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    Question 9 year old and BMW Convertable

    My Mom has a BMW convertable with a soft top and a hard top. She uses the soft top in the summer and the hard top in the winter. I have a daughter who is turning 9 in September. She's 4"4 in height and 70lbs in weight. She has a First Years high back Compass booster that we use when she goes...
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    News Steven Levitt video on talking about car seats.

    Have any of you seen this video yet?
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    Question Car seat donation suggestion for a Seattle homeless children organization?

    Hello! My mom is volunteering at Mary's Place, a non-profit Day Center for homeless women & their children in Seattle, WA. They provide showers, laundry, restrooms, etc. They are in desperate need of infant car seats, toddler car seats, and boosters to be used when they rescue women and their...
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    The First Years Compass 540 Booster

    I currently have a Britax Frontier and Graco Nautilus and wanted a booster for our cruise and as an extra for occasional car pooling. I didn't want to deal with the fear of other people installing the seat incorrectly. Anyway, I just ordered the new 540 and found it at the lowest price at the...
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    Question Are you a CPS or CSA in the Puget Sound Area with a good presentation for parents?

    I've noticed at our preschool and Kindergarten a lot of parents using no back boosters with their preschooler and Kindergarteners. I'm pretty surprised considering the amount of affordable high back boosters out there. Our school as a child advocacy group. Is there anyone out there in the WA...
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    Question I need a booster recommendation...

    Hello my dear members! I have a Britax Frontier in my car and a Graco Nautilus for my daughter, 55 lbs, 6 years, just started Kindergarten. I drive her to and from school every day. I would like to get a highback booster seat that is safe, easy to move for my occasional passenger...
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    Question Torso height headache! HELP! Should I keep this Frontier or not?

    I just a Britax Frontier and a Graco Nautilus in the mail for my DD who has grown out of torso height of Britax Marathon. Last week, my daughters torso height was 16 inches. Now it is measuring 16.5 ish or a bit more. In a previous post, someone was showing me the torso heights on the Frontier...
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    Question When using a booster, can you lock the car seat belt out to keep the child from moving around?

    This question keeps coming up with friends who have kids in boosters. My kids aren't in boosters yet, but thought it would be good to know to pass along to them. I also have their kids in my car occasionally as well. By locking out the belt I mean pulling it all the way out and putting it back...
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    Question I saw Nautilus at BRU today and how do you move the straps?

    I'm looking at this seat for my husband's car. Only one child is in there at a time, my 5 year old or 3 year old. Good news is that they would be at the same strap level so my 3 year old wouldn't have the head overlap with the belt thing. What kept me from not buying it was that I couldn't...
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    Question Can a Frontier or Nautilus be used in booster mode without removing the harness straps?

    The reason that I am asking this, I'm thinking of getting a Nautilus as a second seat in my husbands car to take my daughter to school. I also have a younger 3 year old and thought it would be great to get something that he could use as well, since usually there is only one of our children in...
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    Question Anyone have a successful Frontier install in a Honda Pilot?

    I'm looking at Frontier for my 2005 Honda Pilot. I'll need to do the long belt install as my DD is 53 lbs. I want to make sure the belt is long enough before I buy it.
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    Question Nautilis or Monterey as a second seat for my DH Passat?

    I have decided to go with either a Frontier or a Nautilus for my 2005 Honda Pilot for my DD, 5.5 years old who weighs 53 lbs. She's close to height straps on her Marathon. Point of this posting: I need to get a second seat for my husbands 2007 Volkswagen Passat (he will be taking her to school...
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    Question Britax Frontier or Graco Nautilus for a 2005 Honda Pilot?

    I'm looking at getting a Graco Nautilus or a Britax Frontier for a 2005 Honda Pilot. (I came to this conclusion in another thread.) I'll be using the seatbelt installation for my 5.5 year old DD who is 53 lbs. Just curious if anyone has had experience installing these in Honda Pilots. I'm also...
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    Question Marathon is about to turn 6 and need help deciding on new seat.

    Hi. I need assistance in choosing the next seat for my daughter. I have a 5 year old daughter (turns 6 in September and starting Kindergarten) and she weighs 52 lbs and she is in the Marathon I bought her when she was 1 yr. I have a 3 year old son (turns 4 in December) weighs 32 lbs and is in...

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