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    2011 Odyssey vs 2011 Enclave

    I am trying to decide between these two cars. I currently have an 08 odyssey which I really like for the roominess but I would love to get something roomy enough that is not a minivan. Anyone have opinions on the enclave 11 vs the odyssey 11. Will I feel cramped coming from the odyssey to the...
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    nautilus uninstall question

    I have the nautilus installed FF with latch and I need to uninstall it to switch cars. The thing is, it is in so tight I can't maneuver the latch and I can't figure out how to loosen it using the thing n the side. I'm pressing and pulling etc. But it's not budging. Any ideas?
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    Graco Nautilus Deals?

    Looking for a deal on a Graco Nautilus. Amazon has it for $118 or so but they say they ship in 3-6 months and I need it sooner. Anything else?
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    Booster Seat Recommendations

    My DD is turning 4 in a couple of weeks and I would like to switch her over to a booster. She is 30 lb and on the taller side for her age. She is switching over from the Britax MA and is constantly complaining she is uncomfortable in that which is why I would like to switch her over. TIA!
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    Twisted Buckle in Britax Blvd

    One of the straps in my Blvd is twisted so that when the bottom buckle is facing the correct way the chest clip and rubber peice (don't know what that is called) is backwards. The instructions say never to remove the buckle tongue as it cannot be put back but I don't know what that is so I am...
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    Swaddling Gear Giveaway Giveaway

    You can win two great swaddling products-Aden and Anais 4 pack and a Miracle blanket. Here is the link to the giveaway: . Good Luck!!
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    When can DD go into a booster

    My dd is 3 yr and 3 months in a britax MA and is constantly complaining that she is not good and is uncomfortable. When can she go into a booster?
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    Britax Blvd vs recaro signo(como)

    I would like to get one of these and want to know which is better (safer).The britax blvd vs the recaro como or signo (not sure which the store had) It is for a 5 month old and want it to grow with him. I drive a honda odyssey. Pros, cons would be appreciated. Thanks. Also, the blvd I can get...
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    How do I install the Graco Snugride without a base?

    If I recall correctly I have to put the seatbelt throught the slits on the side, however this does not make sense to me because in an accident, what keeps the seatbelt from sliding right out of the notches?
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    Which car seat for under $150?

    My friend is looking for a car seat for his 15 month old for under $150.I didn't really like the feel of the fabric on the fisher price and he wants something nicer than the scenera. I think he would love a Britax but I dont think I can get one for that price-unless someone knows of a deal. Any...
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    Reclining the Maxi Cosi

    Can the Maxi Cosi be reclined FF or RF while installed in the car-like if the baby falls asleep can I just lean him back? I have a Britax MA and if I recall correctly I cannot recline it while it is installed. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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    Backless Booster Seat recommendations

    Hi. I am looking for a mid-priced backless booster seat. Which do you recommend? the children are almost 5 and 6.
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    Installing my Britax MA in an 08 Honda Odyssey

    Hi.I just go a Honda Odyssey. What is the best place to install my RF car Britax MA? For today, I put her in the second row on the side. I prefer the center seat but I am not sure she can be put there. Does anyone have more info?
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    FS:BNIB Mia Moda Cielo Black

    I have a brand new in sealed box MIA MODA CIELO in black for sale.Retails for $150.Make offers.I live in nyc so the closer you are to me, the less the shipping would be. It is a really cool stroller-folds up tiny, steers one handed and turns on a dime!!
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    Installed MA-It is moving around too much

    I just switched my 1 year old from FF to RF!!! I installed my MA rear facing in my car and it is moving at least 2-3" in either direction. I tightened the latch things as tight as possible but I did not tether the top because I dont know how to. Another question,I have an '06 honda accord. the...

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