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    Canada and carseats touching/overlapping

    Can carseats overlap and touch in Canada. Its been a few years but I thought that was allowed. Thanks
  2. Nimommyof2

    Boosters now?

    Hi its been a while since I've looked into booster seats. I am looking to get a highback one for my dd who is just about 5.5yrs old she is quite thin just at the border of being 40lbs but she has gotten to tall for the radian so I would like to have her use a booster now. Any advice or ideas...
  3. Nimommyof2

    evenflo harnessed seat

    Does anyone have any feedback on this seat? Harness height, width of seat? Is head slump a bit less than the nautilas? Thanks
  4. Nimommyof2

    cheap mini vans.

    Looking into a mini van for my parents. Probably would be the years between 2002-2007 as they don't want to spend much. How were the Dodges in those years? What about the Ford Freestar? Chevy ventures/pontaic montonas? Kia minivans? Any input is appreciated Thanks. Oh and I am in Canada...
  5. Nimommyof2

    Difference in the frontiers?

    Just wondering what the difference in the frontiers are? Also what is the width of them compared to a nautilas? Looking at possibly getting my almost 5yr old one(as bribery more than anything she is freaking about being in a booster thought a new fun seat might help)
  6. Nimommyof2

    6 tethers in 2006 odyessey?

    Does the 2006 Odessey have 6 top tethers? I wasn't aware of any plus one having top tethers prior to 2011 but someone is saying theirs does so am curious?
  7. Nimommyof2

    retrofitting tethers?

    Did somebody on here have a dodge caravan with added tethers? If so what year did that get done too and what were the parts needed?
  8. Nimommyof2

    RF tether where to attach

    Where do you attach the RF tether too? It'll be for a radian 100 installed on the plus 1 seat in a 2010 Honda Odyssey.
  9. Nimommyof2

    britax rf tether question

    Can you tether a rf britax to the same tether you would if it was FF, hope that makes sense so tether is overtop of the seat going to back of car.
  10. Nimommyof2

    recline angle?

    Can you buy any wedges to go under carseats in Canada to recline them more? Or is the pool noodle route the only way?
  11. Nimommyof2

    Honda Pilot RF diono?

    Do you need an angle adjuster? Which position is better to have the baby RF?
  12. Nimommyof2

    lesser of two evils??

    If someone is unwilling to RF a two year old what would be better FF without tether or booster a 4yr old 33lb child? The 2yr old would be FF just a lack of tether options so trying to cover my basis hoping they'll RF the younger but if not thinking it would better to FF without the tether?
  13. Nimommyof2

    Kia Sedona

    How many tethers anyone know?
  14. Nimommyof2

    Infant seat install no base?

    Has anyone seen an infant seat that when installed without the base you wrap the shoulder part behind the infant seat? My friend is asking about it, I think if I am understanding her Edie bauer seat says to do that.
  15. Nimommyof2

    dodge journey 3rd row RF

    Anyone have any seats installed RF in the third row of a dodge journey?

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