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    3 across in 99 Altima?

    Is it possible? We need 3 rear facing seats: 2 2year olds and a newborn. 3 radians don't fit, mostly because of the contoured seatbacks. They own 2 true fits and a Pacifica. They are willing to buy new seats, but it needs to be as inexpensive as possible.
  2. NannyMom

    ISO series chapter books

    Sofi is getting into series chapter books now. She's on a level of Junie B Jonas (but I only want Junie if you have the entire series). She's into "girlie", princess, fairy, mermaids, etc. She just finished the Sophie the Awesome series. Anyone have others to sell? I'm trying to make Christmas...
  3. NannyMom

    3 across in 08 Rouge?

    A friend needs to get 3 in her 2008 Nissan Rogue. The 3 across thread wasn't helpful, unless I fail at searching :) Kids will be: Just turned 6yrs, petite (like Sofi) 3.5yrs (forward facing), average height, a little skinny Newborn Current seats she owns: Nautilus Britax Classic Boulevard CS...
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    Question Best backless for older kids?

    I am sometimes asked to drive a friend's kids, including their 11yr. I was surprised to see the 3rd row (2008 Sienna) belts looked too high. I'll have to take pictures next time. I was especially surprised because my former charge was 10 and smaller and it fit her great. Anyway, he's going to...
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    Question Why is my timestamp off?

    I just posted at 7:41 and the forum says it was posted at 6:41. It's not just my post though. All posts are showing an hour earlier like that. I know it's been that way for the past few days, not sure about before that though.
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    Question Which convertible for Prius V?

    I need a convertible in the center of a Prius V. Britax 70 convertibles don't work there. Because the center seat is slightly raised, the base hangs above the outboard seat. Britax says no to this install. I might try a Classic Marathon tomorrow. We're hoping to still fit adults outboard.
  7. NannyMom

    Question Best van under 10k

    A friend has: 10 or 11yr, likely will 5 step 9yr, will likely need backless booster 2yr has rear facing My Ride Noob has Shuttle 33. What is the best van for them under $10000?
  8. NannyMom

    Question Rf convertible in mini cooper?

    What rear facing convertibles can fit in a Mini Cooper, and still allow plenty of room in the front seat?
  9. NannyMom

    Question SureRide in Sonata?

    Has anyone put a SureRide in a current generation Hyundai Sonata? Will it work well in the center and allow adults in the back?
  10. NannyMom

    Sales on Britax convertibles?

    The employers will be buying a convertible soon. From what I can find, the best price on Marathon (though open to Boulevard and Roundabout 55. Just using Marathon cuz I remember the price) is $215ish at albeebaby. Where else should I look? It's been a while since I had to hunt a deal.
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    Question Traveling to Taiwan

    Someone contacted me with questions. She and her family will be traveling to Taiwan. They don't plan to rent a car, but rely on public transportation. 3yr is in a Nautilus and 7yr in a Monterey. I was going to suggest BubbleBum and RSTV but have no idea what cabs are like there. Thoughts please?
  12. NannyMom

    Question Where to complain about new vehicles carseat friendliness?

    I don't even know if we can, but figured someone here would know. I was contacted by a Mama that I've helped with seats before. She is far from a novice and is great at installing all of her seats. She got a 2013 Subaru Forester. She said she couldn't get any of her seats to install with either...
  13. NannyMom

    For Sale: Red RXT Cover

    I have a Red RXT cover for sale. Excellent condition, except for a *little* bit of pilling on the piping on the main cover, by the head. $65ppd $52ppd $50ppd
  14. NannyMom

    Question Maclaren differences?

    What are the differences between the maclaren strollers?
  15. NannyMom

    For Sale Nabi 2 kids tablet

    I bought it as an impulse buy at Walmart on Black Friday. It has been opened and I checked it out. I'm sure I can undo what I did (add chores). I'm selling it for the price I paid, plus shipping with insurance. It's $155ppd or $137 local.

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