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    Mother won't install seat or use harness...

    I know someone who has main custody of his 4-year-old son, but the (mentally unstable) mom still gets the boy a lot. She never installs his car seat or buckles his harness. I'm not even sure why the car seat ends up uninstalled, but it seems like she doesn't keep it in her car. Is there...
  2. pastrygirl

    Long one-way drive; RSTV or booster?

    We might be going one-way for a 9-hour drive with my 5.5-year-old and returning by plane. I don't want to have to lug his Nautilus on the plane, so I'm wondering whether to take his RSTV, Vivo (or other HBB, but that's the one we have), or get a LBB for the trip. If I do the HBB, I might buy a...
  3. pastrygirl

    On driveway only -- HBB for 2-year-old?

    I have a very long driveway and during inclement weather, I have to drive to the end to pick up my 5-year-old from the bus. Actually, I do it all the time now because we have a coyote that likes to hang out in my driveway between 3 and 5pm. :rolleyes: My senior citizen babysitter asked about...
  4. pastrygirl

    Complete Air -- noodle or not?

    Question #1: I wanted to repost this question here in this subforum, since it's a technical question. I just got a CA, and when I install with either seatbelt or LATCH, the front part does not touch the vehicle seat. I'm not sure if I need a noodle or towel to take up that space, because the...
  5. pastrygirl

    Question Which to keep? CA or MR?

    I'm done with my RNXT (too many strap problems), so I picked up a CA on clearance at Target for 89.99, and also a MyRide. They didn't have any seats out so I couldn't try them before buying. The MR box didn't fit in my car so a friend who shopped with me has it in hers for me to pick up later...
  6. pastrygirl

    For Sale Cowmoo MA cover set

    Cowmoo MA cover set and various parts SOLD -- I have a EUC Cowmoo cover set -- cover, belly pad, and harness covers. The harness covers are the stitched ones and the cover has a slit for the crotch strap. I've never washed it, but there is a tiny bit of crusty stuff in the crease that looks...
  7. pastrygirl

    RNXT harness tight in front, loose in back

    I just started using my RNXT RF for my 15-month-old, because my MA harness was driving me insane. The RNXT harness is even worse! It's very difficult to tighten enough to pass the pinch test, and when it does, I feel the back and one strap has at least an inch of slack. I try to tighten again...
  8. pastrygirl

    RNXT, booster, RSTV

    Toby is 4 years and 40 pounds, so I've been thinking about getting a HBB in case the babysitter or other mom picks him up from preschool. My husband would like a latchable "good" booster, not just an inexpensive one, and said he could also use it in our '96 GMC Sierra (no back seat, no airbags)...
  9. pastrygirl

    Coccoro head slump

    I cannot for the life of me get the head slump to stop with my Coccoro. I have the Combi foam block, but since it's flat, it's pretty much useless. I just put in a pool noodle, but once I tighten everything, the recline looks exactly the way it did before. The horizontal line is just slightly...
  10. pastrygirl

    For Sale or Trade iPlay swim trunks size L and FB one-size

    I have a pair of iPlay swim trunks in size L that are too small for my superchunk. He's used them exactly once, and didn't poop in them. :) I also have a Fuzzibunz one-size diaper in the new orange color. This is the newer FB style. The diaper itself is in perfect shape, no staining. The larger...
  11. pastrygirl

    Tapatalk for mobile devices?

    Have you thought about enabling Tapatalk on this forum? It makes it easier to read and post on mobile devices. Another forum I'm on has it enabled, and it seems to work great!
  12. pastrygirl

    RSTV center or outboard?

    We want to practice with the RSTV. It will be in a pickup truck with no backseat and retrofitted top tether anchors. Would it be better in the center with the lap belt and top tether or outboard with the shoulder-lap belt and top tether?
  13. pastrygirl

    CCO questions -- angle, belt path, RF stabilizer

    I installed my CCO yesterday and have a couple of questions. I looooove the smooth adjuster. I've just about had it with my MA, so this is a huge bonus. I'm a little nervous about the lack of RF tether, so I might end up switching to my RNXT instead. But I do like this little seat!! The baby...
  14. pastrygirl

    KF30 and CCO head room *pics*

    I installed our CCO yesterday, and really like it so far! For some reason, I'm annoyed with my MA and don't want to use it right now. It just bugs me, LOL. I also checked to see how much room he has left in the KF30. Not much! He was pretty much right at the inch mark. He's 7.5 months old, 22+...
  15. pastrygirl

    Would you use a RSTV for a not-yet-4-year-old?

    We bought a RSTV to use on a trip this summer, after my son turns 4. My husband was asking if we can start using it now, for short local trips in his truck and in the babysitter's car. I read that it kinda tests like a 5-point harness... but I wanted to see what everyone here thought.

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