat that has lock offs would be best for them. The grand parents would be purchasing and have asked me for recommendations for a forward facing seat and a convertible...
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    Best deal on double bob stroller?

    Must have swivel/ locking wheel, must have the really big shade canopy for baby (I think some models have smaller canopies?) Also would anyone recommend a specific model? They all seem so close. I have been saving for a long time for this so I really want to get a great deal. Thanks! Sent...
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    Help quick

    I am on a hour 2 of a 4 hr drive stick in traffic. Our big truck broke and now we are riding home with a friend in her Nissan Altima. My kids have never been in a car before and my 3 yr old who turn 3 in June and is still rear facing just threw up and I think it's because she can see the cars...
  15. seb3244

    To sell or not to sell

    Okay so I moved my newly 3 yr old out of her britax G3 advocate into a clek fllo I recently purchased so she could continue to rear face longer. Now my 14 month old needs the britax G3 advocate because her bsafe really is so close to being outgrown. I always want the latest and greatest newest...

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