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    old jeep, lap only belt ??

    Hi All, My dh fixed up his old Jeep (I think it qualifies as an antique, but I'm not sure on the year.) The rear seat has lap only belts, which lock with the pull to tighten adjuster on the male end. The problem is that the female end is super long (like 8-10 inches) and buckles right behind...
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    need a link or two

    Do we have any links on the dangers of toddlers in boosters? I need to post some on FB. My brother in law just put up a pic of my niece in a cosco highrise backless booster. She is 33 months old. :hitselfonhead:
  3. Murphy's Law

    help with baby trend flex loc

    I'm trying to help a co-worker put in her flex loc. It's going in a 2010 civic. As we know, the seatbelt install is a beast. It's impossible to use a locking clip and not have it interfere with the base & belt path. I tried twisting the female end - still no dice. Without a locking clip...
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    help with RF a SN child

    According to mom, the child in question is almost 2 years old, 20 pounds, with Type II spinal muscular atrophy rear facing in a cosco seat (I assume scenera). Legs are bent against the vehicle seat when rear facing, which is normally not an issue in a typical child; however with a child with...
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    Air travel w/ comfort sport?

    For various reasons, I think it would be easier to fly with the Comfort sport rather than the Radian this time (one being that I won't have dh to help me and the CS is much lighter to carry). But I'm not sure I want to sacrifice the use of the tray table with ds (I will FF him on the plane)...
  6. Murphy's Law

    RSTV size large?

    We don't talk much about the larger size RSTVs here. A friend has a daughter who is just 50 pounds at 7 years old. A friend of hers has a large size RSTV she wanted to lend her. I was wondering if the size large fits the lower end of the weight scale better than the size small (I know...
  7. Murphy's Law

    Can/do kids sleep in the RSTV?

    We are taking a plane trip across the country soon. We will need seats on the other side. We will take either the EFTA or RN65 for ds but I'm torn about what to do for dd. For the sake of easy travel I'd like to take the RSTV, which fits her nicely and she is used to using on shorter trips...
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    gymbo code up for grabs

    $25 off a $100 purchase with free shipping. PM me. Good until 12/24/09
  9. Murphy's Law

    question about BRU coupon

    I have a 10% off instore only coupon for a booster seat. Does the Nautilus qualify? Wasn't sure since it's a combo seat and not a dedicated booster. Thanks.
  10. Murphy's Law

    help me shop for a new seat!

    My mom is the secretary of a school and today came across a 2 year old (will turn 3 in Jan.) in a booster. The child is 40" and 52 pounds. My mom was horrified. Go Mom! :thumbsup: Since I've been thinking about how our Regent is huge in my civic anyway, and at almost 5 my dd is STILL just...
  11. Murphy's Law

    help w/ a RF MA in a 1999 F250 pick-up w/access cab

    My cousin has a '99 F250 w/access cab. It looks like there's enough room, likely center, for a RF MA, and that's what they bought (though I'm sure they could return if necessary). There are no headrests on the rear seat so the glass is a concern with a RF seat, which is why they wanted one...
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    Lands End back to school sale & free shipping

    Up to 40% off select merchandise and $5-$10 off back packs. Ends Monday, 8/17. Enter the Promotion Code AUG14 and the PIN 00001322 in the space provided.
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    Gymbo 20% off code

    I have one here that we won't be using. Any takers? GONE!
  14. Murphy's Law

    Lands End Free shipping thru 7/30

    Enter the Promotion Code JULY28 and the PIN 00006597 in the space provided. I also have a gymbo 20% off coupon that I won't use if anyone wants that one too!
  15. Murphy's Law

    Lands End free shipping til 7/16 (thurs)

    Enter the Promotion Code JULY13 and the PIN 00006182 in the space provided

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