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    late 90's early 2000's Suburban/Yukons?

    So after a 5 day camping trip over the 4th that required us driving 3 different vehicles:eek: (truck to pull trailer, MPV to haul gear/dogs, and Mazda5 for kids) We decided it would be worth it to get a used Suburban to replace our MPV. Most of the time we are a 1 car family DH walks/bikes to...
  2. montanamama

    New Safety 1st Air Protect +

    Okay so hopefully this works I've never tried posting pictures with the app before. This is an reclined position two, with the second level line parallel to the ground. Right about 32in from seat back to back of car seat. Leg room W is two and a half, 31 pounds, 35 inches tall, with a...
  3. montanamama

    Need a stroller that fits in a Mazda5

    I finally go a new to me 2007 Mazda5 and my smallest stroller (peg P3) dose fit. I don't want to spend more than about 100 because my youngest is already 2 and I already have 3 other strollers! Any ideas anyone know of a good deal on a Mac?
  4. montanamama

    Question How dose the Foonf puzzle?

    Has anyone tired to puzzle the Foonf with any other seats? I searched and only came up with the CCO. Anyone try any other seats?
  5. montanamama

    Need a New seat for 3 across

    So I am looking ahead to summer when all the kids are out of school and I will need to transport my 3 kids plus 2 daycare kids. My Windstar died this fall and we replaced it with a 2001 MPV. Currently I don't transport all of them at once because I can't come up with a good setup with the seats...
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    Question questions about Mazda5

    We are looking at replacing my DH's Ford Freestyle with a Mazda5. I know it is a popular car around here I have been reading all the posts I can find on it.:) I guess my only concern is do you think it would really work for a family of 6 with 4 kids still in car seats/boosters? Ideally the set...
  7. montanamama

    Best price for Plum RXT?

    I am looking for a Radian RXT in Plum as cheep as possible anyone know of any good deals? Wayfair has it for 270 but doesn't ship for 6-7 weeks!!! and we need it ASAP! Thanks
  8. montanamama

    How do I change to Tech status?

    I finally took the Tech course the end of last month:) and was wondering how I change my status to a Tech?
  9. montanamama

    MA70 broken recline

    I pulled out my daughters MA70 today to clean the car and noticed that it did not look fully reclined (DH put it in the car last) and tried to recline it. It wouldn't budge I flipped the seat on its side an noticed the recline bar sticking out the side. :eek: I called Britax and sent pictures...
  10. montanamama

    need printouts on why 8y/o should not be in front

    So I picked up my Step Daughter last night who is 8 and she was riding in the front seat of her moms SUV.:eek: We live in Montana and as far as I can tell it is not illegal. So I am planning on handing her a bunch of printouts of why she should not be there and also go and buy her 3 light-riders...
  11. montanamama

    What year did Brtax put leopord print on their Marathon

    Dose anyone know when Britax put leopard print on their Marathon there is someone on Craigslist selling one and I want it for the cover but don't want to pay the price they are asking so I am hoping it is expired ;);)
  12. montanamama

    Time for a new set up/ RF rebound control

    Ok so ds2 (13m 23lbs 28in) is right at the one inch mark on his chaperone (with cloth diaper) and needs to move into one of our convertibles. Currently DD is also RF at 3.5 32lbs 38in. We currently have a MA70, RA 50 Classic, CCO, MR and Onside Air. They ride in both our cars almost an equal...
  13. montanamama

    Best price on a Coccoro?

    I am looking for a Coccoro in just about any color but pink (it's for a boy) has Cherry Pie for 159.54 dose anyone know of one cheaper? Thanks
  14. montanamama

    Question 3 across in Nissan Versa

    Next month we have to go to a graduation that is about a 9 hour drive from where we live. Due to the price of gas I am going to drive with my sister in her car witch is a 2009 Nissan Versa . I have looked through the 3 across thread and haven't found a combo that I need. My Kids are...
  15. montanamama

    3 across?

    I need a little help trying to figure out if a 3 across is even doable in my van I have a 2001 Windstar I would be willing to buy a new seat or too if need be :whistle: Current children T- 6y/o (don't have current h/w) main ride Monterey L- almost 3 (26lbs torso 13in) W-4m 17lbs (big guy)...

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