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    Question internal shell height snugride40?

    does someone know?
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    Question Anyone order from Kanner's Lot?

    Are the good?
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    Narrow lbb?

    I have a max of 17" to fit a booster and would like the kids to buckle them on there own. What do you recommend?
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    News dorel webinar today....

    Do you think they changed the belt path of the booster on their new 3-in-1? I wonder what the top slots will be considering it harnesses to 80#.
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    Question graco affix and off set latch?

    Went to a check the other day. Only internet is my phone, so hard to look things up and graco is closed. Can you hook only 1 lower anchor of the affix? The seat is in the 3rd of a minivan with the off set latch. Or should they not use it and just buckle the seat in when not in use?
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    Question Lbb?

    I'm trying different arrangements in my Yukon xl that will happen in 2014. I have lap only belt in my 3rd row middle so I'm probably going k to end up with a rf there with a lbb on one side. He will be passenger side unless Dh is with us then I will move him to drivers side. I have a max of...
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    Question Seats without nooks and crannies?

    My sis has been dealing with carpet beetles in her minivan and surprisingly in her house for a while. The just keep coming back even with lots of chemicals. She has a 3y, 33# is a nautilus harnessed and a 7y, 55# in a nautilus booster mode. She needs seats without nooks and crannies so they...
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    Got our radian today. Man without the angle adjuster it is really reclined.

    without, with and dd. she is 9m, almost 23# and over 28". I do have middle latch in my 2005 Yukon xl.
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    Question 2010 town and country - tethers?

    The latch manual says (3) back seat. Does that mean 3 in 3rd row?
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    Question anyone order from

    Good or poor?
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    Any deals on the chicco nextfit?

    A friend bought a graco mysize70, but returned it and now is thinking about the nextfit. When she bought the mysize70 it was on sale for $230, but now is $270. She wants to find a deal on it.
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    Chicco Nextfit?

    I took a friend carseat shopping last week. We had trouble understanding the inserts, padding on the nextfit. Anyone have photos that can explain it to me? And her?
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    Question How much longer do you think?

    Trying to figure out about how much harnessing time we have. I really need her in it for another 1.5y at least, but longer better. But I doubt I have that long. Dh won't like my vehicle arrangement when she outgrows the harness. Older kids won't like any arrangement pretty much.
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    Question Radian rxt spring?

    Why is it so hard to find? I can only find it at one store for $270. Everyone is way higher.
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    Beetle convertible and radian?

    A gal has a beetle convertible and a radian. She said that Diono said she could use the lower anchors even though she doesn't have the top tether. Has anyone else heard this?

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