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    Best Airline for Flying to Hawaii with a baby and kids?

    I have only flown with kids in seats 2 times, they were 2-5 years old at the time. Both were Delta and I don't recall having any issues other than seating arrangement not being what I wanted. However that was also 10 years ago and things may have changed since then. I prefer Southwest now just...
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    Question Newborn in Boulevard ClickTight?

    I have a Keyfit and one base but was just planning on moving it from vehicle to vehicle as needed. I have no intention to use the Keyfit as a carrier, it will stay in the car and I will take baby out of it. I planned to get a Boulevard ClickTight when the Keyfit was outgrown at 12-18 months...
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    In Search Of Frontier 85 harness, hugs and chest clip?

    Before I buy them new I thought I'd see if anyone here had a set they took out and don't need anymore? When I converted them to boosters it appears the harnesses got thrown away. They are gone. :mad:
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    In Search Of Anyone have a Gemini Keyfit cover?

    I am getting a Midori Keyfit but I would love a Gemini as an extra cover. I'm guessing odds are slim since they were only sold in the travel system. Just thought I'd ask though. :rolleyes:
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    Michigan Officer Buys Mom Booster Instead of Giving Her A Ticket

    A public safety officer from Emmett Township, Michigan, went beyond the call of duty on Saturday. Emmett Township Public Safety Officer Ben Hall was on his patrol when he pulled a vehicle over for a traffic violation. When he made contact with the driver, he noticed a small child in the car...
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    Question 2 narrow boosters - NO headrests in vehicle

    What is the narrowest booster that can be used without vehicle headrests? 2 door, 1993 Jeep Wrangler. 2 kids that *almost* 5 step in the Jeep. 10 years and 9 years old. Both still fit harnessed in the Frontier 80. So not abnormally tall. HOWEVER, the Jeep has a low back seat with no...
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    Britax crash exchange program? Still exist?

    Unoccupied Britax B Safe was in a "serious" accident at 70mph hitting black ice and hitting the cement barrier. Every panel on the vehicle is damaged. It is totaled, without question. (Dad's okay.) There is no gray area here... the seat has to be replaced. (Dad knows that.) :thumbsdown: Dad...
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    Question Tallest latchable HBB under $100?

    I am looking for dedicated high back boosters... that will last the longest, with LATCH and are under $100. So far the only one I'm seeing that is both latchable and under $100 is the Graco Affix, right? Yet if a child has outgrown a Regent, the Affix isn't going to get them very far...
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    Question Back pain while REAR facing?

    My sister has a 3 year old daughter (her birthday is today actually.) She is happily rear facing the majority of the time, occasionally riding forward facing in the second vehicle. She has started complaining about back pain while rear facing on longer trips. I will ask if she's ever taken...
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    Question HWL harnessed or booster seats in a 1993 Jeep Wrangler?

    Hi... :happy-wavehello: Both girls are still in Regents in the 1997 4Runner and Frontiers in the 2005 Dodge Ram. We have the Nautilus as well. These are for "neither vehicle with seats is here but I have to go somewhere" moments. We also have a 1993 Jeep Wrangler. No airbags. I would like...
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    Question Britax Frontier in Dodge Charger or Ram 1500

    Hi..... :happy-wavehello: I have a question for all of you wiser than I people here. :whistle: Children: Ali - 2.5.03 - 52lbs - 3'8 Sadi - 12.11.03- 50lbs - 3'6 Ali is not ready for a booster - seizures. Sadi is not ready for a booster... attitude. :whistle: Vehicles: 2005 Dodge Ram...
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    School bus vs gasoline tanker (no fatalities)

    You would think that a school bus vs a gasoline tanker would be a pretty ugly scene. You would think some kids on the bus would be killed. Apparently not when those kids are restrained. :thumbsup: Hopefully the bus driver will recover quickly.
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    Goore's Britax Sale - Including Frontier
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    Okay...4 seats...2 vehicles...what goes where?

    I am deciding for sure here...and I want opinions. We are working with..... 2 Graco Nautilus' 2 Pre Advisory Britax Regents 1 1988 325 BMW (which will soon have tether anchors) 1 2005 Dodge Quad Cab 43lbs, 40 inches, 5 year old 40lbs, 39 inches, 4 year old Dodge truck: I am...
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    Anyone have or seen deals on the Nautilus?

    So we went and checked out the Nautilus yesterday when we had some spare time. We loved it! I got some good pictures (yes I'm posting without them, the day went WAY downhill after that adventure.) I have been instructed to "look for deals" on the seats. Now, I have explained that they ARE a...

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