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    Disney cruise - checking carseat at port?

    My issue would be that the luggage is NOT treated kindly.
  2. Qarin

    Bad ad

    Just got a floater-ad.
  3. Qarin

    Lost subscriptions

    My subscriptions folder seems to have been reset to early March- none of the threads I posted in (and subscribed to) since then show up any more. I just tried resubscribing to a thread and that worked, it's in my subscriptions list now. This seems to have happened since yesterday.
  4. Qarin

    Replacing boosters- what should we get?

    My MIL was driving my kids in her 1998 Toyota Camry last week when she was rear-ended (she was stopped to turn left and the driver of a Honda Fit failed to notice the Camry's existence). The Camry, though it was driveable after the accident, is being totalled (for a pretty good price, I think-...
  5. Qarin

    Re: Problem opening threads

    Re: Problem opening threads I can't read threads, either! So I'm posting a reply to Brianna's thread by making this new post. :-P
  6. Qarin

    Session Timeout

    Used to be the board's session timeout was 60 minutes- any activity within 60 minutes of the last activity would reset it, so "new posts" could go back all day if you did something within 60 minutes of the last something. Now it seems to be set to 30 minutes, maybe less, and that's just not...
  7. Qarin

    Using an iPad to access

    I use my iPad at times to read the forum- I use its Safari browser and the forum helpfully tells me, every single time, to get the iPad app. I don't want to use the app- the full site on the browser on the iPad is great. I have to <cancel> the popup every time. Is there a way to get the forum...
  8. Qarin

    Nautilus as a backless booster

    I know I've seen pictures before, but what the heck. These are in the passenger side captains seat middle row of my 1998 Oldsmobile Silhouette. Curly haired DD1 is 8.5yo, small for her age. About 48" tall, 52ish pounds: Legs bent comfortably at the edge, lap belt very low, shoulder belt well...
  9. Qarin

    Signature size

    I'm noticing a lot of signatures seem to be... growing. The large pictures, besides being visually irritating to me, are actually starting to noticeably impact the load times for threads for me. I went and looked up the guidelines, and thought I'd make a quick post reminding folks...
  10. Qarin

    A great poster up at a local event

    They weren't doing a seat check, but the child safety people who were selling low-cost bike helmets at our local fire department "kids day" had a display up, with an are you 4'9"? measuring stick poster, and some other information, including this nicely brief bullet-pointed list: (does anyone...
  11. Qarin

    Uptowns at Big Lots?

    I see this mentioned still regularly- has anyone actually seen these there recently? I haven't seen them at ours for many many months. (I also regret not getting two of the $25 Turboboosters when they had them)
  12. Qarin

    Older Evenflo Triumph, date sticker/stamp discrepency

    I feel like maybe I've heard of this before, but I'm not sure. I pulled the Evenflo Triumph out of my MIL's car today, because DD2 has hit 40lbs and I didn't want to risk MIL using the carseat anyway. She mentioned how it had hardly been used (true! 1-3x/month since it was purchased sometime...
  13. Qarin

    40lb 4.5 year old, 1-2 times/month, kinda broke...

    I'm flummoxed! DD2 has outgrown the seat that her in-town grandma had in her car (an Evenflo Triumph, 40lb seat)- she rides with grandma 1-2 times per month, usually on fairly short trips. My choices are: - get a new high-back booster seat for Grandma's car (DD2 has one there already)...
  14. Qarin

    Flying tomorrow- which seat to take

    We're flying tomorrow, 2.5hr flight. I'll be taking a Parkway for DD1, checking it, but need to decide which seat to take for DD2- the choices are the Nautilus (which is usually DD1's) or the Wizard (DD2's usual seat); up until now, we've used the Scenera as our travel seat, but DD2 is now .5"...

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