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    Question sweden and booster/harnessed forward facing carseats

    a question about Sweden and the use of booster seats and why they don't for the most part use harnessed seats forward facing? a facebook group I am in advocates the use of a harnessed car seat when forward facing and to use this as long as possible..up to 10 years of age. Some use the eg of a...
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    Question a bit of dilema

    so I spoke to a police officer here in NZ and he said because she legally doesn't need anything but having a belt fit is important at her age the incognito would be fine for her to use o it was literally that or nothing.
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    Question a bit of dilema

    I recently had my car writtten off, my 10 year old was in the back in a half booster (the diono monterery) which I Loved as had a good weight limit. also had the full booster mode in the car..I havent used the seats since the accident my 10 year old ia about 4'8" and around 99lbs. photo is...
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    Question how much longer before using LBB

    managed to get one of her with the seatbelt on
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    Question how much longer before using LBB

    She turns 9 next month is approx 54" and approx 70lbs headrest is all the way up, booster is the diono monterey
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    Question when did your child outgrow the monterey

    and did they 5 step?
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    both nearly 6 years old

    this is a photo of both my children just before their 6th birthdays, I was quite amazed at the difference
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    love it

    my sister in law messaged me on facebook asking when I turned my children forward facing. she said the seat her son ins in is one year and 10kgs but he is 19 months and 11kgs..turns out she has the evenflo which is a minimum of 12 months and 10kgs to forward face..I found a site which has her...
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    Question how much longer do you think he has

    he turns 6 in november
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    dang this child needs to stop growing

    photo 4months apart oh and have since adjusted the headrest..she will be 8 in November
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    Question how much longer till I need to put him in a booster

    please tell me at least 12 months hahaaha or maybe 10 years lol (well not that long cause he would be 15) but I am in no hurry to booster him.....he turned 5 in November
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    Question would you keep her in it

    she is 7 years and 52lbs
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    Question what slot is your FFing 4 year old in the radian

    Lucas is in the 2nd to last slot although looks like I need to move it up to the last slot he doesnt turn 5 till november and is already in size 6 tops
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    well that turned out good

    as I was picking my son up from kindy today I noticed a van with a whole lot of children in was a baby in capsule forward facing!! so I approached the lady who was getting one of the children into a car seat and said to her "excuse me I dont want to come across as a busy body but...
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    Question does this child look too big for this booster page 5 her shoulders look squished and it looks liker her head is coming above the head rest?

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