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  • LOT gives kids a colouring book and crayons, they also put some cartoons on for a while. The flight attendants were very friendly and helpful. A large part of having a successful trip is the child's personality and then packing the right activities to occupy their time - light snacks in small chunks, notepad and crayons/stickers, small books, some smaller toys that you know usually are a favourite and keep their attention. New items are usually good because of the novelty. I would take a comfortable, soft style wrap or sling for the airport as well as a small stroller. I might take a (flat not puffy) pillow in carry-on for a lap baby so that you can lay her on that over your lap and make both of you more comfortable. Don't be too scared over taking your daughter as a lap child. I certainly think that taking a seat is the better option, but flying is very safe and the risk of emergencies is quite low. So wonderful that you have the opportunity to go visit for a good length of time.
    You're welcome, and I'm glad it may have helped. I have seen lap babies in the past, and while I am not 100% sure I do think there were a few lap babies on the flight we took this last trip. I know there was an older child (5ish?) in her own seat travelling without the carseat because I remember seeing her draped half over her parent's lap and trying to sleep. The smaller child I remember seeing on a past trip (~1.5ish?) was with both parents so they were able to switch him around, but he spent quite a while silently interacting with other passengers by trading smiles and looks and playing peekaboo and nodding his head (his own game). He was pretty cute and was happy for at least a large part of the trip.
    thank you for your postings on your experience, it w very helpful to read.
    I am not polish and do not speak polish, my wife is born and raised in poland and all her family is there and since we decided that i wold stay home with our baby and she builds her career we felt this is the best time to have our daughter visit her polish family for an extended amount of time. and of course for me to learn about her homeland as well. sorry for lenghty note. thanks again
    Hi and thank you for your time reading this. I hope its okay to message you.
    Ive found this site and your post about your LOT POLISH flight experience searching google. I am a stay at home father who is planning on taking my 16 month old daughter to Warsaw in the next few weeks to visit my wifes family.
    We plan to stay about 2 months. Ill be traveling alone with my daughter. My question is, did you experience any "lap children" on your internation flight to poland? This is how I will be traveling with my daughter. I know, I have read all the negative aspects of this and I am scared to do this, but for our family this is the only way. I just wanted to somehow know others do this on this type of flight on LOT. I plan to bring my car seat with me just in case of an open seat possible but I dont anticipate it.
    Hi, sorry for the delay. I wanted to have plenty of time to answer your question. I posted my reply in the thread linked below so other might benefit from the info or maybe come to share their own tips, etc.:

    Good luck, and please let me know how the trip turns out!
    I have a question about using a car seat in the plane(we are using LOT Polish airlines ).We are going to Poland on July and we are taking one of our car seats( I have Radian and Recaro signo).Can you tell me how easy it is to install the car seat in the plane-probably we will take Radian and if you had any problems with taking the car seat on the plane( LOT doesn't have any info on their website).My son will be 2.5,so I am scared that they wont allow me to install it on the plane-do they count the car seat as luggage or we still can take 2 luggage for him + a car seat?
    Thank you for the information,Kasia
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