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    5 step or not quitw?

    Does DS get his wish? He is 9 (10 on the 27th) just under 5 feet tall (I'm 5'6 and he is taller than my shoulders) and I'm not sure of his weight. This is in the 8th seat in a 2015 odyssey. He is all the way back and his feet touch the ground. I know for sure that he does not 5 step I'm the...
  2. njkj

    Booster or no?

    Here is DS in our new van (15 Ody) in the 3rd row. He is dying to ditch the booster so I said I'd get some opinions. His back is pushed forward a bit bc I didn't raise the headrest yet. His hands are where his hip bones are.
  3. njkj

    Links for replacing car seats after a crash

    I need links, good link! A friend rear ended someone and her truck is totaled (mainly bc she hit the guys hitch). She had insurance but she wasn't on the insurance for the truck (it was her husbands truck and they just got married and hadn't added her yet). For some reason her insurance won't...
  4. njkj

    Baby bogs size 4 (girls)

    Selling dd2s baby bogs from last year. They are a size 4 and were barely worn. $25 shipped. (Hoping they will fit in a small flat rate box)
  5. njkj

    Incognito 3rd row OB in a newer T&C

    Or Caravan.... Has any tried it there? I am hoping it works! I tried DS ther with nothing just to see and the shoulder belt actually fits, a regular backless make him sit to high, but the lap belt is a no go. I am thinking mabye the Incognito with help the LB fit but not make him to high for...
  6. njkj

    Dear Kid Embrace...

    I would like to special order a high back booster in Bat Girl or Super Girl! KTHANKS!
  7. njkj

    Baby Jogger SALE

    Pish Posh baby is having a sale on Baby Jogger strollers! Th City Mini GT double is $395!!!!!!!!!!! Someone go buy them all before I buy one and DH kills me!!
  8. njkj

    Good hand out for my daycare parents

    What is a GREAT hand out I could give my daycare parents? On of them has their 2 yr old in a backless booster and their 7yr old in nothing :eek::eek::eek:! I was just going to print out WA law but I think a nice colorful handout would be better.
  9. njkj

    Sold! :)

    Up for grabs is my size 5 Fira Amitola in Creme weft. It is broke in and squishy soft!! Would only trade for a Tula!! $100+ shipping (more than likely a med flat rate box!)
  10. njkj

    Question What can I get three across?

    In the 3rd row in a 2012 Town & Country. I am enrolling another daycare kiddo this week so I now need help fitting 5 seats in my 2012 T&C. They are 7,3,3,11m and 4m. The 4m old comes in his Graco snug ride which I install baseless and my seats are 7y/o in a Monterey, 3y/o in a GN an 11m old in a...
  11. njkj

    Question 3 across in a 2012 T&C

    I am enrolling another daycare kiddo this week so I now need help fitting 5 seats in my 2012 T&C. They are 7,3,3,11m and 4m. The 4m old comes in his Graco snug ride which I install baseless and my seats are 7y/o in a Monterey, 3y/o in a GN an 11m old in a BV70. So I need a seat for my 3y/o...
  12. njkj

    Question Seats for narrow shouldered babies

    I think I'm going to have to give up my beloved BV70 :(. I love love love the seat but I'm having a hard time keeping the straps on Dd2s shoulders even when moving up the straps and removing the pads. I am completely out of the loop on seats lately so what is out there user $200 that will be...
  13. njkj

    Sony A33 DSLR.

    SOLD Anyone interested in a starter DSLR? I am wanting I upgrade so I need to sell my current camera. It is a Sony A33. I bought it brand new 2 years ago and it is in excellent condition. It will come with a 18-55mm kit lens, manual, cord, battery and charger. I really love the camera but...
  14. njkj

    For Sale BV 70 Cowmoo cover

    I have a BV 70 Cowmoo cover for sale. It is in good condition with no stains. The only thing wrong with it is the warning label has come off (common issue). I am asking $65 shipped OBO. I will get pictures if any one is interested.
  15. njkj

    In Search Of BJCMD rain cover!

    We live in Wa and while we are enjoying beautiful weather right now I know it will go away and we will be rainville once more. So seeing as I have to walk Ds to school I NEED a rain cover for the stroller, a BJCMD. Anyone got one??

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