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    adding tethers to 2015 Chevy Traverse

    If your newer vehicle lacks factory LATCH anchors in a seating position, it is not possible to add one. If you would like to tell us the ages and weights of the children, make/model/year of the vehicle and brand/model of carseats we may be able to help find the best alternatives.
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    10 year old booster

    There's a good chance your 10-year old may not need a booster in most vehicle seating positions. You would have to check this yourself using the 5-step test: For both your 8 and 10-year olds: if she doesn't meet all 5-steps, the high back or...
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    Safety 1st onBoard™35 LT infant car seat p

    It's a fine budget rear-facing only infant seat. Of course it will not have the features or ease-of-use as a model 2-4x the cost. For under $100, it is very competitive. Evenflo Litemax and Graco SnugRide 35 Lite are other reasonable models in this price range.
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    2015 crv 3 across

    This website is not an authoritative resource and in some cases may be obsolete. Last I checked, they compiled much of their "data" from threads here at Car-Seat.Org and other websites and demonstrated zero hands-on experience or testing of their recommendations. It is difficult to guarantee...
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    Is it safer to turn him

    How old is he, please? Also, have you tried this:
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    My son doesn't fit any booster on the market! Help!!

    Most aftermarket adjusters are not safe and not covered by federal standards. Most boosters do top out at 120 lbs, but it's possible he may be tall enough by then to 5-step in at least one of your vehicle's seating positions. The Graco RightGuide is better than average and built for older...
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    Harmony Folding Booster

    COVID causalty, perhaps?
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    Hi meljc, I will take care of that for you. The forum software was updated a few months ago and...

    Hi meljc, I will take care of that for you. The forum software was updated a few months ago and the instructions are probably no longer valid. I will put that on my to-do list;-)
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    Vehicle/seat recommendations

    So 5 kids and 2 adults? I think the most flexible option for you will be a Honda Odyssey. The problem is they command pretty high values even used. The 2011-2017 models have the 2nd row seating system that splits the seats apart in "wide" mode that may be helpful. You should be able to find...
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    Seat for a 2 yr old and 2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Spyder Convertible 2D

    Welcome! Generally, after a rear-facing only infant seat with base, most parents purchase a convertible or all-in-one model that is used rear-facing until outgrown in this mode, then forward-facing with harness, then as a booster seat (for all-in-one models). I can't say specifically to this...
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    Commuter cars

    Yeah, we splurged on a new model Honda Insight last year for DS to learn to drive. If it's in the budget, a '19 or '20 LX or DX model are discounted and have top scores in all crash tests and the necessary safety features standard. It's a really nice car, the only drawback so far is it's...
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    Tallest harness height seat (or one coming soon)?

    We sure hope so! Sadly, part of this is that manufacturers are no longer making seats that go beyond 65 pounds. It is very difficult to pass supplemental crash testing at higher weights and harness heights with the 10-year old dummy.
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    Commuter cars

    These are still good choices:
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    Replacement seats after automobile theft

    Scary stuff, but glad they only wanted to take stuff! I haven't used the Alta but it does look nice. The Rodifix is easier than average to buckle since no arms. Britax Highpoint still has the anti-submarine clip, too.
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    Help! Carseat in Dodge Ram Crew cab 2017

    Hello and sorry for the delay. Seating positions with fixed head restraints and short seat cushions can be problematic. I don't have a specific suggestion for your particular vehicle, but if you can't find a conventional combination harness/booster seat that fits, perhaps a RideSafer Vest...

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