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    Best FF seat postion in 1999 Toyota Tacoma xtra cab?

    In general, you would always choose a secure installation in an appropriate seating position over one that is too loose (does not meet 1" movement guideline side-to-side or front-to-back). Frontal airbags must always be disabled for rear-facing car seats in the front row. This is not always...
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    Roosevelt question

    You would definitely need to contact Merritt about this question-
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    2015 Chevy Tahoe THIRD row

    Third row seats are nearly impossible for 3-across, due to the wheel wells taking up width. Some minivans can fit 3-across in back with very narrow car seats, but it can still be a challenge. It really may be a trial and error process, so if you try different seats, make sure to get a free...
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    High backed Booster seats-without latch.

    Apologies as I did not get a notification of your reply. This is a difficult situation because top tether attachments are even more important for older and heavier children in a 5-point harness. To get decent value in a harness car seat for an older child at 4 years and 40 pounds, the Chicco...
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    Booster for long-torso 9 year old

    So sorry for the delay- I polled our expert facebook group moderators and the suggestions were the Diono Solana and possibly the Graco RightGuide. Keep in mind that standing height limits are an artifact of the wording of the federal standards and the dummy used and not necessarily a safety...
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    Car's seat belt vs Car seat's harness

    The minimum for using a belt-positioning booster seat is generally 4 years old and at least 40 pounds. All certified boosters will have minimum ratings listed in the manual and on the labels. Many advocates and organizations suggest a 5 year minimum age, mainly because many 4-year olds are not...
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    High backed Booster seats-without latch.

    Hello. How old is your 44 lb son? Do you mean to put him in a high-back belt-positioning booster? If so, this type of seat does not need lower or top tether anchors at all. Some premium boosters have these, but they are optional and mainly hold the booster in place while it is unoccupied or...
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    Replacement Rear Seat in a 2001 Nissan Frontier King Cab

    I apologize but I have no information on this. Aftermarket vehicle seats do not have to conform to child passenger safety certifications so it is impossible to say if a car seat will fit any of them or if it will be safe to use even if it does fit.
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    2000 Dodge Dakota Sport

    Depending on the cab, your options may be limited. The 4-door quad cab model should fit many types of car seats in back. Other cab models like crew/extended versions will be more difficult due to limited legroom and short vehicle seat cushions. I can't recall if the Dakota ever had...
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    new to convertible seats..... NEED HELP

    I have found the NextFit is hit or miss and usually takes up more space than ClickTight or Rava convertibles at the high end. I really like the NextFit as one I often recommend overall, but not for being the most compact front-to-back.
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    Car seat + stroller after the infant bucket?

    I see parents at airports strap them to strollers or rolling luggage with bungees. I also see kids in car seats placed in collapsible style fabric wagons, strapped on top of a large roller suitcase or on a wheeled cart like these - I can't recommend any specific product...
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    new to convertible seats..... NEED HELP

    What is the child's age and weight? For newborns and babies until they are over a few months old and can support their heads, any car seat must be reclined adequately to prevent a possible breathing obstruction if baby's head flops forward. Unfortunately, this does mean it takes up more...
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    3 Across Help!

    Hi Amy, 3-Across in a Jetta or any compact car can be a challenge. You do have options. For example, is your 5-year old ready for a booster? A narrow, backless booster can solve a lot of 3-across fitment issues, provided the child has enough room to buckle themselves. This could allow your...
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    Re: LATCH vs. No Latch in a Booster.

    Thank you- this is a newer study that was not available back in 2017 when this topic was discussed.
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    Audi A3 Cabriolet Convertible 2015

    Hello, what type of car seat are you looking to buy, or what is the age and approximate weight of the child? There is no database that has specific information like this, but most carseats do fit well in at least one seating position of most vehicles. The main issues arise with adjacent or...

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