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    What stroller is this?

    My cousin is pregnant, and her soon-to-be MIL is going crazy buying stuff at garage sales. I already put my two cents in about used carseats, so hopefully she listens. :p She bought this stroller the other day, and I'm 99.9% sure it's a Graco, but I know nothing about strollers. I need to know...
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    Anyone interested in LG enV Touch (Verizon) phone?

    I only used it for about 3 months, then we moved to the woods where there's no cell coverage, we cancelled the cell plan, and now the phone is useless to me. It comes with the wall charger, but no car charger.
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    56 inches tall, 78 pounds + 5 step test

    My dd is now 56 inches tall, 78 pounds, and on the tallest setting of her highback boosters (Indy Plus and Starriser Comfy). Our primary vehicle is a 2003 Ford Focus (so, no rear headrests :(). I thought I'd do the 5 step test with her a few weeks ago, and Judi was there to take some photos...
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    Any interest in NWT Cacique, Glamorise, and Playtex bras?

    Only one left! 42DDD Playtex 18 Hour Comfort Shaping in Black
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    Huge lot of girl's clothes (size 8-10), TCP, Gymboree, Hanna Andersson, more

    26 individual items $75 shipped for the whole lot Ask about individual pricing Sorry about the photo quality :o I lost my camera card, so all I have right now is my cell phone for pics. I should have new camera card in the next couple of weeks, hopefully. If you'd like close-ups of...
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    Social groups, character limit

    I just spent about 45 minutes trying to post a question in the homeschooling social group. Apparently there is a 1000 character limit per post, and no quotes are allowed. :confused: I tried, over and over, to remove extraneous test, to abbreviate whenever possible, but no matter what I did, I...
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    For Sale Boyish/gender neutral (Houndstooth) Britax Marathon cover

    I have a Houndstooth Marathon cover (no pads, just cover) in VGUC for sale. There are no rips or stains. It is freshly washed. The padding and elastic are still in good shape. I would like to get $25+actual shipping (should be $7 at the most, hopefully less). I believe this seat originally came...
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    In Search Of TCP 20% off coupon code

    TCP sent me an email with a 20% off coupon code to be used only today (July 31st) and tomorrow (August 1st). I've been shopping off-and-on all day, trying to decide what to get, what we can afford...but then I accidentally deleted the email message with the code. :crying: I was hoping someone...
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    Children's Place Monster Sale

    It's going on right now. :D I just ordered ten things (2x shorts, 2x shoes, 6x shirts) for $47. :thumbsup:
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    For Sale Purple Britax Parkway

    *SOLD* Less than 18 months old (DOM is 12/07), used only a handful of times. The only flaw is a tiny spot (less than a quarter of an inch) in the cover, on the outside of one of the head wings (probably from rubbing against the inside of the box during shipping). IMO, it's not even noticeable...
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    Size 7/8 lot of girl clothes (17 pieces)

    I'd like to get $40+shipping for the lot, but I'm pretty flexible. :) This is the last of all H's size 7/8 clothes. I'll have shoes up soon. I'll consider selling individual items in a few days, if there's not a lot of interest in the entire lot. Dresses and skirt sets in first post, everything...
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    Size 7/8 TCP girl clothes

    H outgrew all the size 7/8 stuff I bought at the beginning of this school year, so it's time to clear it out. Most of this stuff still looks new, or has just a bit of normal laundry wear. The jeans have a tiny bit of fraying at the back of the ankle. The only item that's stained is the gray...
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    Monterey height question, comparison with Vivo and/or Parkway

    My quest for the perfect booster for the center of my Focus is still on. :whistle: I admit, I'm picky. :o The Indy Plus is awesome, but it works better outboard, plus it has the super-cool rigid LATCH that I can only utilize outboard. So far this booster provides the most height growing room...
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    Pics-average 6yo in Vivo and Turbo, big 7yo in Vivo and Indy Plus

    Andie's trying to decide which booster to get for her average 6yo to use in grandpa's vehicle, a Vivo or a Turbo. Judi was nice enough to let us borrow both to try out for awhile. :love: I've been wanting to get my hands on a Vivo, too. Here is Andie's average 6yo in the Vivo, on the...
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    Our new (to us) Jane Indy Plus highback booster

    We acquired a Jane Indy Plus yesterday. :D I wanted to share some photos of H in it, along with a few comparisons of her in the Britax Parkway. I love that it utilizes rigid LATCH, so it isn't tippy at all, and we don't have to worry about buckling it back in when it's not in use. I love that...

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